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At a meeting of the Board of Trustees on Friday afternoon, January 22, Charles Ezra Beury, a member of the Board sin ce 1913 and chairman of the finance, building, endowment fund and Samar itan Hospita l committees o f the corporation, was u nan imously elected President of Temple Univers ity, to succ路eed the late Doctor Russe ll H. Conwell, Founder and first President, who died on December 6, 1925. As Mr. Beury is known to endorse a ll of the late Doctor Conwell 's ideas in regard to Temp le whole-hearted ly, the acti on of the trustees in electing him is interpreted as a n endorsement of those ideas, and hence it is expected that the character and policies of the University will remain, in the main, un changed und er the new administration. Mr. Beury, like D octor Conwell, has a s incere and unwav路e ring belief that the principal function of Temple is to afford an opportunity for hi gher education to the thousands of young men and women who otherwise would be unable to obta in it, and who are willin g to work wi:th both mind and body to ach ieve their goal. Mr. Beury is the president of the Nat ion a l Bank of North Phi ladelphia and also the vice-president of the T ioga Trust Company and the Manheim Trust Company.' He is a director a nd officer of a number of coa l and other commercial compani es. Mr. B uery is a lawyer as well as a banker, hav ing practiced law in Ph il adelph ia until 1920. H e has been a trustee of Temp le U nivers ity s ince D ecember, 1913. Born in Shamokin, Pa., A ug ust 13, 1879, Mr. Beury was educated in the pub li c schools of that city. H e was g ra duated from the Shamokin High School in 1899. H e was g raduated with the degree of A. B. from Princeton University in 1903, and fr om the Ha r va r d Law Schoo l with the deg ree of LL.B. in 1906. He has been active in phi lanthrop ic and humanitarian work durin g and after the war, serv ing as a spec ia l commissioner to the Near East and going on a special mi ss ion to Russia in 1917 for the A meri can Reel Cross . He is a lso a trustee of the Welfare Federation and a member of the Board of Governors of the Phi la delphi a Forum . His act iviti es also include the duti es of vice -p res ident of the Ge rmantown Y . M. C. A., nationa l t reasurer of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew, overseer of the Philadelphia Divinity School, mem ber of the Execut ive Council of the Episcopal Diocese of P enn sy lvan ia and of its Finance a nd Executive Committees. Mr. Beury is marri ed and has four chi ldren, one son and th ree cia ughters. His residence is at 112 West Upsa l st reet, Germantown. Asked if he had any hobbies , Mr. Beury smil ed . "Temple University is my chief hobby," he sa id. "My favo rite form of recreat ion in the littl e spa re time I ha ve is golf." Cha rl es E. Beury seems the idea l selectio n for presidency of Temple Unive rs ity, vacated by the death of the founde r, Dr. Russe ll Conwe ll. Mr. Be ury, not a graduate of Temple though an a lumnus of Princeton

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Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926  

Asa phoenix vol 11 no 3 mar 1926