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Flashes of the Alpha Sigma Alpha National Board

A'2.A NATIONAL COUNCIL 1st row : Marion Powell , Wilma Sharp, Virginia Carpenter . Esther Bucher, Evelyn Bell , Helen Corey, Genevieve Leib .

INDEPENDENCE, Missouri, produces another President! Mrs. Wilma Wilson Sharp, manager of our closely-knit, nation-wide organization-a time-consuming responsibility. How does one small person accomplish so much? . .. SAME State, Kansas City : Send all money and bills to Esther Bucher, Treasurer. Warning! don't be a quack or she'll track you down for the Better Business Bureau . . . AGAIN in Kansas City : Phon Johnson , Executive Assistant for the White Eagle Division Offices of Socony Vacuum and Oil Company; equally amenable to Alpha Sigma Alpha in position of Alumnae Organizer . .. NELL Kuchs supports National Board in capacity of Constitution Chairman . Maryville, Missouri, Alumnae Chapter grateful for her energetic work with the group in all free time that housekeeping allows . . . MOVING into Ohio: Orchids from Halle Brother's Store in Cleveland to Alpha Sigma Alpha's Vice-President, Virginia Cmpenter, and Registrar, Marion Powell, for their capable assistance in building up its Education Department . . .

DEAN Louise Stewart offers gu idance to High School girls . Place? Zanesville, Ohio. Also, ~ecords and files information for History of Alpha Sigma Alpha . . . FOUR No Trump! Expert bridge enthusiasts, Genevieve Leib and Eloise Proctor, in Indianapolis, Indiana . "Phoenix" goes to press with thanks to Editor and Alumnae Edi tor. Genevieve substitutes in primary grades with new-found time since son, Bill has married and moved to California . Eloise teaches full-time and does graduate work .. . "Y'ALL" send Fellowship Contributions to Frances Camden-the southern girl with the soft accent! Home? Chatham, Virginia . . . NOW to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Upper Darby Junior High School boasts of Helen Corey's outstanding work in the Home Economics Department; Alpha Sig boasts of her contribution to National Board tJs Secretary. SPOTLIGHT on Buffalo, New York : Alumnae Director, Evelyn Bell-Assistant Principal of large Buffalo School , a critic center for New York State Teachers College at Buffalo -College and Alumnae meetings incomplete without her路 presence . Many group activiti~s including A.A.U .W. and churchwork, yet, always has time for the individual . . . CRITIC Edith Wolf; ingenious with silk screens, oils, drawing boards, and art projects at School of Practice, New York State Teachers College at Buffalo---even with housekeeping finds spare minutes for innumerable art layouts, pamphlets and .sl ingers for Alpha Sig Conventions, Bulletins, and "Phoenix"! Official title-Art Editor . .. CLICK-more publicity for Alpha路 Sig! Joan Steinmiller behind the camera; follow -up articles and pictures found in the "Phoenix." Other interests: tennis, golf, skating, music, and Second Grade at Snyder, New Yorksomehow finds time to edit College Newsletters . . . AROUND the vicinity of New York City: Emma Frost's famous Park School of Cookery, and Billie Barrett's guidance work in Orange, New Jersey, allow time for them to collaborate as National Alumnae Secretaries . . . SING : new music, new words Shirley Ainsworth Hellrich enriches Sorority spirit as Music Director of Conventions and the

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948  

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948