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knocks a weak sorority. And the sophisticated freshman of today knows it. VI. Don't boast. If your sorority is strong it speaks for itself; it needs no extravagance of speech from its members. VII . Don't MisreP1'esent. For you are sure to be discovered, 路and imaginary achievements are no asset to your organization. VIII. Be Simple. Realize that college women should not encourage ostentation in entertaining and in chapter life. True culture is simple-whether the simplicity be of manner, of state, of speech. IX. Be Generous in Thought and Word . If your rival has achieved what is worth while, commendable, speak of it even to the rushee. X. Be B1'0adminded. For your sorority is not the only splendid organization on the campus . If you say so, you know clown in your heart that it isn't so. Love it in the way you should love it; but realize that it is but one of others. XI. Be a Good Loser . Try to say-"She is a wonderful freshman . She would have been a help to our chapter; naturally, she will be a help to the organization she has chosen. I'm glad." If you can say this you have gone a long, long way. XII. B e TVell Informed. Know your own sorority-then learn of others. The true sorority wori1an does not restrict her knowledge to the facts concerning her own order but acquaints herself with the various activities and achievements which characterize her sister organizations. XIII. Do Nat B e Afraid of the Lost Bid. Any chapter of any sorority that has never lost a bid is in such an inactive and sluggish condition that its very existence may be threatened. Wholesale competition is necessary for all of us; there is no gain where there has been no risk; there is no success where there are no obstacles. XIV. Pledge Yourself to B e Honorable. And in living up to this pledge sorority life becomes a beautiful and helpful thing; a rushing season proves a wholesome competition not a source of unfriendly relations and unkind actions.

-C1'esre11t of Gamnw Phi B eta.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926