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TRANSPORTATION Any member wishing information concerning transportation may obtain this information by writing to her section chief. Eas t of th e A ll egheny Mounta ins-Miss Ch ristina Little, 154 Circuit Rd. , W inthrop, Mass. Between the A llegheny Mts. and th e Miss iss ipp i River-Miss Grace F ultz, Rushville, O hi o. West of th e M ississ ippi Ri ver-Miss M innie 1. Shockl ey, 704 Church St. , Alva, O klahoma. Because of th e earl y date which thi s magazine had to go to press, it was impossible to obtain definit e informat ion . . If we have two hundred a nd fifty delegates, we shall get reduced r ailroad fa res.

Sightseeing Trips O n Saturday, Aug ust 28, sightseeing trips will be planned for all those wishing to stay over after the business sessions of Co nvention have closed. If you wish any furth er informati on co ncerning th ese kindl y write to M iss Shockl ey. EXHIBITS Do not fail to inspect the chap ter exhibits at Co nvention. Each chapter will have two mounts show ing pictures of th e memb ers in the chapter, campus views, chapter house pictu res, menus, programs, favo rs, etc., used at pa rti es . Then t here wi ll be college banners, yea r books, magaz ines, newspapers, etc.-all to ma ke you better acqua inted with Alpha Sigma Alpha chapters. Help your chapter make a splendid showing. SUGGESTION It is wise to r ead the back numbers of THE PHOENIX before you go to Conventi on. Then you will be acquainted with the chapters before you start, and will be able to converse more freely and intelligentl y with the delegates.

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926