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COME BACK TO SCHOOL It is only a few weeks until the end of the present school year. A few weeks more of joy and effort will bring to a close for many of you your college days. Your course will be completed. The goal you set out some years ago to attain will have been achieved. Your efforts will have been crowned with success. You will leave the campus of your Alma Mater with mingled joy and regret,-joy that the work has been completed, and the aim has been attained, that success has been achieved, and that your college days have brought you richer experiences than you had even dared hope might be yours. There will be a regret also as you realize that these happy days with their choice associations have come to a close, that those who have been so closely associated with you in classrooms, dormitories, and campus activities must scatter and never again will you be the same joyous group you have been. You will see numerous ways in which you will feel you could have made these years better but on the whole there will be much more of joy than sadness in your recollections. For many more of you, however, this will mean just the end of another school year. Your course will not yet be completed. The objectives you set out to attain will not have been reached. You have been succeeding but the goal is not yet. The year has passed successfully but more remains to be done. It is to you who will be completing the first year of a two year curriculum or the first or second year of a three year curriculum or the first, second, or third year of a four year curriculum that I wish to issue a call. Come back to school! This has been a hard year. Throughout it we have been seemingly sinking deeper and deeper into what the world calls an economic depression. While each month the prophets of optimism have declared prosperity just around the corner, the bottom reached, the turn made, the flight upward begun, yet for most of us a dollar has remained as hard if not harder to get, and the future is by no means rosy. FactOr-ies have remained closed, unemployment has increased, wages of those employed have been reduced, family reserves have been dwin-

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932