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O ur ru sh party was most delightful. It was carried out in the form of a "Three Arts" dinner dance. Drawing, drama, and music were the arts represented. Green and gold, were the predominating colors. After the program the sorority girls and their guests gathered in a circle and sang sorority songs, with ukul ele accompaniment, after which they returned to the grotto for dancing. FOOTBALL

The footba ll team of Colorado State Teachers College played Denver University and we are glad to say that many Alpha Sigs went to Denver to support the team. A special train was used for the college students and we all had a grand time. \iVhat do you suppose added to the merriment of the occasion? Cow bells ' If you want pep and noise at a football game just buy some cow bells. This was a clever idea brought back from Iowa by the football squad, and the idea sure went over big. OUR MASCOT

Hurrah for Colorado State Teachers College! 'Ne have a mascot which is different: a great, wild, wooly bear by the name of \!Varden . He is a curi ous bear, and had not been in his new home very long before he decided to explore the city. One fine evening he escaped from his abode and frightened several town people before he was caught. This is one reason why we are o careful about our pledgees, for we would not wish any of them to be eaten by a big, black bear! M ildred Harmon is teaching primary and music at Lucerne, Colo. Marguerite Richmond is living at V ictor, Colo. Lenore Sandburg is teaching at N un, Colo. Esther Schillinger is at Haxtun, Colo., Virginia Shepherd at Steamboat Springs, R uth \IVood at Canon City, Colo., and Elizabeth White at Moreno, Colorado. Ka.tlz erin c Stewm'f.


Gamma Gamma returned the following girls this September: Eula Callison, Anna Cleveland, Beul a Farrand, Mi ldred Foster , Loui se Glaser, Ruth Hall, Selma Harzman, Ruth Morgan.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927  

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927