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/ 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

CONTENTS / 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Karen McChesney Howe (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin Stout), Chair Mary Beth Cooleen Tully (Epsilon Psi-Lehigh), Vice Chair Nancy Salisbury Trillo (Beta Delta-UCLA), Treasurer Colleen Sirhal (Theta-Michigan), Secretary Gretchen Wilson Alarcon (Kappa-Stanford)



Kim Brown Brannon (Gamma Rho-Penn State)



Jenny Concepcion Hansen (Beta Pi-USC) Jean Creamer Hodges (Rho-Ohio State)


Coree Christine Smith (Epsilon Theta-Northern Iowa) Deana Koonsman Gage (Gamma Iota-Texas Tech), Ex-Officio, Alpha Phi Fraternity International President






Michelle Hektor, Executive Director Ray Levy, Controller Crista Cate Vasina (Delta Gamma-Northern Colorado), Major Gifts Officer Anne McMurray Wolfcale (Beta-Northwestern), Major Gifts Officer Jini Valence (Beta Pi-Whitman), Development & Stewardship Coordinator Deana Kaplan, Director of Marketing & Communications Meagan Spellman (Alpha Lambda-Alumna Initiate), Program Manager Angela Accurso, Events & Giving Coordinator Bridgett Konradi (Zeta Delta-Iowa State), Office Coordinator


/ 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

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Day of Giving


An extra day to #BeSisterGood

Stories and Updates Hear from your sisters

Financial Data

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Donor Lists

Recognizing those who give

Donor Lists in this report reflect current member status and recognize donors for gifts received between July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. Cover Photo Credit Stephanie Mueller (Omicron-Missouri).

Letter from the Foundation

DEAR SISTERS AND FRIENDS, As we complete the celebration of 60 years of Alpha Phi Foundation, we’re excited to reflect on the accomplishments you’ve made possible, and to continue to set aspirational goals for the future. Alpha Phi Foundation made history on April 15, 1956 when it received its non-profit designation and Alpha Phi became one of the first women’s fraternities to establish a foundation. Today, we have a nine-member Board of Directors, an Executive Director and a staff dedicated to taking us to new heights. Your support this fiscal year presented us the opportunity to invest in new technology that assisted 20 pilot chapters in electronically managing their Red Dress Events with a customized website that allowed participants to purchase tickets and make donations in one site. We plan to continue to roll out this program to additional chapters in the next year so that all of our collegiate members can create a wonderful experience for their guests. Just this year, your gifts awarded scholarships to 68 outstanding Alpha Phis, funded four leadership programs led by Alpha Phi International Fraternity, ensured 91 members facing financial crises knew they were not forgotten and furthered our support of women’s heart health initiatives. The impact you’ve made through your investment in the Foundation is amazing, and it doesn’t stop here. There are increasing opportunities as our membership continues to grow each year through larger annual recruitment classes and schools open for extension. This energy inspires the Board to make plans that ensure the future of our sisterhood. We thank you for your continued support of YOUR Foundation and hope you enjoy reading the stories of women who have benefited from your generosity. Loyally,

Karen McChesney Howe (Gamma Sigma-Wisconsin Stout) Alpha Phi Foundation Board Chair

Michelle Hektor Executive Director



Prize Winner Update

February 29, 2016 (Leap Day!) marked a historic day for Alpha Phi as Alpha Phi Foundation hosted its first-ever Day of Giving! Alpha Phi sisters, family and friends made the most of the extra 24 hours by being Sistergood – putting their philanthropy in action to support Alpha Phis around the globe. From making contributions to rallying sisters on social media, more than 1,500 donors contributed to the Foundation’s success. When the dust settled at midnight, sisters, family and friends gave $165,682 through 1,657 gifts to make Alpha Phi’s Day of Giving one for the record books!

On September 24th, members from Xi (Toronto) embarked upon a sisterhood retreat with the purpose of engaging in leadership training and integrating their fall new member class. They took a bus to a pumpkin patch outside of Toronto and participated in various leadership and team-building activities. Throughout the course of the day, sisters learned valuable leadership skills including communication, perseverance and critical thinking.

