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at two tables with Ermine Smythe winning the guest pnze. R efreshments were served. A still more exciting event took place on Thursday evening when several members and rushees motored out to the Grim cabin west of Kirksville. The girls arrived at the cabin about six o'clock and immediately everyone got busy and prepared a huge campfire. A delicious picnic lunch was served. After this the girls went on a sight-seeing trip to the springs on the Collett farm and then viewed the Chariton River. On their return to the cabin, the girls sat around the campfire and sang songs. Beds had been arranged in the cabin, and after a night of more or le s sleep, the girls arose at five-thirty, enjoyed a campfire breakfast and returned to town in time for eight o'clock classes. In this clay and age of wonderful inventions, when a majority of us are buzzing around in automobiles, when most of us are plucking our entertainment from the air, and when no small numbers are looking clown from the clouds at the busy world below, it seems different to say the least, that we looked backward to the time of A rabian N ights for an evening's entertainment. But A laddin's wonderful lamp and wishing ring, and the magic carpet, accomplished much in our childhood clays, and bridged vast distances over land and sea. \iVhen on Saturday night the Alpha Sigs found it hard to decide which country, England, France, Italy, or Spain would offer the most attractive menu, it was suggested that we bring the old lamp out of the dark closet, brush it up, and attach it to the old white steamer, and see what would happen. Thus at seven o'clock, the girls boarded the steamer, Queen ASA, of the 路w hite Star Line, and were given a folder containing information regarding a tour of Europe and return, arranged by the Alpha Sigma Alphas exclusively for the intellectual elite, together with the itinerary. The first stop was made at the Murrello House, Seville, Spain, ( hom e of Natalie Murrell). Natalie and Dorothy Sens in Spanish costumes acted as hostesses. The g'i rls were served salpicon (cocktail ) of Malaga grapes and Seville oranges. vVe were able to view th e national spo rt of Spain, a bull fight, in miniature,. arranged on the center of the table. The wishing ring then transported the company to the Hotef de Ville, Paris, France, (the home of Lorna \ i\1 attenbarger) ~

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Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927  

Asa phoenix vol 12 no 2 jan 1927