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Winter; a time for mistletoes, hot chocolate and candy canes. A time for family gatherings and gifts galore! Sometimes we take for granted the things we have. What about those that only have what they need? Or maybe not even enough. Here are some tips that can help you spread the winter spirit to neighbors that may not see the joy in the winter times:


Visit your local homeless shelter (Check for holiday dinners).


Donate to a charity (i.e. St. Jude, Ronald McDonald House, etc.).


Spend time at a nearby convalescent home.


Join carolers to spread joy to your neighborhood!

All it takes is a little bit of your time, but the little actions go a long way. Whether you make donations or simply make holiday cards for hospital patients, people love to see that they are cared for. Giving back to the community, not only during the holidays, is a great way to show your generous and humble personality. By spreading the winter spirit to neighbors, family, friends, or complete strangers, we subconsciously increase our happiness. Don’t you want to be happy? So, this winter season spread the love, joy, compassion, knowledge and encouragement. SPREAD THE WINTER SPIRIT!

Picture taken: Colorado Springs, CO

eeling homesick is a feeling many people experience. Especially when it comes close to the holidays. Being my third year away from home, being homesick is something I’ve become very familiar with. I was born in beautiful Denver, Colorado and also granted the opportunity to go to school at the University Of Arizona. I have been able to experience two different states and growing a life in both places. Something that I have learned about being away from immediate family is that your heart learns to adapt. It learns to love and be loved by people you lease expect it from. Blessed with the best is an understatement. When I joined Alpha Phi Gamma I never expected to receive the amount I love I get day in and day out. They say a house is just a house, it’s not until there is love when it becomes a home. Being away from my friends and family in Colorado I struggled for a long time to find a home here in Tucson. With a little work and faith I was able to find a group of girls to help me officially make Tucson a place to call my home. I have learned to let myself become vulnerably with the possibility of long-term friends and life-long love. I am thankful everyday for the people in my life that make me feel like I’m at home. Here’s to many other amazing relationships in life and of course a Happy Holidays to all!


Home is wherever I’m with you... By Melanie Yun

Shout out to the best Little!

Shoutout to Delta Chapter!

San Diego State University October 22nd marked our first national philanthropy ‘APhiG Strides’ along with all our sisters across the nation. This month is domestic violence awareness month, so it was the perfect time to hold this event. I think that our tabling for ‘APhiG Strides’ was a success for the first time having it. We were able to get a lot of students and passer byers to actually check out our table and make a pledge against domestic violence by signing a paper heart and writing a positive message on it like “Love shouldn’t hurt” or “Refuse abuse”. What made me the most proud of this event is that we were able to get Alpha Phi Gamma’s name out there on campus and what we stand for, which is important to me because it shows that Greek life has so much more meaning than what people may perceive. Since it is Halloween season, I made little candy grams with facts on them about domestic violence to pass out along with purple ribbons. We also accepted donations for the San Diego Domestic Violence Council; we were able to raise about 20 dollars. Overall, I think this philanthropy event was a success! California State Polytechnic University, Pomona Alpha Chapter participated in the Clothesline project in conjunction with APhiG Strides.

University of Nevada, Reno. During the month of October, Kappa Chapter has worked diligently to promote Domestic Violence Awareness throughout the University of Nevada, Reno campus. Our first event was Clothesline Project where Sisters and students came together to decorate T-shirts expressing their thoughts against domestic violence. The T-shirts were hung in our student union for two weeks to support the cause. APhiG Stride was another main event where Sisters handed out lollipops with facts about domestic violence. There were a total of 300 lollipops given away. Aside from spreading domestic violence awareness, Kappa Chapter held our second annual local philanthropy, Extra – Life which is a 12 hours gaming marathon funded through donations and sponsorships and all the proceeds went to our local Renown Children’s Hospital. Our goal was $1,500 and we exceeded our goal raising approximately $1,700! Thank you to all the Sisters that made a donation and good job to all the Sisters who participated and made this event successful! DePaul University. For APhiG Strides, the Sisters of Epsilon Chapter rode Divvy Bikes, a bike sharing system, around the Lincoln Park area of Chicago and attached domestic violence statistics to all the bike stations to spread awareness. We met up at DePaul's student center to research statistics together and wrote them on sheets of paper that would be later taped onto the bike. The information we learned will not be forgotten and we hope we were able to get the message out. Michigan State University. Zeta Chapter successfully executed our National Philanthropy. Our National Philanthropy this year includes two parts. The first part was where we volunteered for our Independent Greek Council’s 5K Run/Walk and the second part was the Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Workshop that we connected to Domestic Violence towards women. Basically, for the first part, we volunteered to set up, cheered people who attended the event and cleaned the site after the event. For the SARV Workshop, we believe that it was successful because of our very own Brenda Duong, who is now a SARV Peer Educator at Michigan State University. Overall, we took a lot of pictures and we had fun. And most of all, we learned a lot of important facts from Brenda Duong about Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence like resources on campus, scenarios and how to respond to certain type of sexual assault and violence. We learned that blaming the victim won’t solve the problem and won’t help him/her overcome his/her situation. The best thing a friend/sister/family member/acquaintance can do is to say the following: I support you, I believe you and it’s not your fault.