“As women, we often have the habit of downplaying our successes, so it was important for us to work on building each other up and celebrating our accomplishments. We continually look towards the future, sometimes without celebrating how far we have come - so spending this bonding time with our sisters, while learning about each other’s leadership styles was crucial. We came home as a stronger sisterhood, stronger leaders, and most importantly - stronger women. We extend a huge thank you to Alpha Phi Foundation, for giving us the opportunity to become the best versions of ourselves.” – Stephanie Bianco (Xi-Toronto) Clara’s Circle Leadership Council Member

Total Alumnae Donors:

Total Collegiate Donors:

Total Family & Friends Donors:

Average Gift:

Foundation/Fraternity Staff Giving:

Collegiate Volunteers:







Ten collegiate chapters took home a $1,000 prize to enhance their academic, leadership or service programming during 2016. THANK YOU to all who took a leap for Alpha Phi by helping sisters become the scholars, leaders and women they strive to be!


/ 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

Recipient Story


There are no words to express my gratitude for the generous grant given to me by Alpha Phi Foundation when my father suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. When he passed, my family had so many emotions and questions. Throughout all of the confusion, heartbreak, anger, sadness and worry, it was comforting to know the Fraternity I love was, and continues to be, there for me. My chapter, Epsilon Delta, was undoubtedly the only reason I was able to finish the last two weeks of the semester following his death. These extraordinary women stayed up with me to study for finals, cooked meals for me to make sure I was eating, stayed with me so I would never be alone, and made sure I had someone to talk to when I was ready.

“Alpha Phi is so much more to me than the money I received.”

Forget Me Not

GRANT IMPACT $109,250 granted

in fiscal year 2016

Alpha Phi is so much more to me than the money I received. I’ll always remember the emotional, physical and financial comfort Alpha Phi has provided me. Sisters near and far gave me motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other. With their support, I finished my fall semester with the highest GPA I have received thus far in my college career. With the tuition money provided to me by the Foundation, I will continue to strive to achieve my academic goals. This grant has provided me hope and encouragement to continue on in my studies and be the best collegiate member I can be. I am forever grateful for this fraternity.

91 recipients 63 collegians 28 alumnae

Forget Me Not Grants started as a


stipend in 1979

Grants now range from

$500 to $2,500

Recipient Story

HEART TO HEART GRANT DR. DEFILIPPIS University of Louisville cardiologist Andrew DeFilippis, M.D., M.Sc., will use the Foundation’s $100,000 2016 Heart to Heart Grant to determine whether the presence of certain lipids in the bloodstream can be used to pinpoint women at risk for having a heart attack. To test this theory, DeFilippis and his research team at the University of Louisville’s Institute of Molecular Cardiology will evaluate blood samples and data collected in the NIH-funded Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) trial, a multi-center prospective study of cardiovascular disease involving 6,814 men and women in six cities in the United States. DeFilippis plans to evaluate the blood samples and data to determine whether oxidized phospholipids (OxPL) can be used as a biomarker in predicting heart disease.

More than $950,000 awarded to date through Heart to Heart Grant!



Fundraising: 25%

Collegians: 2%

Programs: 61%

Estates: 1% Parents: 14% Alumnae: 16% Friends of Alpha Phi: 15%


Collegiate Chapters: 52% / 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

The efforts associated with understanding a novel biomarker can cost millions and take decades to introduce to clinical practice. With this grant from Alpha Phi Foundation, we can take advantage of the wealth of data in the MESA study and test this promising biomarker with much less expenditure of funds and time. – Dr. Andrew DeFilippis



HazingPrevention.Org is a national organization dedicated to its mission to empower people to prevent hazing in college and in university student groups. They provide education, develop resources and build partnerships with others who believe in the work they do.

