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Are you one of those Alpha Sigma Alpha alumna who wonders why she hasn't heard news of her college chapter or of her notional organization? Hove you married and moved to a new city without notifying your sorority? Unfortunately, we aren't mind readers and to keep track of nearly 10,000 A~A alumnae is a job. We hove a $1,000,000 ideo that is in operation and should work with the wholehearted cooperation of ALL Alpha Sigma Alumnae. (This means you, too!) Starting with the 1942 class, every chapter has a meeting of its seniors and at this time they organize, electing one of their members as Closs Representative . These Closs Representatives who now number 176 keep in close touch with their classmates, know of marriages, births and address changes and hove a nose for news . 路 This year to unify the work of the Closs Representatives and to locate members who graduated before 1942, the Notional Council adopted the Chapter Alumnae Secretory plan . These Chapter Alumnae Secretaries hove been on the job checking our moiling lists, bringing addresses and even names up-to-dote so this bulletin con reach all our alumnae. The ground work has only been laid for we wont our A~A. alumnae to be active, informed members and this is only possible when you ore in close touch with your chapter and your notional organization. What a difference it makes to be a happy, accounted for A~A! . Keep us posted as you room from place to place; let us know about


those sons and daughters-they may be future Alpha Sigmas or even sweethearts for lA's; shore with us news about yourself for our section "Keeping Pace with Our Graduates" will reappear with the March, 1948, issue of the "Phoenix." Our Notional Alumnae Secretaries who will be working in close touch with the Chapter Alumnae Secretaries ore: Miss Ethel Barrett, 9 Vincent Place, Montclair, New Jersey; Mrs. Don L. Frost, 32 East 65th Street, New York 21, New York. Locate your Chapter Alumnae Secretory and resolve to support her by sending her your latest address and up-to-the-minute news. Alpho-,y\iss Mary St. Clair Bugg, 303 W. Main, Suffolk, Vo . Alpha Beta-Mrs. Rolph Vorhees, P.O. Box 356, Kirksville, Missouri. Alpha Gamma-Mrs. Philip Meyer, 233 Third Street, Aspinwell, Po. Beta Beta - Mrs . Reinard Schlosser, 2800 Dexter, Denver, Colorado. Gamma Gamma-Mrs . Joseph Bozzocco, 760 Sherwood Avenue, Youngstown, Ohio. Epsilon Epsilon-Mrs . Betty Cremer Johnson, K.S.T.C. Campus, Emporia, Kansas. Zeta Zeta-Mrs. Irving Sparks, 815 College, Columbia, Missouri. Eta Eta - Miss Mary Kay Reiff, 31 OS East 36th, Kansas City, Missouri . Theta Theta - Miss Ruth Fletcher, 141 Marked Tree Rood, Needham, Moss. Kappa Kappa - Miss Carol Zohm, 104 W . Albemarle Ave ., Lansdowne, Po . Nu Nu-Mrs. William Crook, 2936 Berkley Rood, Ardmore, Pennsylvania . Xi XiPi Pi-Miss Marion G. Thomas, 220 E. Delevon, Buffalo 8, New York. Rho RhoSigma SigmaTau Tau--Phi PhiChi Chi-Mrs. Harold Bull, 317 Ashland Ave ., Muncie, Indiana (Muncie) Psi Psi-Mrs . Joe Hutch Brewer, 1726 S. Victor, Tulsa, Oklahoma . Beta Gamma-Mrs. Albert Goodall, Veterans Village Box 453, Stillwater, Oklahoma . Beta Delta - Miss Marie Scanlon, P.O. Box 2632, Tulsa , Oklahoma . Beta Epsi Ion-

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Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948  

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948