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Gamma Gamma We have chosen for our convention delegate our loyal president, Thelma Karrle. We chose her because. Thelma has worked so hard in making our chapter so much of a success this year. Thelma is a decided brunette and willing to help everybody she can. She especially delights in picking up girls for Sorority meetings. Thelma is a Senior in college, getting her B.S. degree. She has chosen for her major, Commerce Gnd Economics. In the mornings, Thelma works in the A. H. S. School office and goes to school in the afternoon. So you can see how very busy she is and what a delightful trip we wish her to Estes Park this summer. For our Alternate or Substitute we selected our treasurer, Vera Leeper. She al~o has worked especially hard in keeping ASA up to minute in her debts. Vera is the decided "redhaired" girl in our sorority. Besides Vera everyone else is a brunette, so naturally we think lots of our Vera. Vera is also receiving her B.S. degree this Spring in Commerce. She is teaching inN. W. S. T. C. Commercial courses this winter and expects to teach a full course during summer school. We are planning on many other girls also attending this delightful convention-so here's wishing you lots of luck until Convention time. Frieda Shirley.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932