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r8 We are proud of Phyll's contribution to the war effort. Bernice has been doing Nurses' Aid at Babies' and Children's Hospital. She's getting to be quite a champion at bowling, too, we hear. Ruth is the neighborhood mother-chairman of the Girl Scouts. She is on the state and local executive board of the Ohio Osteopathic Auxiliary. She is also program chairman of the local P . E . 0. Betsey is chairman of the ticket sales at the Ammual Institute of the Foreign Affairs Council. She is also on the woman's committee of the World Affairs Council. Georgia's duties as a new wife are keeping her out of public life a bit, she says. However, she still has time to roll bandages for Red Cross every week and serve on her Rationing Board. She was program chairman of 0. W. Holmes P. T. A. Fathers' Night. Leta continues her interest in music in the various organizations in her community. She was so happy the last time we saw her for she had just had letters and pictures from her boy in Sicily and a phone call from her other boy, who is in camp in Texas. Helen sings with the Mother Singers and her church choir. She is on the P. T . A. executive board . She is still teaching the Brownie Troop their rhythms and songs. Martha is on the Solon Study Group planning committee for this year. She is also on the local first aid squad . Lora Smith's main interest is the Bedford Study Group 1. She is on the Women's Music Club membership committee. She is serving on the subcommittee on education of the newly-organized Social Protective League of Cleveland. Messages were sent to our meeting from Ruth Duffy, Olive Baker, Mabel Blanchard, and Ada Harvey. They are all well and in town but various reasons kept them from attending. The next get-together will be at the DeTchon home on Sunday evening, December 26th. Jack and Phyll and Bo~ and Bernie will be 路 in charge. It is to be a cocktail party at 5 :oo and a sandwich buffet later. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? We wish you all a Victorious and therefore Happy New Year. LORA M. JONES SMITH.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN Dear Sisters: Our meetings here in Detroit are held regularly on the first Saturday of each month so our first meeting of this year fell on October ~' and was at the home of Norma Crane Aliber, on Grandmont Roa?. Sixteen members were present, including Louise McArthur, our new President; Audrey Taylor, Corresponding Secretary; Frances Vredenberg, Treasurer; and yours truly, Phoenix Editor.


November 6th, 15 of our girls met at the home of Verna Klein. A program honoring Founders' Day was presented. Sara Jane Dodge, our former president and one of our delegates to Chicago, read the Proclamation; the group sang The Star-Spangled Banner, also one verse of America, with Dorothy Rice accompanying at the piano. And then, a closing prayer by our President, Louise McArthurall very beautiful and impressive. Our December meeting is to be a Dessert Bridge at the home of Flossie Boening on Fairfield Avenue. Flossie has a lovely large home and we are looking forward to a large attendance and a grand time. We hear from Esther Sprague, who has moved to Indianapolis, that the Alpha Sigma girls in that chapter are grand, too. Another one of our girls, Gladys Sprague Rambler, who also attended the convention at Edgewater in Chicago, went as dietician with the Harper Hospital unit to Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, many months ago. In August, of this year, they landed somewhere in North Africa, within three blocks of the Mediterranea'l sea, so that they could swim there every day. Since that time she has moved to somewhere in Italy. Loyally yours, MRs. EARL LuTz.

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA The 路 November meeting of the Indianapolis Alumna: Chapter was held on November 13, at the home of Lena Grumme, with Thelma Thomas assisting. There were 20 Alpha Sigs present. Peg Snedeker read the Founders' Day Proclamation issued by Wilma Wilson Sharp, National President. The message from Louise Cox Carper to Alpha Sigma Alpha for this occasion was read by Gerry Holton. We were happy to hear from Mrs. Carper, one of our founders, whom many of us were privileged to know at our convention in Chicago. Jean McCammon brought to our attention the need of volunteers to act as chaperones at the Y. W. C. A . on Saturday nights for a group of over 500 people between the ages of 13-18 years. This program is being sponsored by the Adult Guidance Division of the Y. W. C. A. m order to provide wholesome entertainment so as to occupy the youngsters' leisure time. Our Chapter has voted to be responsible for chaperoning the group on the second Saturday of each month. As jitterbug dancing seems to be the main diversion of the evening who knows but what some Alpha Sig may take the honors . P.-fter a short business meeting during which our President, Gerry Holton presided, the meeting was turned over to one of our members, Letha Gaskins. She being one of our outstanding artists chose as her topic "Palette Patter." In painting a picture for 路 the girls Letha used the Eliot O'Hara method which involves placing the

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944