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6 day , two exceptionally good pictures resultedone a transparent water color, "Rolling Waves and a Sand Dune," and an oil, "Fishing Harbor." Both were accepted at large exhibition , the former at the Herron \nnual Indiana Artists Show, and the latter at the Hoosier Salon. The John Herron Exhibitions are highly restricted. Letha has fortunately had thr~e pictures accepted there by various juries from out of state. The Hoosier Salon is Nationally known and maintains the highest standards in the arts of painting, sculptoring and etching. The Association attempts to present the very best that can be produced of educational and cultural value, and it is sponsored by individuals and organizations with those purposes. Around $4,000 has been allotted this year for special prizes. In 1940 Letha had one water color and one oil shown in Chicago, and subsequently at Indianapolis, Ball State at Muncie, and Indiana University at Bloomington. In 1942 two more pictures in water color and oil were accepted at the Indianapolis Show at the Wm. H. Block Company, and then toured the State. One of the Alpha Sigs friends on learning the good news of acceptance excitedly congratulated Letha on getting into a "saloon." For several years she has displayed work at the State Fair. To become a member of the Indiana Artists Club one must have successfully passed two separate juried exhibitions. With this eligibility one may be represented in the Annual Indiana Artists Club Show at L. S. Ayres each October. Letha was admitted three years ago and has since been duly represented. This year she is concentrating on something different, portrait study from the model using the medias of pastel and oil. Her teacher is Edmund Brucker, an excellent portrait painter from Herron and recently from Cleveland, Ohio. Portrait work requires a great deal of practice on many models. She is out for heads, so beware! During these past few years she has accumulated so much equipment that a studio wa almost imperative, so Letha transformed a bedroom into a work hop. 路w hile it is small and crowded, it is attractive with a collection of Mexican and merican Indian handicrafts in addition to her picture on the wall and large storage cupboards, with a work table and studio couch for occasional gue t . he feels free to pread out material and not keep them too neatly until friends or clients come to look for picture .


People seem to be more interested in picture this year. Perhaps there is some truth to Sir John Gilbert's quotation-"Pictures are loopholes of escape to the soul, leading it to cenes and spheres where fancy for a moment may revel, be refreshed and delighted. Pictures are consolers of loneliness, a relief to the jaded mind, windows to imprisoned thought; they are books, histories and sermons which we may read without the trouble of turning over the leaves." At Christmas time Letha always designs their personal greeting cards, portraying some interest of the year, and then cuts a linoleum block and prints a hundred or more on her small pres . \i\Tell-she doesn't teach or have any children to bother her, except these spiritual children, and a very good natured, part-time husband, so he has plenty of spare time, but what about all the other demands? She spent twenty hours on a First Aid Course and rescued three victims. Altho' she doesn't pretend to be an expert seamstress, she attempted hemming dozens of First Aiel Bandages, sewed some clothing for the Reel Cross, be ides spending a clay now and then at Fort Harrison as a "Sister Susie." She helped send ol)t Gas Ration Coupons too. She has greatly enjoyed a year's work on Tuesdays at the Service Men's Center Canteen Counter at the Union Station where she graciously serves the ervice boys and girls to doughnuts," coffee, or an orange drink, always with a dash of conversation and plenty of cheery smiles . Perhaps you remember that last year she devoted many hours toward furnishing a room at Dutler University known as the "Blaker Elementary Education Center." This was a fitting tribute to the founder of Free Kindergartens, and the president of Teacher ' College of Inclianapoli , Eliza \. Blaker. It was in Victorian period with many handsome original and reconditioned furni hings used at the old school. The pirit of friendliness and welcome are so manifested that the faculty wishes to hold board meeting 路 there. Letha's personal contribution wa the illuminated script printing of Ir . Blaker's favorite "Hymn of Child Welfare'" with an original border design. Now she has been a keel by the faculty to de ign a Scroll of Honor for the Blaker Award tudents. Letha is fir t vice-president of the Eliza Blaker Club and in an emergency had to preside at the Annual Blaker Luncheon for State Teachers sociation at the Columbia Club in ctober. The Pre ident of Dutler niversity, the Dean of

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944