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JANUARY, 1948 regarding new stude nts on tha t campus. Your note to th e Nati onal Re gi strar o r Chapte r Advi se r will be res pected and honore d . Bei ng Alumnoe, we must re al ize that our recomme ndations are just that- recomme ndati ons. The actual choice is made by the coll ege chapte r and we abide by the ir dec isions. Thus we see that we Alumnae do still have an active part in rushing though ou r co llege days are passed . Our onl y hope of new blood in the Alumnae is through the colleges so remember that every new girl we suggest now (who is accepted) will be a new Alumna very shortly .

RUSHING NEVER ENDS From the Halls of Montezuma to Alpha Sigma's Gunnison chapter comes exmarine Peg Creedon . Her laughing Irish eyes, and vivacious personality will be welcome additions to Sigma Sigma . Wouldn 't you ~like to receive one of those miniature mammy dolls-they contain bids for Gamma Clio's Minstrel Party. It will be complete with a black-face show 'n laughing endmen . " A Backwards Party"-was enjoyed by all the Concord rushees . They just loved those A~A banks which they took home as their favors . Flash-Psi Psi 's Gypsy Inn enticed fifteen new pledges. The rushees were kidnapped and spirited away to the Inn (usually known as the A~A house) . Fortunes by Mrs. Robinson, a gypsy dance by Dot McGraw, and the singing of our Sweetheart Song added to the gaiety. El Rancho A~A entertained the Alpha Gamma rushees-peasant costumes-conga lines-and traditional South of the Border chile con carne plus plenty of Alpha Gam hospitality made for a wonderful party. Rushees who were lucky enough to strike the pinate were showered with confetti , balloons and hand-made earrings. A strolling viol in player added to the festivities . Thirteen isn't an unlucky number-at least Alpha Beta's are sure their thirteen new pledges aren 't going to need four-leaf clovers to assure the ir success. They were welcomed


Ze ta Zeta Pledges, Ce nt ral Mi ssouri State College, Warrensb urg , Mi ssouri

into our sisterhood at a formal d inner held at Miss Alma Zoller's home . Swing your pardner, promenade all-was the call heard at Sigma Sigma 's rush party . A hayride, songs and chile served by the alums insured a grand time for all . Beta Kappa 's pledges turned the tables and gave the actives a scavenger hunt. Awardssome super ref reshments at Miss Terr ill 's home . Beta Xi 's entertained their rushees at a formal dinner. Ginny Doyle sang and the Alpha Sigma Rockettes helped make it a successful party . Corsages, candle-light and a crackling fire impressed the prospective Alpha Sigma Alphas . 路 When Beta Epsilon 's count th ei r blessingsthey find twenty-two brand new pledges . They tell us they are some of Madison 's very best. Hurry-Hurry : so called Jeanne Hower, the carnival barker. The Chi Chi rushees had a wonderful time on the mid-way-powder puff toss , and even pink lemonade del ighted all the guests . 路路 We hear that the Alpha Sigma beauty course-given by the Kappa Kappa 's has persuaded some fine girls to take Alpha Sigma as a steady diet. Pi Pi entertained their new pledges at a fish fry and song fest-sounds like fun doesn't it. Congratulations to Bobbie Parker-voted Beta Nu 's Ideal Pledge . The Radford rushees were entertained at a Cover Girl Party . Each rushee came dressed as a favorite cover girl. The program celebrated the hoi idays of the year from baby new year to old father time . The g irls loved the tiny red hats with the A~A initials which were given as favors .


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Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948  

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948