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"ah" about it all. The hou e i as lo ely as all ha e reponed and lend that certain spirit to our meeting and to ourselves. Many lumn<l! were present and it was so nice eeing you. Wherever I sat, I listened for news. To my amazement, I di covered that a serviceman can be stationed on the same side of the country a hi s wife. There was Grace Schreiner Roe whose husband i now stationed at Grand Island. Other wives, till in our neighborhood who were there, were Betty Schreiner Missert, Betty Bernard Case, and Elinor Thom Thomas. Next time I'll sit where I can pop questions at others. Be t wishes to Jean Clark . She was married November 12 in Rochester, to Corporal Jewett B. Butler. Our plans for the year-a little tentative as yetbut being ably arranged by Madeline Marshall-are as follows: Our Christmas tea comes in December; Miss Hepinstall will discuss books in January; Dr. Albright will speak to us in February; Interior D ecoration is to be our theme for March; China (I mean the dishes, not the country) will be discussed in April; Diatectics in May; and we close the year with our party for brides and graduates in June. Sounds like coming, doesn't it? And now a word about our Alumna! Editor. Did you know that Virginia Schwartz has joined the Marines? Congratulations, and we're glad you're continuing sorority work, too. Best of luck. K. MARGARET KABEL.

CANTON, OHIO Busy, busy, too much to do. We didn't get our news to you. In spite of war we have had fun, We want to tell the things we've done. I pledge myself now and here To write to you four times a year. Back to writing the news again! It's almost as good as seeing and talking to you. The full effect of the war has hit us this year. It has been a little slow in coming because of our small number and the fact that we all are about the same age. Our first husband has gone to warRichard Roth (Dotty Stough Roth). Jayne Weible Urban, Virginia Weber Hansel, June Reigle Da Hinden, and Berdein Schumacker Holsing have gone back to full teaching. June and Berdein have left us for the duration because of transportation. The remaining husbands are working day and night for defense. The help problem in this area is very acute so the at home girls are very much at home. All the above reasons plus a one night stand of Ringling's circus contributed to a very slack attendance at our September meeting. It was at Jayne Urban's. Virginia Hansel, program chairman, presented our activities for the coming season. Sounds

interesting! Will let you in on it as it unfold . We, not the programs unfolded for the October meeting at Mary Donze Miller' -pig tails, hair bows, sun bonnets, baby dolls, teddy bears. A Kid Party! eriously though, we gave our fghan its final inspection before presenting it to the Red ross. Yummied on traditional pumpkin pie. The ovember meeting is always devoted to Founders' Day. This year it was dinner at Bender's Tavern . It is always an inspiration to spend one meeting with the thoughts and ideals of our fa rseeing Founders. 'Til the New Year! SuE CAMPBELL.

CLEVELAND, OHIO On Saturday, November 20th, our Founders' Day luncheon was held at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Vorhees. Twelve girls were present. We always enjoy ourselves when Ruth is hostess and we came away wondering how she could serve such a delightful luncheon under the current rationing program. But Ruth is an efficient person . The program followed the outline suggested by our National President. Lora Smith read the Proclamation. It was followed by our A. S. A. Hymn with Leta Crawford at the piano. Georgia Turner Kurtz read Mrs. Carper's message. "God Bless America" was sung by the group and Helen Garrington, our President, closed our program with a prayer. We were particularly happy to welcome Mrs. Wm. E. Coates (Esther Schultis, Beta Beta) into our Alumna! organization. She has a son, Bill, 15 years old, and a daughter, Carol, who is I r. We found that besides being a housewife and mother she has taken an active part in the Lakewood Y. W. C. A . and in the Y. Mothers' Group. Another thrill at this meeting was that of having Bette Madison Furness back. George has been honorably discharged from the army and they are here in Cleveland to stay. While they were stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, their little daughter, Valerie A nnette, arrived. She is all of four months old now and is a healthy, happy "San Antonio Rose." We showed Bette how glad we were to. have her back by immediately electing her to the office of Vice-President. In talking to each of our members, we asked them what activities were calling them this winter. Each one said, "Washing dishes, tending children, pleasing over-worked husbands, etc." But when we talked them into being sensible, we found out some interesting facts. Phyllis is serving at the food bar at Cleveland's famous Stage Door Canteen. We wish you could hear her tell of her experiences. She says she is the "mother type"-the boys pour out troubles on her shoulder. Well, we know better than that. She spends a great deal of time there whenever she is needed. While we were having turkey, she was down there building morale on Thanksgiving Day.

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Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944  

Asa phoenix vol 29 no 2 jan 1944