The Institute provided freshmen and sophomore collegiate leaders the opportunity to clarify, articulate and apply the values of leadership, service, sisterhood, loyalty, scholarship and character to learn to lead with authenticity, integrity and confidence. Attendees practiced leadership skills so they may serve as effective students, leaders and citizens within their communities, and learned the importance of building a strong community of support for themselves, as well as creating a team committed to common goals.

Through this sponsorship, Alpha Phi Fraternity members have access to: • Educational materials and tools to empower collegiate members to promote hazing prevention on their campuses on a year-round basis. • HazingPrevention.Org logo and banner for use on Alpha Phi Fraternity website. • Recognition in annual report and on social media channels.

CHAPTER LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: $11,572 The Chapter Leadership Development program provides leadership, scholarship and networking components for on-going development of the participants. Through the Leadership Online programming series, leadership conference materials, member online resources, community service materials and networking panels, members have access to the materials needed to make a difference on their campuses and in their communities.

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONSULTANTS: $247,283 The Educational Leadership Consultants (ELCs) visit campuses to facilitate discussions and workshops for Alpha Phi’s collegiate membership on the topics of scholarship, philanthropy, educational programming, leadership and personal development.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS: $5,000 This comprehensive Academic Success Program provided educational modules designed to assist collegiate members in setting and attaining academic success regardless of major or field of study. The program is designed to help members that are in danger of being placed on academic probation as well as assisting academically successful members with setting goals for beyond graduation. The weekend program brought together a wide variety of women who work in the academic realm to address areas of success and areas of improvement for the Fraternity to help the collegiate members pursue academic goals.

REVENUE BREAKDOWN: * Funds specifically designated by individual donors to scholarship, heart health, leadership, emergency aid, heritage and educational housing.

BEHIND HAPPY FACES: $25,074 The “Behind Happy Faces” Mental Health Curriculum was made available to collegians for a better understanding of mental health and wellness. Mental health has quickly become one of the most critical topics facing sororities. Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, lack of sleep and substance abuse are greatly impacting members and chapters. Other prevalent campus issues, such as sexual assault, often also have mental health repercussions. Behind Happy Faces is the first of its kind in mental health curriculum. The program uses educational videos and lesson plans to enhance the emotional development of sorority members. The lessons utilize messaging that has been tested on over one million people, as well as research from leading social psychologists and content creators from the film and television industry, to engage members with this proactive and impactful educational program.

LEADERSHIP FELLOWS: $160,500 The Leadership Fellows program provided forty upperclassmen women the opportunity to enhance their leadership potential through classroom and real-life training, as well as opportunities for networking and professional development to position them for success as the next generation of business and community leaders.

Endowments: $173,927 Program Restricted: $303,123* Unrestricted: $3,147,051 TOTAL: $3,624,101

ANNUAL GIVING CIRCLES We thank our most committed donors who embody our vision of philanthropic women uniting to lead the way through their annual gifts. Because of their generosity, we are able to make an immediate impact on our Fraternity, our members and the larger community.


Gamma Rho (Penn State) Kimberly Brown Brannon

Gamma Nu (Miami University) Amanda Minchin Carter

$10,000 or Above

Gamma Sigma (Wisconsin Stout) Karen McChesney Howe

Kappa (Stanford) Gretchen Wilson Alarcon

Beta Delta (UCLA) Gayle Goodman

Omega (Texas) Suzanne Carlisle Crowley

Rho (Ohio State) Jean Creamer Hodges

Beta Epsilon (Arizona) Mary Gunn Hartline

Sigma (Washington) Susan Jane Bevan

Tau (Oregon) Juli-Ann Todd

Beta Psi (San Jose State) Jane Claussen Finger

Theta (Michigan) Susan Zabriskie

Theta (Michigan) Colleen Mae Sirhal

Delta Beta (Texas A&M Commerce) Ilana Rossel Narosov

Upsilon (Washburn) Connie Light Barngrover

Gamma Iota (Texas Tech) Linda Schlinkman Fuller Ouida Daugherty Smith Sigma (Washington) Ruth-Ellen Sullivan Elliott

SYMBOLS KEY 1872 Society Frances E. Willard Society Martha Foote Crow Society Legacy Society Lily of the Valley Society Gold Society Clara Bradley Burdette Society Silent Chapter Giving symbols reflect the highest level society of which a donor is part.


