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Educati n and th 1 rof "Or f El m ntary Education \ r all pr s nt a nd spok . v pa 路t r pr nt, or just clfi h plea ure Letha i now ent rin.,. upon th mo t thrilling and altrui tic ventur yet.\ hil 1t 1 till in a nebul u tat and perhap a bit prematur for publicati n, he ha been planning for 'er a y ar with a group of interested people to ventually form an a ociation for the purpo e of perpetuating the memory of T. teele, and to encourage the creative art among talented tho' unrecognize I arti t . l\fr. teele was one of our fir t and for mo t Indiana rna ter of art. There i a po ibility that the tate onservation Department will take over the Steele home studio with its va t collection of priceles paintings, and orne acreage for a tate museum of Historical and ultural Intere t . Then it is hoped that a "Steele Retreat" or colony for the creative arts may be e tabli bed on the present e tate which is near a hville. Thi mid-west project woul d be imilar to the 'McDowell Foundation," function ing in Peterborough, N. H., where creators may eek the quiet and inspirational environment to pursue their special course whether it be drama, peech, writing, poetry, composing of music, culptoring or painting. The plan is to have separate studios designed by an architect to be appropriate to the terrain and to the needs of the pecial arts, also to be far enough apart not to interfere with each other. There will also be a main dormitory, dining room, central studio and later a Concert Shell and amphitheater. It will be a tremendous task, but everyone seems quite enthusiastic over the vision. Of course this is all post-war planning, till a start has been made toward organization. The ground and several mall buildings will be donated. It is hoped that individuals and organizations interested in promoting contemporary culture will contribute generous funds as memorials. This money will be used for building and maintaining the separate studios and other necessary buildings. If and when this dream materializes it will be akin to this stanza of Rudyard Kiplings Poem" nd only the Master shall praise us and only the Master shall blame; And no one shall work for money, and no one shall work for fame, But each for the joy of working and each in his separate Star, Shall draw the Thing as he sees it for the God of Things as They are."

7 CHI CHI'S RADIO PROGRAM E ach Thur day evening, from 5 until 5 :30 or rganization on Ball tate o'clock, a cia campu pre ents a radio program on th e run ie network, stati n vVLB . t th e beginning of the year, when volunteer were being ought, the hi hi Chapter of lpha ig began plan for a contribution, and et the date for December 9th. The committee in charge con i ted of irgmm Rus ell, Helen Brown, Jeanne Friar and I a belle tarkey. The participant spent much time in practice, and the program was a success. To start the program, " lpha Sigma Sweetheart" wa sung by a double quartet, which was accompan ied by Elinor Keller at the piano. Those in the quartet were Elayne Tobia , Velva Bere, Joan Farrington, Wilma Jean Pyle, Suzette Mitchell, Rosemary Cox, Isabelle Starkey, and Mary Dawn Thees. Maud Scherer read a short history of Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Chi Chi Chapter which was followed by Joan Farrington playing her own piano arrangement of ''Memories." Helen Herberger, who has been outstanding on the campus in dramatics, presented a short and witty reading entitled "Mysteries of the Radio" by Robert Benchley. This was followed by a piano solo by Elinor Keller entitled " The Butterfly," and the program was brought to a close with the double quartet singing, "Hymn to Alpha Sigma Alpha." Helen Brown performed as master of cermonies for the program.

PI PI HAS FOUR NOMINEES FOR JUNIOR PROM QU EEN Seven years ago an Alpha Sig was chosen to reign as queen over Buffalo State Teachers annual Junior Prom. This evidently established a precedent, for every succeeding year since an Alpha Sig has been chosen queen. By the time you read this we hope we'll have another member of royalty added to our long list, for of the five nominees four of them are Alpha Sigs. Johanne Cunningham, is an art student and is active in Dramatic Club, in the Dance Group and in \.rt Kraft Klub. Connie Butt, is one of our nevv pledges and is president of Student Council. Ellen Davy, is a business manager and secretary of the school publications. Ellen Fane, was Junior leader for Inter-class Sing and is also active on other school committees. Thus Alpha Sig has scored again at State.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944