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our sponsor, is leaving Temple University, where she has been head of the Home Economics D epartment for over eight years, to take a position in Smith College, which is under the auspices of the Rockefeller Memorial Foundation. Her position will be fill ed by Miss Gertrude Peabody, a patroness of Alpha Sigma Alpha . We are very sorry to have Miss Beach leave us, but we do wish her the very best success in her new field. We a re happy to say that Catherine Blunt, one of our pledges has made the varsity squad in basketball. This is the first time that anyone other th an a physical education g irl has made the team. Cat herine is from the kindergarten department. She holds forward position. Ruth A. Na.ilor. LAMBDA LAMBDA CHAPTER

Social affairs in December opened with the Y. vV. C. A. Chri stmas Bazaar at which Alpha Sigma Alpha occupied a booth and sold novelty balloons in red and white. A clown pres ided at the booth. On Wednesday, December eighth, the Panhellenic banquet was held at the Neil House, which is our newest and most elaborate hotel in Columbus. Over seven hundred and fifty girls attended making an interesting a nd delightful gathering. On Monday, December fourt eenth; we had a little Christmas party at the house. I t took the form of an informal dance. One of the g irl s, costumed as a crystal gazer, answered questions which seemed to be troubling the sleep of a few Alpha S igs . The bright Christmas tree gave forth many g ifts which were not left for opening on Christmas morning. Perlina Albright was our guest for the evening. On Friday of the same week, the annual Y. W. Christmas play was g iven, and the usual sing around the outdoor, gaily lighted tree, took place. Elsie Schneider had one of the parts in th e play. Helen Snider and Henrietta Haas, members of the Glee Club, helped in th e broadcasting of the concert from Ohio State College. O ur college basketball games have been leaders so far , and the playing has been topnotch. January brought with {t an epidemic of colds and grippe

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926