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on occasions ~nd give the suggestion that solves the problem and yet, on other 路occa~wns, put real pep _into the group with her likable temperament. Alta IS a dark, curley-haired girl whose happy smile makes loads of friends for her. ~Ita's charmin~ per~onality is only one her redeeming features. She IS also very gifted m her work in the Commercial Department. She is now a Junior and is Secretary to one of the busiest Commercial teachers. In addition to her duties in the department, Alta is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary fraternity, and Pi Omega Pi, honorary Commercial fraternity. At our last meeting Alta was elected President for next year. We certainly are wishing her every success, for "such popularity must be deserved." Jane Stoltz.


BETA BETA CHAPTER NEWS Let's see what Beta Beta has been doing lately. In March, we gave a most successful Winter Dance at the Fac.ulty Club. We entertained representatives and guests from the other sororities at the same time. The programs were silver with a silver crest on a red background. We were so glad many of the Alumns were here for the dance. During winter quarter Beta Beta entertained by a series of buffet supper for the various fraternities on the campus. Girls of Beta Beta have taken upon themselves a new project next year-that of renting and maintaining an entire house. It is ideally located and it faces the most beautiful part of the campus. Beta Beta girls are all looking forward to seeing Rose Lamme!, an Alumna, who has been teaching at Lincoln School, Columbia U., for the past year. She is returning to Greely this summer and will be at the college next year. At the same time we regret the fact that our Faculty Adviser, Miss Elizabeth Luzmoor, will not be with us next year, as she is planning to spend the year attending Leland Stanford University and traveling. She has been wonderful to us and we appreciate so much everything she has done for us. Beta Beta wishes her a most enjoyable year. Beta Beta wishes to announce the pledging of Helen Hargrove of Greeley, Colorado, and the initiation of Helen Walling of Ault, Colorado.

GAMMA GAMMA CHAPTER NEWS Alpha Sigma Alpha Valentine Party Every year a Valentine party is given to which the boy friends are invited. This year it appropriately took the form of a Leap Year Party. Much~ merriment was occasioned in the securing of dates for the party.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932