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10 Beta Zeta-Mrs. N . F. Carnal, Jr ., Lecompte, Louisiana . Beta EtaBeta Theta-Mrs. J . D. Rose, Jr., 5434 Haver ford, Indianapolis, Indiana . Beta Iota-Mrs . Sam Scruggs, 918 First St ., Radford , Virginia . Beta Kappa-Miss Mary Weinburg, Augusta, Illinois . Beta Lambda-Miss Ruth Worm, Arkansas School for the Blind, Little Rock, Ark. Beta Mu - Mrs . Frances C. Mclean , 1224 Eleventh Street, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Beta Nu-Miss Sarah Rhodes, 409 Huntingdon Street, Lexington, Tenn. Gamma Clio-Miss Ruth Hallas, 23 E. Main Street, Port Jervis, New York.

Beta Xi-Mrs. A Paul Lisy, Jr ., 34 Donelson St., Providence, R. I. Inactive Chapters:

Alpha AlphaDelta Delta - Mrs. Helen Miller, 77 Eldon, Columbus, Ohio. Iota IotaLambda Lambda -Mrs. Charles M . Cummings, 63 Arden Road , Columbus 2, Ohio . Mu Mu-Mrs . Otto Kress, 1210 Pearl , Ypsilanti, Michigan . Omicron OmicronChi Chi (Butler)-Mrs . William Kingdon, 910 E. Kessler Blvd ., Indianapolis, Indiana . Upsilon UpsilonOmega Omega-

The Alumnae and Rushing~ Are your college days and alma mater spirits in the " photograph album" stage:> How easy it is to lose track of the activities on our own campus .. . but not the faces of friends! Sorority friendships seem to mellow with _age because there has been a well defined pu rpose on which to build . Alpha Sigma Alpha gave us that foundation' One of the primary advantages of a national sorority is the continuation of its effectiveness following college graduation . Is this not worth sharing:> Our sorority colors are a prized possession which we zealousl y guard and we , as Alumnae, can help determine those individuals who start on the pledge rung of the ladder . Some of us are under the impression that the headaches and cares of rushing were passed at our day of graduation. But that is not so! Perhaps most of the burden is upon the shoulders of the college chapters; nevertheless, we Alumnae are still in a posit ion to recommend new girls for membership in A~A. It is not only a privilege but also an obl igation to pass along to the various colleges information concerning new students in that particular college . In this way we can help speed-up the "getting acquainted " period wh ich in most instances is all too short. How can we help? First of all , we Alumnae should BE INTERESTED in the college chapter from which we graduated . We would prof it by not allowing ourselves to become so busy as to overshadow either our college activ-

ities or chapter functions . Those still in college are unconsciously living by our standards thus any encouragement we can offer personally would be eagerly and enthusiastically ac路cepted . The college girls would be proud of your interest in them . .. and you would be thrilled by their enthusiasm toward the Alumnae! Second, we Alums can help if we make lt a point to BE AWARE of high school girls who are considering attending college . In some ' communities it is relatively easy to know or hear about these prospective students and a personal welcome to the alma mater would help make a more memorable impression . By being alert to future possibilities, we are helping Alpha Sigma Alpha grow! And finally, our best means of lending assistance in rushing is to BE ACTIVE as an Alumnae . Through our community activities and collective projects, we act as advance publicity agents for prospective sorority girls. By making our individual Alumnae Chapters sound financially and functionally, we will be preparing ourselves for the many demands the colleges will make . Chapters need houses, girls need loans .. . are we prepared for this "rush''?:> Yes, all these are behind sorority rushing ! If Alpha Sigma Alpha is to grow through new pledges, we must be attractive and have something to offer the rushee . Initiating action also includes suggestions and recommendations to the college chapters

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948  

Asa phoenix vol 33 no 2 jan 1948