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Another aid to the active chapter is a gift to them of a "Big Sister". The "Big Sister" idea evolved from the earnest desire of the college chapter to have a closer relationship with the ex-collegia chapter. For this reason the "Big Sister" is chosen from the ex-collegia group by the girls in the college chapter. Naturally they choose someone they like very much, enjoy being with her, and above all, want her. The "Big Sister" to the college chapter is everything her name implies. She keeps in mind that the girls with whom she is to associate for the year constitute a group just a bit younger than herself. These girls have strong and reliable opinions of their own and are accustomed to meeting situations and working them out in their own way. It is through this medium only that they gain the experience that the "Big Sister", perhaps, already has. She, therefore, does not impede their progress or influence their decisions with unsolicited advice~ If the girls wish to turn to her for assistance, it should be given willing! y but never forced upon them. Any sorority is based upon an understanding friendship of the individuals who have pledged themselves as sisters. After four years of living as one family the tie binding them suddenly severs after graduation. It is here that the "big sister" serves the main purpose-that of bridging the gap from old to new friendships. Through her association with the college girls, she has a thorough sympathetic understanding of them. She is their ex-collegia friend and helps to make their entrance into the ex-collegia group easy. On this friendly basis the chapters are drawn more closely together. At the present time we are paying annual dues. This amount covers the cost of the monthly luncheons and part of the other expenses. The other necessary money we raise through enterprises. This year we have already held a bridge party at the Hotel Statler and a rummage sale, which are annual affairs. In addition, playing to t~e fad of the moment, we sponsored an indoor golf party. This proved very amusing as well as educational for some. We also have had a series of bridge parties at different members' homes, which have been profitable as well as enjoyable social occasions. Our life memberships are coming along very nicely. We

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931  

Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931