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Four of our charter members were present. They were Vada Cliser Linville of Washington, D . C., Gertrude Wray Tindall, Marjorie Brown Holmberg and Ruth Lawrence. Those present included nine pledges, seventeen actives and nineteen alums. Virginia Watt who is an American Red Cross staff Assistant, is now in North Africa. Prior to her overseas assignment she was a member of the faculty of the Simonsen Junior High School in Jefferson City, Mo. Dorothy Coile is now in Rochester, Minnesota, where she is tak ing nurses training at St. Mary's Hospital. Marjorie Perry Person has a baby boy, whom she has named William Paul. Her husband, Major Paul Person, was killed in a plane crash last March. The baby's grandmother, the late Mrs. R. C. Person, was one of our first patronesses. Mary Frances Young was married on October 24th to Chief Specialist Daniel C. Shura, who is stationed with the Navy V-12 unit at the college here. Frances Elam and Lieut. Jerrod Van Houten were married on October 9路 Sincerely, RuTH LAWRENCE.

MUNCIE, INDIANA Muncie Chi Chi Alumna: will have their regular meeting December 4th at the home of Mrs . Betty Miller. It is to be a potluck dinner with plenty to eat I'm sure. One more of our members has rejoined the teaching staff. Mrs. Mildred Teany Monroe is now teaching in the Stevenson school in Muncie. Miss Velve Bere has announced her marriage to Cpl. Roger F. Gay. Yours in A.S.A., VELMA THRESHER.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK The New York Alumna: Chapter hasn't broken into print lately but nevertheless we sure have been busy. Guess we had better go way back to our October meeting. We decided to hold all our meetings in the form of luncheons in restaurants this year so that we could have more time for our project. After a very delicious luncheon at an "atmosphery" Italian restaurant we jumped into a taxi and went over to the workshop of the Save the Children Federation at 482 Park Avenue. Midst sewing on caps, mittens etc., >ve conducted our business for the day. Most of our business centered on how much we would be able to get done for these poor mountain children we are trying to help through this project. We were all looking forward to the November meeting when we would start to work on preparations for the " Santa Claus Party" of the Save The Children Federation. Comes November, and after a grand lunch (we always mention food first) we were all set to go to work for anta Claus. We stuffed animals, dressed

dolls, prettied up old toys, and sewed on more mittens (seems they can always use plenty of mittens). Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well is was, and it is also nice to know that we are helping these unfortunate kids. Now we can't wait until our December meeting because then we start to pack the boxes, seeing to it that each child will have something warm to wear, and something to play with-yes, in our small little way we help the Save The Children Federation to spread Christmas cheer to the destitute children in the Kentucky mountains. Some of the girls like Mrs. Gerry Morse (Martha to us) have even done more. She spends two days a week at the Federation office taking care of correspondence and assisting in the office. Some of the other girls take sewing home to finish. We're all busy doing as much as we canand we love it. PH~LADELPHIA,


Soon we'll be forced to hold our meetings by mail, what with a good third of our members m California, Florida, Texas, the Carolinas, and everywhere there are Service bases. However, even though our numbers are dwindling rapidly, we get busier and busier and go valiantly on, and the last two months have been active ones for the Philadelphia alumna: chapter. On November 9th we held our annual consecration Service in the Nu Nu Room at Drexel under the chairmanship of Polly Steinberg. As always, it was an impressive ceremony and was well attended. Then, on November 22, the Kappa Kappa Chapter, plus one lone Nu Nu, Dottie Hutton, who just couldn't miss anything Alpha S~g.was entertained at a Pajama Party, a dinner and an open House in celebration of Temple's Homecoming Week-end. It seems strange, still, to be staying in the new chapter home at Homecoming time, but it certainly was wonderful seeing so many of our classmates from other parts of the country and all of our older and newer sisters. Margaretta Schenbecker Plewes was chairman on this occasion and Libby Landis elected unanimously to fill that post next year. No sooner had we settled down after all this excitement when it was December 2, the night of our next monthly meeting at the Kappa Kappa House at Temple. This was our much-beloved annual Covered Dish Supper and was attended by about twenty alums-plus covered dishes. The college girls supplied meat loaf, and the rest of us brought as many dishes ( unrationed, of course) as we could think of to complete the meal. The rest of the evening we had planned to spend on war effort-rolling bandages, knitting, and making bandages-and before we had had a chance to lick up the last few crumbs, a photographer from one of the city papers burst in, ready to take our pictures in action, needless to say, we were only too glad to comply with his request, even though it did take up a good bit of the remaining time to get us all arranged and photogenic.

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944