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At five o'clock on i\Ionday afternoon, September twenti eth. the girl s met at th e Administration Building, th en were conveyed in cars to Hatfi eld's Pa rk, west of Alva. i\I iss E leanor \iVycoff, of the Home Economi cs Department, was th e guest of honor. Before the girls left the cars, each was given a slip of pape;路 telling her to do some certain thing. F irst the president led the girls on a hi ke throug_h the park. W hen they returned, the delicious picnic supper was on the tables, and soon hungry girl s we re devouri ng sandwiches, baked beans, pickl es, potato salad, and lemonade. T he dessert consisted of two enormous watermelons, which the girls hailed with demonst rations of great joy. 1\ti iss Shockley and M iss Shattuck were hostesses to the girls, and we certainly appreciated thi s delightfully in fo rmal suppe r. GLEE CLUB

num ber of Alpha Sigs have gained membership in the girls' glee clu b. T hese girls are Eva Ames, Beul a Farrand, Loui se Glase r, A nna Cleveland , an d E ula Calli son. Anna Cleveland also plays in the college band. P REFE RENTI AL BI DDING

P referenti al bidding was used fo r the first time on the Northwestern campus thi s fall. Bids were given out on T hursday , October seventh, just befo re noon. lpha Sigma Alpha路 girls were deli ghted when they fo und that H elen Deal, Beatrice Craig, a nd :\label Chew had accepted invitations to become membe rs of Gamma Gamma chapter. Immediately following their acceptance of the bi ds, a delicious luncheon was served in the sorority room, a nd the pledge ribbons were placed on the g irls. T he lovely fl owers whi ch decorated the tables were no fairer than our new pledges, and all the girl s were radiant with JOy. F ANC Y WORK

T he next l\londay evening the girl s met in the so rority room with their fa ncy work. A Yery pleasant evening was pent, and when dainty refreshments were serv ed, the girls voted to have more meeting of the a me kind . Some of our o路irl s seem very anxious to complete th e fillin g of their hope chests.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927  

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927