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a nd H a rvard, accepts th e place sin;1ply beca us e it offer s a n opportunity fo r publi c ser vice, of the sort with whi ch his n ame has al ways been a ssociated. H e is a man of en er gy and a ltruist ic inclina ti on a nd perfo rma nce. H e und er took in behalf of T empl e th e h a rd ta sk of r aising its perm anent end mv ment fund, of enl a rg ing it s hosp ita l, of procuring th e n ecess ary m oney for new buildings-all these efforts in conso nance with th e example of untiring devot ion set in th e car ee r of Dr. Conwell. Mr. Be ury r ecogni zes i1i th e work of T empl e U ni ver sity th e direct edu cati onal mini strati on to a g r eat many youn g people wh o, without th ose open doors on No rth B road street, mig ht mi ss the chan ce of a libera l edu cation. A new era begins w ith M r. Beury's occupa ncy of th e chief executi ve pos iti on; and hi s cha r ac ter, atta inment and years of genero us devo ti on to the cause of edu cati on ;tss ur e a futur e even b ri g hter and mor e fruitful th an the past has been.


路w hat does it mean to us to attend a convention ? It means a g reat deal of happiness-happ iness in meeting and getting acquainted with ou r offi cers a nd our sisters fr om other chapters ; pride in the priv ilege of associating with them day by day; inspirati on in th at love and enthusiasm tha t is found in convention ; tha nkfulness for the opportunity of showing in a small way some of the g reat joy tha t A S A has g iven to each of us. It is not th e mere matter of meetings-meetings onl y- teas, luncheons and p rogram s. It is more tha n the breathl ess humming and buzz ing-something far more vital. T here is the - looking into faces and deep into eyes of some -vvho a re r eticent, aloof, some who a re eager and fri endly. But in each th ere is th e comm on purpose and the comm on urge, shoulde r to shoulder, fri endship, comrades hip and sisterhood. I see it, you see it! It is th ere and it thrills a nd kindles, like th e r olling drum, the a rm y of us-our sisterh ood. vVe come, we meet, we g ath er and we sit down and r eason together. Something comes ove r us, gets us, g rips qs, holds us. It is that qui ckening sense of what Alp ha Sigma A lpha means, the hea rtening sense of 路what we a re and what A S A 's may become. It is L OVE-Love in action.

Minnie M . Sh ockley.

Profile for Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926