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. La t meeting, our new pledge Dorea Haines, surpn cd u all by announcing her engagement to viation Cadet James handl er. Xi Xi member are bu y doing war work these days. Many of the girl have donated their blood to th Red ros , and we're all buying as many bond and 路stamps as we possibly can. Barbara 0' onnell is an Alpha Sig we're very proud of. he has been touring overseas with the U. . 0. and definitely doing her part by bringing cheer to our boys over there. Eloise Gaspar is another girl who is entertaining servicemen at U. S. 0. camp shows. Eloise is an expert at dancing-especially the hula! ' Xi Xi's membership has depreciated a little this semester for many of our girls are either in active se~颅 vice, doing defense work, or getting married. We wish all of them the best of luck and also extend incere wishes to all Alpha Sigs for a very happy New Year. BETTY RuDMAN.

PI PI Buffalo State Teachers College, Buffalo, New York

Hi Alpha Sigs: The time has come the Pi Pi's say To talk of many thingsOf pledges new and Russian Relief And of our Christmas Rings! With a new year just beginning Pi Pi Chapter is starting off with a bang with twenty-seven new pledges. It was only a short time ago that they joined our group, yet they have entered into our activities with a great deal of enthusiasm . Having purchased red jackets and white ski caps exactly like those of the actives they are easily recognized on campus as belonging to A.S.A. Our Christmas season was highlighted with a formal dance held in our "castle." Under a tree glittering in red and silver could be found presents for everyone. Yule logs burning in the fireplaces, . and a sparkling punch bowl completed the holiday atmosphere. However, we felt that Christmas time was also a time to help others-so under the chairmanship of Ruthie Smith we sponsored a drive for Russian Relief. Money contributions as well as boxes packed with practical articles were heartily received by the national headquarters. But now with the holidays over the girls have begun to settle down for last minute studying for semester exams. However, we have not been too busy to welcome a surprise visit from Dr. Cooper, Assistant Commissioner of Education in New York State. He seemed as well pleased with our beautiful new house as we are ourselves. ow too 'tis time to say goodbye And wish you all adieu Lots of love in A. S. A. And Happy ew Year too. JANE HARRIS.


RHO RHO Mar hall ollege, Huntington, We t Virginia

Rho Rho says hello! .It seems impossible that the holidays could have arnved so soon . Although the skies give no hint of the gratification of our wish, we're still "d ream ing of a white Christmas." Rho Rho gave a lovely formal dinner for its new pledges just before the Thanksgiving holidays. We reserved a private dinning room in the Governor Cabell Hotel in Huntington. A sight to behold and long remember was the girls in their rainbow-tinted evening gowns seated around the table which seemed little affected by the present scarcity of food. T~e intra-soror~ty volleyball tournament got off to a ltvely start thts week . . . the Alpha Sigs have made a good showing. The gals all have red and white monogramed sport shirts and they make quite a distinctive looking team. We are proud to announce the engagement of two of our bright-eyed Alpha Sigs-Marjorie Osborne to Russell E. Waid Jr., on overseas duty, and Helen Herbst to Coxswain John Warren Lawson, stationed at Norfolk, Virginia. Instead of giving a Christmas party this year, we have decided to entertain the children at the local Orthopedic Hospital. This may show signs of slackened social activities but we are all in a dither over plans for a Chapter house. We are more than excited at the grand response National has made in answer to our request for help. The Huntington Alumn~ have offered to help us in any way possible and have already donated a stove for our cause (those precious things are hard to get, you know!). It's a big undertaking and it will take a lot of careful planning and h~rd work, but we are optimists and have made a determined decision to see it through if it is at all possible. We are thinking of how much more we can accomplish as a sorority and of the future of Rho Rho. When we return after vacation, when Christmas is just a pleasant memory, we plan to have things in a definite shape so they can be presented to Marshall's Dean of Women. Wish us luck! Yours in Alpha Sigma Alpha, NoRMA FAYE BRAKE.

SIGMA SIGMA Western State College, Gunnison, Colorado

Hello again! Here we are back again on campus and sad to say, our campus is like so many others, rather void of students, especially male, but still holding its own. Fall quarter started off with rushing and we are happy to say we have four new pledges, four vivacious girls that will be a nice addition to our chapter. Our formal dinner was the big event that climaxed rush season, with cocktails at Betty Hill's home early in

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944