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Arz Kia Hai community is an initiative to bring Writers Shayar's and their Fans on the same platform to celebrate Writings and Aroma of today's Literature while letting them grow as a writer learning from each other. Come! let's travel this journey together and be a part of family of literature maniacs.

Arz Kia Hai Membership Benefits

1. Get feedbacks from people who can understand your expression of feelings, so that you can become good in the art as, you know there's no sort of any coaching on writing field. 2. Get exposure through various platforms of the community like social media, chapter meets, arz kia hai studio. We are very soon establishing our chapters in major cities of India and will be connecting writers from various sects, styles, languages, cultures and parts into mainstream. By exposure we clearly means the following: a) Selected creations by the members will be performed live b) Selected creation by the members will be recorded in the studio for feature on social media networks c) Members who will doing good will have opportunity to get them mentioned via our media partners i) Feature on Arz Kia hai Annual Issue ii) Feature on Radio ii) Feature on National Television iii) Feature Regional Newspapers d) We strongly believe in sustainability. One can only sustain something that is done out of passion or love if he/she can also get some money/credit out of it. You will be entitled to following remunerations based on your popularity on your own “Arz Kia hai” community platform: i) If you get 10k+ views on your video. You will be awarded 1k Indian rupees in credit ii) If you get 50k+ views on your video. You will be awarded 5k Indian rupees in credit iii) If you get 1lac+ views on your video. You will be awarded 10k Indian rupees in credit iv) If you get 5lac+ views on your video. You will be awarded 20k Indian rupees in credit v) If you get 1m+ views on your video. You will be awarded 50k Indian rupees in credit 3. As a member of the community, you will entitled minimum 50% discount on following entities of “Arz Kia hai”: a) Arz Kia Hai Meetups (anywhere in the nation) b) Arz Kia Hai Annual Issue c) Advertising and launching your book/artwork on our platforms d) Pass for Arz kia hai Nationwide fest and Annual Meetup


Free access to Online platform including sessions and notes from our bigwigs on

“various aspects about writing� and all other stuff which will be unavailable for other people 5. Be friends with writers in your area and meet fellow members of the family as you travel and know about different cultures, traditions and people better. So that these experiences can reflect in your creations

Note: All members will be entitled to above benefits without any discrimination on grounds of sex, religion, gender and other forms of bias. However opportunities for you will increase as strong is your content and bond you develop with writers of the family. If you want to know more about us, visit: If you still have queries, write to us at:

Regards Utkarsh Garg Convener, Arz Kia Hai +91-8982222356

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Membership benefits arz kia hai docx (1)