/ 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

LOYALTY CIRCLE $2,500 – $4,999

POWER OF 1000 $1,000 – $2,499 Alpha Lambda (Alumna Initiate) Donna Wagner

Beta Beta (Michigan State) Karen A. Kolschowsky

Beta (Northwestern) Paula Johnson Clancy Debra D. Bauer Jean E. Sheridan


Beta Omega (Kent State) Nicole Manross Bluso

Beta Chi (Bucknell) Dorothy Morgan Effron

$5,000 – $9,999

Beta Omicron (Bowling Green) Carol Koch Taller

Beta Delta (UCLA) Judy Milne Benson Barbara Hull English Sue Riley McGlynn Alin Hernandez Wall

Zeta Alpha (Eastern Illinois) Judy Ethell

Beta Beta (Michigan State) Susan Brink Sherratt Beta Delta (UCLA) Nancy Salisbury Trillo Beta Pi (USC) Jenny Concepcion Hansen Delta Alpha (East Carolina) Diane Spry Straker

Beta Pi (USC) Pat DeCarré Atkinson Delta Epsilon (Iowa) Becky C. Brinson Epsilon Psi (Lehigh) Mary Beth Cooleen Tully

Epsilon Nu (Delaware) Susan L. McNeice

Gamma Iota (Texas Tech) Chree Boydstun Deana Koonsman Gage Anita Sloan Kittridge

Gamma Nu (Miami University) Cynthia Diller Fields

Gamma Kappa (CSU Long Beach) Laura Jen Kin Berger

Beta Epsilon (Arizona) Jean Kristen Ikeda Lisa Cabaniss Olson Beta Gamma (Colorado) Betsey Andrews Unger Beta Kappa (Denison) Colleen J. Coughlin Beta Lambda (Rollins) Meredith M. Ross

Beta Omega (Kent State) Jodi M. Sittig

Delta Zeta (Maryland) Lucille Toniolo

Gamma Kappa (CSU Long Beach) Linda Long Boland

Beta Omicron (Bowling Green) Susan Barrick Janet L. Schaeffer Judith Segerer Watson

Epsilon (Minnesota) Janet Thomas Barnum Judith Knudsen Brown Susan Smiley Campbell Jana Wahoske Johnson Mary Sperl Olson Emily Anne Mayer Tuttle

Gamma Nu (Miami University) Colleen Pyne Bowman Sara Elizabeth Graf Jean Cameron Hahm Carrie A. Krehlik

Beta Pi (USC) Jacqueline Johnson Kehle Allison Jaskowiak Kennedy Beta Psi (San Jose State) Tricia Lee McNabb Lanzino Beta Rho (Washington State) Rebecca Andrew Zanatta Beta Sigma (Utah) Judith Swaner Castellion Beta Tau (Indiana) Jennifer Leigh Butler Beta Theta (British Columbia) Molly Kate Moriarty Russell Beta Upsilon (Oregon State) Susan Shedd Schroeder Beta Zeta (Idaho) Kristi Hanson Willa Hawkins Kemp Chi (Montana) Shana Smith Delta (Cornell) Marcia Dearman Corrigan Jane D. Tanner

Epsilon Alpha (Ashland) Megan McCarthy Collins Epsilon Beta (Butler) Jennifer Lynn Muszik Epsilon Chi (Cal Poly) Karen H. Kimmelshue

Epsilon Theta (Northern Iowa) Coree Christine Smith

Gamma Xi (Wichita State) Shirley Jean Dieker

Eta Kappa (UC Irvine) Mona A. Baset

Lambda (UC Berkeley) Merle C. Chambers Laura Suzanne Crowe

Eta Lambda (George Mason) Jacqueline M. Schools Eta Psi (Eastern Washington) Carolyn LeBaugh Gregg Eta Rho (San Diego) Alessia Maniaci Citro Gamma (DePauw) Sally McCall Grant

