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Alpha Sigma Alpha's Regional Meetings HE YE R 19-+0 mark another mile tone in the hi tory of lpha igma Alpha. t that time . A.' will convene at regional meeting in yariou ection of the country. It wa at the 1938 ational Convention that A. . adopted the three-year plan whereby re ional meetings will be held one year, in pection · the econd year, and our national convention the third year. In accordance with the convention ruling, the National Counci l announces the e tentative plan for lpha igma's first regional meeting .


HOW? College and alumn;:e chapters are to be divided according to geographical location into five region . Your chapter i li ted below. The r gional meeting in each ca e will be held at the place leading the li t.

Region I College

Washington, D. C.

Alpha Kappa Kappa

~u u Rho Rho

Beta Epsilon Theta Theta

A I lllltllae Hampton Road harleston Ea tern Pa. Philadelphia Delaware Boston Uuntington, \ V. Ya. entral Pa. :0: ew York

Region II College


lpha Gamma Alpha eta

Iu Mu

Pi Pi Chi Chi


Pitt bu rgh Pa. ," ford, Ohio Detroit Duffalo Indianapoli

lev eland Yp ilanti hicago John town

Toledo Kent olum bu Canton ~1uncie

Region III Kan a City Collcge lpha Beta amma Gamma

Ep ilon Zeta Zeta

Eta Eta Phi Phi

A lunwa c Yirk ville it\·

. \Iva E mporia \\ .ichita

Region IV New Orlean College P i Deta a mma .Jii/IIIII OC

Tul. a

Pitt burg. Kan ::.raryville D e.: :.\Joine

Beta Delta

Region V College Beta Beta


Xi Xi



Tau Tau

Alwmuae Denver

Greeley Lo ngele

Hay an Diego

WHY? The e regional meeting are embryonic conventions. They are de ignecl to give college aml alumn;:e member an opportunity to eli cu their mutual problems in maller and more intimate g roups; to make forward looking plan for our national program; to meet the lpha Sigmas in their particular ection; and to enjoy to the fulle t the fellowship of our orority.

WHAT? The program a include :

tentatively planned would

aturdayGeneral get-together and luncheon Openi ng Meeting Round table discu ton 1. lum nee 2. College Fo rmal Banquet and program Informal get-together tunts, ong fe t undayClo ing Breakfa t General meeting.

WHO? The definite date for the e regional meeting will be announced shortly, but it i n't too early to tart your plan to attend. Don't a k "Who hall we end?" Rather a k, 'How many can <YO?'' The big motive back of the e regional meeting i to bring them o clo e to your individual chapter that it will be po ible for many of your group to attend. Perhap you've never had the chance to attend a national convention. . •o doubt y u have alway wanted to get that "feel' ·J i cotwention that delegate alway menti n. Th :ro r gional meeting offer each .\. . .\. that chanc · to et the feel of what it m an t be an ,\lpha igma • lpha. Let's get behind thi new movement. Let' plan to ha,·e a large rer re entati n from ach colle e and alumn;:e chapt r. It' a week-end you'll anticipa te, and a week-end y u'll later rem mber with in urmountable pi a ure. E\' ELYX


Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 2 jan 1940  

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 2 jan 1940