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AΦ Parents  Newsletter  

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AΦ Parent Newsletter Alpha Phi   2626  University  Ave   Grand  Forks,  ND  58203­‐phi/   Facebook:  UND  –  Alpha  Phi  Pi  Chapter   Twitter:  @AlphaPhiPiChap  

Vol. 1,  April  2014  

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Welcome Greek  Awards  


Cardiac Care  Week   UND  Philanthropy  



Meet Your  Exec   Sisters  on  Spring  Break   Mark  Your  Calendars  

Welcome  to  our  first  Parent  Newsletter!  I  am  excited  to   serve  as  the  Alpha  Phi  Pi  Chapter’s  first  Director  of  Parent   Relations  for  the  2014  term.  Your  daughters’  dedication  to  our   core  values;  scholarship,  sisterhood,  service,  loyalty,  leadership,   and  character  development,  is  truly  impeccable.    I  hope  that   through  this  newsletter,  I  am  able  to  highlight  the  many   accomplishments  of  my  sisters,  and  give  our  parents  an  inside   look  at  the  wonderful  women  you  have  raised!  If  you  have  any   questions  or  concerns  you  can  contact  me  at                                -­‐  Taylor  Nelson,  Director  of  Parent  Relations  

Greek Awards -­‐ Chapter  Excellence  Award  Spring  2013  and  

-­‐ Outstanding  Greek  Senior,  Allie  

Fall 2014  


-­‐ Outstanding  Chapter  Award  

-­‐ Excellence  in  Chapter  Accountability  

-­‐ Outstanding  Alumni  Award  



AΦ Parent  Newsletter  

April 2014  

Cardiac Care Week – Boot Hockey Tournament In  1995,  Alpha  Phi  was  one  of  the  very  first  fraternities  to  establish  a  Foundation,  the   Alpha  Phi  Foundation,  which  is  dedicated  to  improving  women’s  hearth  health.    It  is  well  known   internationally  as  a  philanthropic  leader  of  the  entire  Greek  community,  with  our  chapters   raising  over  a  million  dollars  each  year.    Individual  chapters  are  also  encouraged  to  develop  a   relationship  with  a  local  cardiac  care  facility  in  their  community.  Here  in  Grand  Forks,  the  Alpha   Phi  Pi  Chapter  raises  thousands  of  dollars  annually  to  support  the  Altru  Cardiac  Unit.         This  February,  which  we  promote  as  Cardiac  Care  Month,  we  hosted  our  annual  Boot   Hockey  tournament.    This  tournament  allowed  the  entire  Greek  community  to  get  involved  and   we  raised  over  $1,000.  Spectators  joined  us  as  well  and  bundled  up  with  their  hot  chocolate,   labeled  with  healthy  heart  facts!  Each  fraternity  entered  one  or  more  teams  to  compete  against   each  other  for  the  prize  of  $100  to  donate  to  their  own  philanthropy,  and  Sigma  Chi  gained  the   champion  title!    

Supporting Greek Philanthropy This past  semester,  Alpha  Phi  has  been  actively  involved  in  supporting  the   Greek  community!  The  ladies  of  Pi  Beta  Phi  held  a  pancake  feed  to  support  creating   a  more  literate  and  productive  society  through  Read  >  Lead  >  Achieve,  Delta  Gamma   hosted  their  annual  Anchor  Splash,  a  synchronized  swimming  event,  to  raise  money   and  awareness  for  the  blind,  and  Alpha  Chi  Omega  raised  money  by  selling  root  beer   floats  to  donate  to  the  Grand  Forks  Community  Violence  Intervention  Center.  We   were  lucky  enough  to  attend  philanthropies  hosted  by  fraternities  as  well!  Alpha  Phi   won  Sigma  Phi  Epsilon’s  basketball  tournament  and  Pi  Kappa  Alpha’s  Pike  Spike.    We   also  had  a  lot  of  fun  supporting  sister  Hannah  at  the  Delta  Upsilon’s  Dream  Girl   competition  and  Quesadilla  feed  as  well  as  sister  Brooke  at  Lamda  Chi  Alpha’s  White   Rose  Girl  and  carnival.  Both  girls  did  a  fantastic  job  representing  Alpha  Phi!  We’ve   had  a  blast  this  semester  and  always  love  to  support  the  many  local  and   international  philanthropies  hosted  by  the  UND  Greeks!  

