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Catherine Corbett Leak keeps house and goes on many trips with her husband who handles cases of bankruptcy in Iowa, Minnesota and the Dakotas. Anne Montgomery came to our city schools last fall. She is a member of the Kirksville chapter ( ?). Mildred Nishwonger is teaching her second year in our city schools. Hildegrade Browning Nissly takes care' of her house and husband and finds time for many outside activities and is always faithful to our group. . Perl Kugler Paterson now has an interesting addition to her cute house. It is Delores Mae born August 9, 1930 and now the proud possessor of two teeth. Bernice Samuelson continues her work at the Equitable of Iowa. Rita Walters Selvy is one of the office force of Royal Fire Ins. She and her husband were chaperones for the dance given by the pledges for the actives recently. Fae McClung Shawhan is acting head of the department of Zoology at Drake this year. Dorothy Sorenson is teaching a~ Linden, Iowa. Clare Wessinger keeps house and does some supply teaching in the city schools. 路 Leona Wilcox was chosen chairman by the group at the tea for our panhellenic project. Eula Fisher Arnold lives at 2709 Lincoln Way, Apt. A, Ames, Iowa. Her husband is on the faculty of Iowa State College and studying for his A. M. in Field Corps. Jeanette Fordyce is a student at the State University this year, preliminary to nurses路 training. Ethel McCormick Hansen lives at Racine, Wis. M. C. Jr. rates her as rool}10 mother. Gladys Horney Hunt with her husband and daughter Lilly Lou have been visiting the past few weeks at the home of her parents. Laurel Pascoe Miller lives in Boone, Iowa. Since her mother is there with her we do not see her as often as we wish. Grace Rundlette is teaching in Van Meter, Iowa. A number of our members have done some graduate work.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931  

Asa phoenix vol 17 no 3 mar 1931