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FROM FAR OFF CHINA (Marga ret Roberts, 8 8 , the author of thi s interesting letter, is teaching in a boarding school for Chinese g irl s supported by the Ameri can Church M ission. The school has about 230 g irl s, ranging f rom the seventh g rade through high school. Margaret writes that the institution consists of a large school bui lding, including dormitories, dining r oom, class r ooms, a gymnasium, small infirmary, a beautiful chapel, and a residence fo r the foreign facu lty. Margaret states that a few of her "hardships" are learning the Chinese language, teaching in an unheated building, and living outside the city gates, wh ich are closed and locked nightly at sunset. H oweve r, ju st think of the four servants she has to look after her wa nts !)

Saint H ilda's School, Wuchang, H upeh, China . March 2, 1926.

Dear A. S. A.'s: The fifteenth of the first month of the Chinese yea r is the Feast of the Lanterns which is celebrated in this part of the country with great gusto. Just as it begins to grow dark the people start marching around with paper lanterns and huge paper dragons which are made to go through all so rts of contortions as they a re carried by several men on bamboo poles. T hese dragons are really fascinating for they are so cleverly made of tis sue paper in all colors and are a t least ten feet high as they a re carried. Soon candles are lighted inside the dragon s and in the lanterns and as it grows dark they show up better than at first. Hundreds of candles are placed all over the fields and in th e little shrines . These are burned to propitiate the gods and ensure good crops, rain, etc. Later in the evening the dragons a re burn ed and the bonfires add to the beauty of the scene. From a hill nea r our school th e surrounding fields and clusters of hamlet s were simply dotted w ith dancing lights which mo ved to and fro as a small procession passed back and forth or a dragon played in grotesque fashion . Graduall y the lig hts began to die out for th e Chinese candles used by th e people a re only about two inches long. F ireworks and firecrackers were, of course, part of the fun for they are indispensable at all Chinese celeb rat ions. T he next day was unu sual for it had been chosen as being ausp icious for the fun eral of Hs iao Yao Nan, th e govern or of thi s province, Hupeh. The weather didn't agree with th e pries ts as

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 4 may 1926