Delta Beta (Texas A&M Commerce) Suzanne Garner Jayne Frederick Haggar

Gamma Beta (UC Santa Barbara) Juanita Gebb Acha Karen Jensen Halualani

Delta Chi (William Woods) Leslie Ellen Ferguson

Gamma Iota (Texas Tech) Kathleen Elizabeth Berry Melissa L. Bledsoe Sheila Bright Kim Isbell Butler Kimberly Spadoni Criscuolo Ann Moore Croyle Jennifer Dickerson Marybeth Scioli Hines Christine Morgan Hunt Paula Manning January Melanie Anne Maes Leslie McDaniel Moore Jenee Paine Moore Brooke Haley Smiddy

Delta Theta (Western Michigan) Kathleen Marie Hiemstra

Gamma Pi (Arizona State) Jenny Holsman Tetreault Diane Neis Thomas

Epsilon Nu (Delaware) Susan Carrochi Sherman

Gamma Alpha (San Diego State) Donna W. Miller

Delta Tau (LSU) Dortha Lane Eppinett Andrea J. Kippels Julie A. Launey Rebecca Black O’Neal Ann S. Siddall

Gamma (Omicron Drake) Corrine Mack Doty

Gamma Tau (Willamette) Theresa A. Brooks Michele Patterson

Delta Alpha (East Carolina) Linda Gardner Massie

Delta Gamma (Northern Colorado) Crista Cate Vasina

Gamma Omega (Midwestern State) Kristen M. Walther

Nu (Nebraska) Sharon Stephens Jensen Omega (Texas) Judith Gilbreath Cundiff Jennifer J. Freeman Helen Sheldon Gray Erin Kimberly Gutierrez Omicron (Missouri) Robin C. Beck Elizabeth Underwood Drouin Valerie Lawlor Janet Elaine Papageorge Barbara Taylor Riepl Ashley Brooke Sanders Gema Simmons Phi (Oklahoma) Michele Quiroga Tonya Sharp Ryan Pi (North Dakota) Amy Lynn Green Psi (South Dakota) Genevieve Evans Taylor Jeanne Spilde Gonzenbach Theta Delta (Creighton) Sarah A. Benoist Theta Gamma (Truman State) Jaime F. Ryberg

Theta Kappa (Rochester) Janis Coughlin Piester Zita J. Sidas Theta Tau (Rensselaer) Christine Marie Caruso Theta Xi (Shippensburg) Lindsey Anne McQuiston Misty Dawn Wilson Xi (Toronto) Alison Rebecca Nash Zeta Iota (Virginia) Farrell Louise Jaskot Renee T. Verspoor Zeta Delta (Iowa State) Rachelle Richmond Tieszen Zeta Lambda (Southern New Hampshire) Barbara Painter Buzzelli Zeta Omicron (Johns Hopkins) Tara L. Riemer Zeta Sigma (Franklin & Marshall) Kimberly A. Skelding

ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE $143 – $999 Alpha (Syracuse) Ellen Waitkins Coleman Marjorie Olsen Sullivan Shirley Barnard Waters Alpha Lambda (Alumna Initiate) Rosie Alexander Elizabeth Ann Corcoran Regina A. Dill Julie A. Ferguson Elizabeth Joyce Fuller Christine R. Gallo Natalie Erika King Irene R. Pontarelli Carol Schar Sellards Meagan Marie Spellman Beta (Northwestern) Laura Kathe Abbott Patricia Denise Acha Victoria Taylor Broadie Barbara Nitchie Fuldner Nancy Tinkham Hessert Janet Ellen Klein Judith M. Jobbitt Jean Radovich Murphy

