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After the bridge scores were completed the pledges served tea and caks and the members and the guests chatted about school, vacations, and football games. After tea had been served the prizes were given out and the girls went home. A BEACH PARTY

A week later Xi Xi Chapter entertained the rushees with an informal party at Orrell Hester's beach home in Hermosa Beach. The party began about five o'clock in the evening and a few of the girls who arrived early went in swimming in the ocean. Later in the evening under the direction of Jean Adams we played a number of games and sang ASA songs . About ten thirty a cold supper was served and during supper the pledges entertained the guests with popular songs. After supper we sang the college hymn and the party broke up. OUR LAST RUSH PARTY

This was a theatre party. The feature was "The Q uarterback" and the college story was very appropriate for the party. During the show a novelty singing lesson was given the audience by the orchestra, and, since our chapter is lucky enough to have a number of girls with good voices we made quite a showing and received a great deal of applause. After the show the group divided and drove to Mildred Baker's home for refreshments. When the party broke up everyone decided the evening was young and that all of us should go to the Rally Dance given before the football game the next day but when we arrived at the scene of the dance it was all over so we had to go home. FORMAL INNITIATION

Initiation was held Monday evening the eleventh of October. Gertrude Peterson, Frances Rogers, Jean Adams, Mona Sachs, and Alma Einung were the initiates. Afterwards we had a party to welcome our new members into ASA. RIBBON PLEDGING

Monday evening, October 25th, we held Ribbon P ledging for our new girls . Six of the rushees took the pledge. Afterwards refreshments were served and ASA songs were sung.

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Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927  

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927