University of Missouri. The idea of APhiG strides was something that our chapter really wanted to succeed. However, due to short notice, we were unable to obtain permission to create a walk around campus. This is something we would love to have again for either next semester or next year, and we would like to be able to actually march for the fight against violence towards women. This year, for APhiG strides, we were still able to succeed in spreading awareness. By holding an information table at our MU Student Center, we were able to pass out information fact sheets and candy. Each fact sheet held one statistic or general fact about domestic violence towards women, including our National and Local Domestic Violence Hotlines, The candy that was passed out were Hershey’s Kisses. The original idea behind the candy was an idea involving kisses and jawbreakers. Jennifer and Angie created catch phrases to say during the event, including “Don’t be a jawbreaker” and “Instead, give your miss a kiss.” I definitely believe that we succeeded in spreading awareness of domestic violence toward women on our campus and our whole chapter participated in this event. University of Illinois at Chicago. On October 19, 2013 the Sisters of Alpha Phi Gamma went around campus with an enveloped filled with goodies: purple ribbon pin, candy, and a fact about domestic violence. We walked over a mile to stop people to bring more awareness around our community. Many people who we have ran into were not aware of Domestic Violence Awareness Month (only 3 people knew!) and agreed to support the cause by wearing the ribbon pin. Some people were happy and thankful to learn more about Domestic Violence and to see us bringing out more awareness. Although we didn’t have any outside people from our sorority to join in our walk it was a pretty successful event! Colorado State University. The fall semester of 2013 has been very busy for Theta Chapter regarding philanthropy. By halfway through the semester we already had 3 philanthropy’s done, plus one more to do for November! The first philanthropy we participated in was Cans Around the Oval, which is a University and citywide food drive that CSU puts on every fall. Theta Chapter helped with CANstruction and Can Collection Day. During CANstruction we joined other Greek organizations in having fun with the food drive and building different structures out of cans we donated. Can Collection Day we helped weigh and package cans to be shipped off for donation. We have also organized and participated in APhiG Strides, which is a walk for the prevention of domestic violence. We made encouraging signs, provided food and water with different domestic violence facts, and raised 60 dollars to donate to Crossroads Safe-house. It was a very successful event and we look forward to doing it next year. Finally, we will be participating in Fall Clean up in November by going to our local neighbor’s homes and raking leaves for them! This semester has been busy, but it is great to know we made a difference in our community.


University of Arizona It's that time of the year again where the sisters of APhiG fight back against domestic violence! Each chapter usually throws their own little gig by either doing awareness projects that raise awareness about the realities of abusive relationships and/or raise funds for local charities that house abused victims. This year though, nation wide the philanthropy chairs decided to do APhiG Strides, which is similar to "Walk a Mile in her Shoes." Delta Chapter decided to walk at night on our "mall," thus we had a banner and purple glow sticks! The brothers of Pi Alpha Phi and the gentlemen of Phi Delts decided to walk with us! The challenge that we faced was the fact that there wasn't a big audience because it was at night. But I'm still proud of my Chapter and for them to walk a mile with a smile and with good intentions! Lastly, it was very encouraging and rewarding to have multiple people approach me after APhiG strides and ask how it went and to let us know that we are promoting a great cause. This is my first year serving on National Board and being able to see all the schools shed light about domestic violence awareness at their schools has been very rewarding. To see outsiders provide positive feedbacks to our schools indicate that APhiG as a whole is making some noise on campuses across the nation. Most importantly, I believe that as an entire organization, we are being more proactive in regards to our national philanthropy and showing our schools, local Greek life and communities what Alpha Phi Gamma is all about. I cannot be more proud of all the Chapters/Colony philanthropy chairs for their hard work and dedication thus far! – National Board Philanthropy


After living in Sacramento for almost two years, this was my first Women Take Back the Night event here. Honestly, it was not as big as I thought it would be but it wasn't small either. Hundreds of people went through the resource fair, performances, and shared their stories. We ended the night with a rally through Midtown chanting down the street. Although I was one of many, I felt like I was spreading the word as some people would watch us pass and wonder what we were doing while others would stand and applaud our cause. – National Board Vice President

On October 20th, 2013. Leizell Seligbon from Iota Chapter, Blair Cabradilla from Theta Chapter and Caitlin (Insert last name for me) from Alpha Chapter participate in the Nike’s Women’s half marathon, who is a sponsor for the Team In Training program. This program has been a foundation for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society and has partnered with Nike since 2002.

UIC and National Board Expansion Chair, Hyzel Futotana after the 5k walk/run against domestic violence. UIC, DePaul, NIU, Christina Carpio, Michele Song, and National Board Expansion Chair, Hyzel Futotana after the 5k walk/run against domestic violence. DECEMBER 2013 FYI 9

FYI December 2013  

FYI December 2013 edition. Featuring APhiG Strides.