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the thing they will remember Ionge t are : " the idea of a wo rk hop, " " the multiplicity of speech accent and dialect ,'' '' how the unkn own quantities and que ti ons become living ideas and spoken wo rd ," ''the experience and a pirations of tho e parall el to mine,' ' •·a ociation with fellow human being who are al o struggling to understand the world and to think through their problems a teachers."


Indianapolis Alumna: Chapter

What a pri vilege to teach in Indianapolis ! ot onl y do we have a fine alumnre chapter, a grand city, good schools, etc., but all the girl s who are employed by the Indianapoli s Public chools have an opportunity to achieve one coveted goal- that of a Gregg cholar hip. What i th e Gregg cholarship? " The Gregg Bequest. known as the Indianapolis Gregg Scholarship Fund, was a benefaction of Thomas D. Gregg vvho was a teacher in Indi-

Marga ret Schofi eld

anapol i about 1 -l . At the time of hi death in 1 76 it wa · fo und that he had left two will , in one of wh ich he had beq ueathed to the city f Indianap li · the principa l pa rt of hi prope rty. The heir at law conte ted the probating of both



will . An i sue wa formed and the cau e wa. tried in King William ounty, Virginia, before a jury in 1878. After the trial ha d proceeded for about one week, the parties to the uit arriYed at an agreement for a compromise of the di -;pute. The agreement wa that neith er will hould be probated and that the e tate should be ettled as of an intestate and that after all debt were paid by the administrator, a portion of the remaining e tate hould go to the chool ity of Indianapoli s, a portion to Dalla County, Iowa, and the remainder to the heirs at law . .. By recommendation of the tru tee in July, 1894, the Board decided to use a portion of the income of this fund to give teachers of the grade pecial training in the lines mo t needed. . . Since which time teachers have been sent at different times to variou school throughout the country, a part or all of their expenses being paid from thi fund. " Indianapolis A lumnre ha been fortunate in that for many years one or many of her member have been selected for such a cholarship. Eloi e Proctor, E sth er Burge, Evelyn Hall, Helen elvage oblitt and Bereniece Lamb are ome of the Indianapoli lpha ig g irls who have been given such an honor in recent year . The e girl chose Columbia niversity as the school in which to continue th eir stud ying. Thi year, I was granted a chola rship but instead of going to Columbia, I cho e to attend O hio S tate niversity where I mi ght continue the study o f the M entally R etard ed hild under the g uidance of Dr. Charl e Scott Berry who i the foremo t in ·tructor in th e fi eld of pecial E ducation. I t ha alway been my de ire to tudy under him, and I can a ure you it wa no disappointment. I feel that I gain ed a greater insight into th e problem and need of th e type of child I deal w ith in th e clas room eYery clay. I onl y wi h I could hare my enthu sia m w ith thi s type wo rk. People a re not a wa re of the inspirati on , ati facti ons, or joy that a re deri ved f rom working among the e slow-learning children. pecial Ed ucation i demanding g reate r atten tion. P ioneer work i still in progre . T he problem and need of the low-lea rning chil d i a challenge to the w ri d of today . But I have more tha n j u t pecial E ducati on to menti on in thi me age. I el i cove red that the wo rl d wa a ma ll place after all ! ut of the nine thou an d women regi tered in th niver ity ummer chool - who houlcl my ui te-mate turn out to be but \ irginia . A . f rom Kent ni ve r ity. nd \,Yebe r, an t think th ere were onl y thr e . A.' regi tered

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Asa phoenix vol 26 no 1 nov 1939  

Asa phoenix vol 26 no 1 nov 1939