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"The spirit of sportsmanship is as old as the Sermon on the Mount but the vehicle in which it is enshrined today is entirely new to us," declares Matthew Wohl, former vice-president of American Federation of Labor. The spirit of play, the spirit of truthfulness, the spirit of courage and faith, spirit of endurance, spirit of self-control and self-respect, spirit of playing the game is sportsmanship. From the time we enter the world until the time we leave the world we play a game. Though we do not realize it when young nevertheless in the games our mothers taught us, in the games our teachers showed us, in the games our coaches drilled us we participated for the welfare of others. We spin the top, we play ball, we work in the store, we go to college, we take our life work BUT we must play the game. A hero, a martyr, a humorist with sense of justice 路acknowledging rights of others, a bankrupt who retrieves and repays, a farmer who replants in face of nature's constant scourging all show sportsmanship. A really good sport carries on uncomplainingly through all difficulties and spreads sunshine on others' paths. We can not always路 have the things we want when we want them neither in sports, in business, nor in the great game of life. Especially we should be good losers; we should yield cheerfully to a victor who has played the game, omitting quarreling, envying, and rangling. We should be willing to lose a thousand games than to win by poor sportsmanship. In athletic contests a smile when defeat is certain, a good word when your foe is discouraged: and so through life a smile for defeat, a good word for the unfriendly soul, this is sportsmanship. So there grows in us in our play that great character-building .for fair play and sportsmanship. The game of life is lost when we seek our own glory. "Take sweet and bitter as sweet and bitter come, and always play the game." This is true in sportsmanship. Theta Theta.

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932