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FRIENDSHIP A new friend is an inspiration to his companion. He is a mystery and man is his discoverer. It is not the first "unusually pleasing" impression that holds the discoverer but it is that concealed self in the new friend which is begging for revelation and approval. Choosing friends is not a day's Work but the process of time and wise selection. We can never replace an old friend because everyone is different. A parting of friends is like dividing funds and placing the divisions in two huge vaults which cannot be opened because the 路friends have exchanged combinations. The fault of such a percept is the possibility of forgetting the numbers. As wine when rightly made is good new, it is much better when older, likewise old friends are always good and the new tGo, must be kept ot be more pleasingly accepted when older.

Mothers' Day, May 8th In a short while we will be reading more about Mother's Day. We shall have before us the date on advertisements and mention in articles as well as poems in tribute. Although in these last few years there has been an obvious tendency to commercialize this symbolic day, there is also obvious a more universal observance. Every year Mother's Day should be observed more and more widely until every mother is the recipient on that day of some token of affection froln her son or daughter. There are not many mothers entirely alone in the world, and because this was intended as an intimate day it should certainly not lose it's beauty by gift giving alone. There is no mother so poor that she would not feel rich if, when more fortunate mothers are receiving flowers and other gifts from their children, she could have a pleasant "Hello, Mother" from her own children or a card from one away. To those few mothers who are entirely alone we can certainly try to make a little happier on that day and somehow express how dear they are to us and how proud we are of them. One time a prophet said; "Gratitude is the highest command, no god will forgive the man who breaks the law of gratitude," surely

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932