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ETA ETA CHAPTER Eta Eta's Chri stmas party was held at th e home of M rs. J. A . Gibson, one of our patronesses. O f cour se, we had a Christma s tree beautifully deco rated and lighted. O ur program consisted of several violin numbers by Geraldin e 路w elty and Bernice Hansen accompanied by Laura Belle li es, the Christmas story read by Nellie Ross, presentation of the chapte r g ift by our president, Blanche Emery, acceptance by Nellie Amrein, an alumna, and exchange of gifts. The active members presented to Eta E ta a teapot, a valuable addition to the chapter's possession. A fter refr eshm ents we sang our so rority songs. The p ledges of Eta Eta chapter gave a party for the active m emb ers at the home of Helen Brandenburg on January twentyninth. Ardis Monroe was in charge a nd proved her self a very able leader. During the evening each g irl was g iven a small paraffin g um doll which she had to chew and then mold from it an animal. The result was a menagerie with enough animals left to supp ly two zoos. Next, the guests were g iven twenty beans and instructed to conver se, but not to use either the words " I " or "you" in their conversation. If th e rul e was broken a bean had to be forfeited. The winner, the one who had the most bea ns left , was Ma rga ret Flottman, and she was given an all day sucker for a prize . A fter several other games L aura Belle I sles gave a musical r ead ing and Bernice Hansen and Laura played a piano du et. O ne of our pledges, Irene Morris, was married to Mr. Clarence \tV ilson on January twenty-first. EstheT Leora Tlfl ilson .

THETA THETA CHAPTER Theta Theta's Chri stmas party this year was h eld at the sorority rooms on D ecember nineteenth. The Juniors were in charge of the entertainment and presented two very effective pantomimes, ending with "A Kiss in the Dark." This was a pretty one, fo r when the li ghts we re turned out, th e girl s with ukul ele accompaniment sang the so ng while they threw candy kisses to the rest of us. \ tVe th en sang our old familiar Christmas hymns, a nd finished with our candl e lighting service, when

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926