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ner speeches from all the active members and we sang several of the sorority songs. Our house mother, Mrs. Vivian Richardson, chaperoned. Virginia Shewey. On Friday night, March 4, Rho Rho of Alpha Sigma Alpha entertained with a St. Patrick Bridge party. at the home of Virginia Jeffers. Green and gold were used in invitations, refreshments and in decoration. Bridge and dancing were enjoyed during the evening. Guests included fifteen rushees, Mrs. G. K. Jeffers, Mrs. Vivian Richardson, the house mother and the active members. Eloise Keller.

Through the Eyes of a Pledge "Well, Jerry, are you going to it?" asked Tony. "I'd really like to, myself, but I'm a little scared." "Yes, let's go, Tony. Let's see-you wear hat and gloves-oh Jyesyou take off one glove, don't you?" "Which one?" inquired Jerry. "Isn't it the right?" And thus the two freshmen began their life falteringly in the unknown world of sorority life. After the tea, the girls found that it really wasn't so bad after all. They only dropped their fork, spilled tea all over themselves, or stumbled over the Dean's foot, and none of those things were so terribly bad. "Gee! Aren't the girls lovely? Don't you like them? Wouldn't you love to join?"-and so on rambled the two girls. Time passes and we follow the girls farther on. In their dormitory room we again hear their conversation. "Aren't you scared and thrilled to death, Tony? I can hardly wait to get that ribbon. Won't you be proud to wear it?" "You bet," answered Jerry, "and to think, we'll soon be sorority girls." After the services that night the girls proudly walked home hand in hand, saying, "Wasn't that service pretty? And that song is darling. Let's see, it went like this, didn't it?" And she hummed the air of the Alpha Sig Sweetheart Song which the actives had been singing that evening. 路 "Didn't that quartet sound pretty? And that dinner was so delicious. It made me feel as if I had had a peek at New York and was dining with Joan Crawford or Clark Gable." And it was like this far into the night as the girls talked on about the sorority. Easter. And the pledges are all preparing to take their test and get their second degree and pledge pin. Jerry rushed in and cried out "Oh Tony, isn't it just too dear? The folks at home want me to take the sorority. Come on and let's go and tell-Why, what's the matter? ' "I'm so glad you can take it, but Dad is out of work and I'm afraid I can't," Tony answered, "I'm glad you can take it, tho."

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932