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WHY I WOULB LIKE TO GO TO CONVENTION I am . only a pledge and as yet know very little about the Alpha Sigs as a national group. However, I do know that the Rho Rho girls at Marshall are a lovely group and I would like to meet and really know other Alpha Sigs from different schools in other parts of the country. Think of the many girls one would meet and the friendships that would be formed if one went to the National Convention in Colorado. Much could be learned about ASA through prominent lecturers, round table discussions and the like. Consider also, the inspiration and the new ideas to be obtained from other groups, and of the help all this would be to one's own chapter. Of course, there will be teas, receptions, banquets and many other social functions to attend that would interest any girl. Then too, who wouldn't want to travel west, see the remarkable beauties 路of nature, the large cities, other colleges and universities and many other things of interest, especially if they have spent most of their life in West Virginia. . I think, for these reasons, if for no others, that the most ideal vacation any Alpha Sig could have would b~ to attend our National Convention. 路 Hilda O'Dell, PP.

MY IDEA OF THE ASA CONVENTION Everyone has childish dreams and mine were many. Among them was the desire 路to, travel. To travel and see the beautiful scenery, other than our own, to make new acquaintances, to move from my known environment into an entirely different realm, always held some sort of appealing mystery and a deep fascination for me. Interrupting these dreams came my college life and SOO!f I found myself joining a sorority. As I sat in pledge meeting listening to the chapter president telling us of the ASA convention to be held in Colorado, I thought "What a chance for me." A chance to have some of my dreams come true. Beautiful scenery, cities and many new friends and sisters

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932