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ON GREETING THE RUSHEES On Sunday afternoon, March 20, Kappa Kappa Chapter entertained her pledges at an informal tea. Since this was the first time the girls had been entertained in the house, the earlier part of the afternoon was spent in getting acquainted with the comforts afforded by the lounging chairs and deep davenports of which we are already so fond, not to mention our newest and perhaps most loved acquisition, a radio. We eagerly took advantage of the opportunity of becoming better acquainted with our members-to-be, and as is the way of women, the conversation flowed freely. Our President, Kewpie Eves, officially greeted the new girls, although you may be sure that we had done our share of welcoming them before. She told them a little about the sorority and especially about the financial obligations involved in joining ASA, and in her soft voice the figures which during these times seem so exorbitant, were put gently. Food was the next consideration to be put before the group and needless to say, was received gratefully on all sides. Our culinary artistry is well fortified by the number of Home Economic girls in our chapter, and the refreshments spoke well of their efforts. After tea the usual order of things was reversed and the guests entertained the hostesses. The program, extemporaneous though it was presented by the pledges, proved to be a revelation to us since we were ignorant of the fact that so many of the girls were talented. Many of these girls are students in the Music Department, and their abilities ran from the piano to violin and voice. We have always prided ourselves on the musical talent of our members and it was indeed a pleasure to find that the places of the graduating seniors will be so capably filled. The afternoon, so pleasurably and profitably spent, was now drawing to a close; and as we said good-bye to our newly acquired pledges we felt fortunate in having our chapter enlarged by such a fine group of girls. Jean MacDonald, KK.

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932