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fraternity welfare a serious study. The colleges have spoken in no u nm istakable terms. Keeping a college degree constantly before the eyes of the member must be the work of the active chapters, aided by their alumni. Let it be preached to fr eshmen from the h our of their pledging. Let it be a fixed p rinciple-a tradition-of the chapter. To so determine the importance of graduating every member is to build toward a stronger alumni-and the strength of a fraternity is, to a very large degree, dependent upon the strength of the alumni.

--The Signw Phi Epsilon Journal.

AL UMN .lE CHAPTER TRADITIONS Do alumn<e chapters ever play? This one of Kappa Alpha Theta surely does. "What traditions does your alumnce chapter have? In its traditional events lies a chapter's individuali ty and a large part of its power to attract. There is a sort of arithmetical (or do I mean geometri cal ?) progression about the enjoyment of an event that is repeated year after year. The first year you enjoy it for itself; the next year you enjoy it and think how much fun it was the year before; and so you have a double dose. Now one of our traditions is the annual alumnce play, given for Alpha Upsilon, to show her that we are still ali ve if not in our right minds. The first play was given about fifteen years ago when we were merely locals, and the audience survived so well that it was decided to make it an annual event. T here are several features that all our plays must have. They must be written by us for the occasion; the plot, if any, must be built around a gift to be presented to the college chapter; and there must be nonsense, and nonsense, and nonsense. Until the last three years the plays were given in homes, but with the growth of our audience and enthusiasm we have taken to renting a hall. Last year we admitted mothers and sisters of Thetas-they had long been clamoring to see a Theta show-and we charged admission for the first time. This year we had a few more outsiders. vVe still have a gift for the chapter but the others must appease themselves.

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926