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Borrere of Akron was toastmistress for the short program based on the symbols and legendary lore of our sorority. In a poetical setting, done by Helen Snyder, these short verses took the form of greetings from six Ohio Alumnae Chapters . Through all these years we, who proudly wear the shield of A~A, delight in the fellowship that has not changed with time . MARY HELEN FERGUSON

an honor. Just to live up to the aims of :\~ . \ was a challenge to accept! During vocation I shared the events of that memorable day with my parents . They understood how impressive it was to meet and know alumnae from so many different places; to be affiliated with a Iorge notional sorority whose program is universal in scope; to revel in the fellowship peculiar to fraternal organizations . Forget December 9th, 1950? The memory of that day I shall ever cherish! BARBARA RICHARDS

Pledge Chapter

ALPHA ALPHA PRESIDENT, MOTHER AND AUNT Left to right: Ruth Petree (AA); Anne Petree, President ; Mrs. H elen Schomake r (A A) .

TO CONSECRATE As soon as I awoke on the morning of Saturday, December 9, 1950, I knew I would long remember this day-the day on which I become on Alpha Sigma Alpha pledge : In company with Ruth Whiteside , my next door neighbor, I proceeded across campus to the Phi Delta Theta Headquarters where our President, Anne Petree, introduced us to our Notional Officers : Mrs . Wilma Sharp, Miss Virginia Carpenter, Mrs. Genevieve Leib, Miss Evelyn G. Bell , Miss Eloise Proctor, Miss Louise Stewart and Mrs. Shirley Hellrich, who were there to shore in the exciting reinstatement activities . The friendliness and sincere interest that each Notional Councilor and visiting A~ hod in our chapter will never cease to impress me . The quiet, dignified setting of the Phi Delta Theta headquarters was ideal for the pledging ceremony . The glow of the candlelight enhanced the beauty and love Iiness of that ceremony . Certainl y all the Miami undergraduates must hove felt as I did-happy to wear the silver shield of .-\~A; proud to be a port of such a wonderful group, and worthy of such

Row 1, Al ice Row 2 : Row 3 : Row 4 :

left to right : Joan Keel , Ruth Whiteside, Marianne Guy, Bailey. Martha Wolcott, Barbaro Richards, Evelyn Livdur. Margaret So voye . Margaret Huff, Lillie You nt , Doris Dowling .

The dreams of twenty-two Miami undergraduates come true when we pledged ourselves to Alpha Sigma Alpha . For me personally it was the realization of something for which I hod worked for over a year, hoping each day that I would be capable of leading a group with high standards . There is a popular saying that "Things that ore worth while aren ' t always the easiest to accomplish ." Yes, there ore rewords when the task is completed! The reinstatement of Alpha Alpha Chapter was my reward .

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 36 no 3 mar 1951  

Asa phoenix vol 36 no 3 mar 1951