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AΦ Parent  Newsletter  

Throw What You Know!

April 2014  

Meet the Executive Council Meghan Warbis  –  President   “My  name  is  Meghan  Warbis  and  I  am  a  junior  from  Washington  State.  I  am   double  majoring  in  Kinesiology  and  Communications  with  an  emphasis  in  Public   Relations.  I  am  currently  the  President  of  Alpha  Phi-­‐Pi  Chapter  here  at  UND.   Basically  I  oversee  all  internal  and  external  affairs  of  our  chapter.  I  have  an   amazing  executive  board  that  I  work  with  daily  to  keep  all  aspects  of  our   organization  running  smoothly.  I  am  an  ambassador  for  Alpha  Phi  so  it  is  really   important  to  me  that  I  am  representing  each  individual  member,  and  that  I  am   representing  them  well.  My  main  goal  during  my  term  is  to  make  sure  everyone   has  the  best  possible  experience  in  Alpha  Phi.  I  am  very  lucky  to  represent  such   an  amazing  organization.”      

Devon Schuster  –  VP  Risk  Management   “Hi,  my  name  is  Devon.  I  am  a  junior  in  my  third  semester  of  the  nursing   program.  My  position  oversees  the  general  safety  of  our  members.  At  the  end  of   the  day  my  job  is  to  make  sure  that  everyone  is  safe,  is  following  Alpha  Phi’s   rules,  and  adhering  to  our  standards.  It’s  an  honor  to  serve  this  wonderful  group   of  girls  as  their  VPRM  and  I  am  proud  of  them  every  single  day!”      

Alpha Phi sisters on Spring Break 2014

Whitney Page  –  VP  Chapter  Operations   “My  name  is  Whitney  Page  and  I  am  a  sophomore  in  the  Petroleum  Engineering   program  at  UND.  I  am  currently  serving  as  the  Vice  President  of  Chapter   Operations,  which  includes  overseeing  house  affairs,  chairing  the  By-­‐laws   Committee,  attending  House  Corporation  Board  meetings,  and  coordinating   busboys.  My  goal  is  to  keep  open  communication  between  all  working  parties  of   our  chapter  and  to  ensure  the  house  is  our  home  away  from  home.  In  addition   to  my  involvement  in  Alpha  Phi,  I  am  also  active  in  the  Society  of  Petroleum   Engineers,  Dakota  Venture  Group,  and  Tau  Beta  Pi.     Hailey  Schminke  –  VP  Programming  and  Education   “Hi!  My  name  is  Hailey  and  I  am  a  sophomore  majoring  in  Dietetics  with  a  minor   in  Psychology.  I  am  currently  the  Vice  President  of  Programming  and  Education.   As  VPPE,  it  is  my  job  to  oversee  our  chapter’s  rituals  and  programming.  I  put  on   programs  for  the  chapter  that  help  our  sisters  develop  into  well  rounded   women,  while  also  overseeing  our  scholarship  chair.  I  have  a  strong  passion  for   Alpha  Phi  ceremonies  and  hold  our  values  near  and  dear  to  my  heart.  One  goal  I   have  had  for  our  chapter  this  year  is  to  help  everybody  really  understand  the   meaning  behind  our  rituals  and  how  we  can  live  out  our  values  every  day!”  

