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one of the leading roles in the play "Craig's Wife" and is now working on a role in the play "The Wooden Kimona" to be given a't Kent College soon. On April 23 Omicron Omicron chapter held their first closed dance of the season in Moulton Hall. Every one had a wonderful time . . On May 23 this chapter is giving a dance for all the Greek Letter sororities and fraternities on the campus. This dance is to be held at Meadowview Country Club, which is nothing but an old barn remodeled into a clever dance hall and club house. Decorated with college pennants and echoing college songs, the old barn, we hope, will be the stage of a picturesque and entertaining dance.

PI PI CHAPTER NEWS Another sorority year has ended, and Pi Pi is again congratulating those favored individuals whom we have chosen as our leaders in helping us to "Aspire, Seek, Attain." May I introduce them to you: President, Vernabelle Barlett; Vice-President, Virginia Donnigan; Recording Secretary, Alice Gregor; Treasurer, Elizabeth Lynch; Chaplain, Velma Heist; Corresponding Secretary, Orcada Sinclair; Registrar, Shirley Stowell; Editor, Maxine Nelso.n; Panhellenic Representatives, Marjorie Moreland and Doris Palmer; Alumn:e Officer, Orcada Sinclair. Don't you wish you could know them? We expect that you will see Vernabelle at convention-she is our chapter delegate, and please don't call her anything but "Benny," or I'm afraid she'll be homesick. Of course, we're hoping that Benny may be accompanied by a goodly number of Pi Pi sisters, but good intentions and desires do not entirely compensate for the fact that Estes Park and Buffalo are far apart. At any rate, we can assure you of the fact that you will meet at least one more Pi Pi girl before the end of another year-Maxine Nelson, our new chapter editor. I am sure that Maxine's charming manner and personality will be reflected in her PHoENIX contributions, and you will thoroughly enjoy them. We are very happy to say that our own Miss Small is able to be with us again. We have missed her presence and leadership. The campus of State Teacher's College at Buffalo is brimming over with activity. To give you a bird's eye view of it all , I'll start with the Senior Ball, to be held on April 15, in the Hotel Statler Ballroom, with Jack Valentine's Orchestra (perhaps you've heard him in the "Lucky Strike" radio programs). Margaret Daly is chairman of chaperones. The thrilling event of the Senior Ball is to be the culmination of an all-clay program which, it is hoped, will set a new precident on our campus, namely, Senior Day. The day is to be appropriately started by an assembly program consisting of an original musical

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Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932  

Asa phoenix vol 18 no 4 may 1932