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instructions to the Pr~sidents and the Treasurers. In the first roll ~aga~ in8s ~hat went to each chapter vas a large firecrac ker t hat th .. at 1ona~ Pres1dent directed the Chapter President to set off in t h e ;]J CBt of the first meeting. · It contained 11 Pep" -permints. . ~LPHA report.·a only a few gi · ls back, but splendid material 1~ t~e enter1ng cl ass and hopes of a large de legation. ALPHA ALPHA ha:J a fa:cr s~_znd z roup bacl{ and, according to Ruth 8 lon~ker who attended a football game at liami, has a lready pledged e~ght splendid eirls, each lovlier than the other. ALPHA BETA has returned Anne Brewington, Edith Christy , Louise Estill, Eli2a~eth Grigsby, Esther Harris on, Gladys Howey, Eula Hull, Rita Husted, Mabe l Luepl{es, Ruby Tells, Frankie Westfall, Floy VJoJfenberger, and Dale Zeller. It reports good material in the entering class and general s~tisfaction over everything in school . ALPHA G~~A has returned Florence Barclay, Sara Campbell, JUlia C.ruthers, LOmie Ellis, Clara Ferguson, Katherine Froelich, Martha Henn:l,ger, Margaret l~ummel, Marion Kaylor and :n,ovel Rehburn. The rush at "·Indiana" is for two terms under faculty ruling. The chapter finds it a fairly good plan, because the girls work hard to ge t the necessary grades, and so the sorority standard is kept high. There is never any rushing during the first month, ·but afte r that Alpha Gamma has bacon fries and similar entertainments as long as the weather permits such ou+."'"of-door affairs. The chapter tries to have at least one party a ·week, so as to get wel l a cquainted with the girls . No one can be taken at "Indiana" unless she has been · enrolled for two terms .and has had an average c1Urfng that time of ffiB% . BETA BETA has returned Ada Baker, Hester Caldwe ll, Vera Gillett, Eli the l1cMurtry , Elvira Peel{, Edith Ramsay, .Mi ri am Smith, Edith Taylor, Marian Travis, Clara Turner , Florence Tyrill, Blanche Weidman, The chapter is bound very closely by strict loc a l rushi ng rules drawn up by the college panhellenic; and has as yet no pled6es to announce. It is very pleasantly situated at m809 Eleventh Avenue , in a lovely house v·ri th a women of attractive personality in charge as House Mother. -The chapter is deep in its social affairs, but report s unusu~lly friendly relations with Sigmn~ Sigma Sigma. The b-ro s·ororities have given a matinee dance together . GAMMA GAMMA has returned elle Chesnut , Edith Ee2.ton, Ruth Kendall, Louise Miller, Edith Reeg, Ada Smith, ancl Ada Ti tus. The rushing season lasts for t vro ne eks, the rul e s havin.t; iJeen dr a'.n'l u~ by the local panhell eni c . Rushing could not begin until I1onday of the fourth vreek of the term and h a d to end on Friday night of the fifJ~l \7e ek, the rushees h anding in their decisions the follo ·ri ng l:londay , no cornmunica tion being allo·, d betn e en rushees and sorori tie s f rom· Fri · day until Mond~y . The chapter expected to initi a te t rro pledJ3es of last 7ear who had become el i gible, Grace Mauntell and. Edyth Ha rris .


STATE SECRETARI ES Letters from these offici a ls shon that each i s r eedy to start -on the nevr year 1 s work yfi th enthusiasm . Several have a. lready done good service in collectint; t he PROEHL~ sub s cri p tions_ fo r Vo l ume I J: I and several r epo rt the formatio n of ner: a lumnne as soc1. at;1 on s , as i ell as th e incr e".sed interest on t he part of those organized l'l .eretc fore. se cretaries \ilio have not sent i1 the a ddresses of As soci a ti c~3 P:residents are requested to do .so a.t:. onc e, a s the Centra l ·:.:~fic A nc _;__. , t.,1 erJ for tl1~ Directory , 1;.,rhich it h ope s to publ i sh shortl y.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 3 4 1916  

Asa phoenix vol 3 no 3 4 1916