AΦ Parent  Newsletter  

Continued… Courtney Rowan  –  VP  Campus  Affairs   “My  name  is  Courtney.  I  am  a  Communication  Sciences  and  Disorders  major   with  a  minor  in  Psychology.  I  am  currently  a  Sophomore  and  involved  in  Phi   Eta  Sigma,  Order  of  Omega,  Gamma  Sigma  Alpha,  National  Student  Speech   Hearing  Association,  Mortar  Board,  and  Intramural  Soccer!  As  the  Vice   President  of  Campus  Affairs  I  hope  to  accomplish  meaningful  volunteer   events  and  encourage  supporting  all  Greek  philanthropies  on  our  campus.”     Kelly  Nizzari  –  VP  Membership  Recruitment   “My  name  is  Kelly  Nizzari  and  I  am  the  Vice  President  of  Membership   Recruitment.  I  am  currently  a  sophomore  majoring  in  Criminal  Justice  and   minoring  in  Psychology  and  Sociology,  and  am  involved  with  the  Criminal   Justice  Association.  With  my  position,  it  is  my  duty  to  educate  all  members   on  the  recruitment  process  used  during  our  recruitment  weekend  that  takes   place  in  September.  During  recruitment  we  meet  hundreds  of  girls  that,  at   the  end  of  the  weekend,  could  become  members  of  Alpha  Phi  Pi  Chapter.  It   is  my  goal  to  plan  and  execute  a  successful  recruitment  in  which  we   welcome  great  new  members,  like  your  daughters.”     Emily  Hancock  –  VP  Marketing   “Hello  parents!  My  name  is  Emily  Hancock  and  I  am  currently  serving  as   Alpha  Phi's  Vice  President  of  Marketing  (VPM).  I  am  sophomore   communication  major  with  and  emphasis  in  public  relations.  I  am  also  a   marketing  associate  on  The  University  Programming  Council  at  UND,  which   organizes  on  campus  events  for  students  to  attend  throughout  the  year.  As   VPM,  I  post  on  all  the  social  media  pages  that  we  have  among  other  fun   things  as  well.  I  am  very  grateful  to  have  this  opportunity  and  I  hope  that   though  this  position  I  can  show  the  community  all  the  wonderful  things  that   Alpha  Phi  is  doing.”     Skyler  Moderow  –  Director  of  Administration   “My  name  is  Skyler  Moderow  and  my  major  is  Biology/Pre-­‐Dental  with  a   minor  in  Chemistry.  My  position  deals  with  the  behind  the  scenes  work  like   completing  reports  and  maintaining  the  chapter’s  by  laws.  A  big  part  of  my   job  deals  with  the  elections  process.  One  of  my  goals  this  year  is  to  have  a   successful  elections  process  in  the  upcoming  fall  semester.”  

April 2014  

Fun at the Quad!

We had so much fun at our Kentucky Derby themed quad with Kappa Alpha Theta, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Phi Delta Theta!

AΦ Parents  Newsletter  

April 2014  

Mark Your Calendars! Bordeaux Ball:   April  26th,  2014   We  are  excited  to  have  you  all  here  for  our  annual  parents  forma!!  Please   contact  Emily  Punt  if  you  are  interested  in  donating  an  item  for  our  silent   auction.    All  proceeds  will  be  donated  to  the  Alpha  Phi  Foundation  to   benefit  cardiac  care.  Your  Alpha  Phi  has  been  updated  on  all  the   information  for  the  evening’s  plans  but  you  may  also  contact  her  with  any   questions  you  may  have  at  605-­‐228-­‐8538  or  

Dad’s Day:   June  21st,  2014   Attention  Aphi  Dads!  We  will  be  having  our  first  Dad’s  Day  Event  this   upcoming  summer.    Dads,  stepdads,  grandpas,  uncles,  and  brothers   are  all  welcome  to  join  us  for  the  Twins  vs.  White  Sox  game.    We  will   be  purchasing  the  tickets  at  a  group  rate  and  there  will  be  a  group   dinner  following  the  game.  More  details  to  come!    

Parent Newsletter - April 2014  
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