Mary-Ann Novinsky Robinson Beth Kennedy Semmelman Margaret Riecker Thompson Sherry Sarginson Unger Beta Alpha (llinois) Carolyn Louise Aiken Sue A. Bergstrom Alice J. Campbell Marilyn Markus Cooper Ellen J. Kelly Eleanor Surber McCombe Julie Ann Schuster Diane Merna Steinkamp Betty Nelson Vieregg Kristine K. Vittore Jillian Danielle Wolf Beta Beta (Michigan State) Dorothy Lang Ellstrom Linda Koziara Frassrand Myrna McClelland Holland Betsy Barkwell Mathiesen Susan Gove Merten Drew Kunath Moore Carol Evans Risk Cara C. Schooley Melissa Mary Wagasy Joy Knudson Walker Beta Chi (Bucknell) Elizabeth Wright Cunningham Beta Delta (UCLA) Patricia Gutierrez Adams Katharine Earhart Batcheller Julie Allen Blumberg Susan Beran Dugas Judith Nelson Ebright Susan Carol Frantz Colleen Weber Gekler L. Robin Keller Cherie Ritchie Marcz Lorene Price Watson Beta Epsilon (Arizona) Gretchen H. Bender Barbara Scarborough Black Emily Grimm Glaccum Jaymie Foreman Irwin Erin Shaw Pastuszenski Nan Mason Shipp Renee Smith Zimmerman Zainer Beta Gamma (Colorado) Laura Jennifer Chavez Laura Keene Demmer Chrissy Johnson Dieck Karen Fassler Mary C. Gamache Teresa Gillian Gray Shianne Nicole Smelker


Beta Iota (West Virginia) Jill Stevens Brown Jamie Hartley Donna Bosley Lane Maria Krall Lorensen Judith Fisher Mountjoy Debrethann C. Orsak Beta Kappa (Denison) Helen Chase Botnarescue Judith Steinbrenner Kamm Natalie Youel Kenny Melody Carpenter Warner Beta Lambda (Rollins) Lisa L. Lewenthal Beta Mu (Alabama) Mary King Dunkin Amanda Floyd Barbara Lerma Gehlhaus Rachel Lee Jones Martha Seay Miller Paige Michelle Trotter Beta Nu (Duke) Sylvia A. Arey Jane Wingfield Curtis Amanda Susan Glaser Marian Pecot Lowry Martha Mast Mary Carter Pettitt Beta Omega (Kent State) Lorie Sekerak Senkiewicz Peg Thornburg Jennifer Lynn Verkamp Beta Omicron (Bowling Green) Joyce Hause Behner Jean Pasakarnis Buchanan Sarah Elizabeth Dariano Joan Norris Graham Elizabeth Willson Jacques Julie Snider McLeod Jodie Bachey Morrow Jessica Erin Romich Linda Schnetzer Patricia M. Shears Carolyn Hohn Sunderman Anne Zartman Beta Phi (Whitman) Kathryn Hoshaw Hansen Beta Pi (USC) Audrey Bergeson Yvonne Bogdanovich Andrea DeBerry

10 / 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

Mary Murray Gallardo Margaret Calder Griest Milana Grozdanich Joyce McFerren Johnson Dakotah Lindsay Jennifer Lee Miller Bernadette Marie Reyes Julie Conkin Sportelli Barbara Kenady Tingley Lindsay Wiggins

Lori Ann Peterson Rita Bahm Sholton


Chi (Montana) Katherine Marie Anderson Jane Rowland Crouch Susan C. English Rhiannon Celeste Mortensen Shelby Elaine Wheeler Wendy Otto Winsor

I met my best friend through Alpha Phi, who told me that her dad passed away from a stroke, which puts her at a higher risk. There is no better feeling than knowing I am helping women, like Hayley, live longer and healthier lives.

Beta Psi (San Jose State) Diane Shearer Fahsholtz Elizabeth Ebe Frasse Anne Waltrip Friborg Kary Crumm Huffman Lisa Marina Matherly Lindsay Martin Poss Cynthia Maley Thawley

Delta (Cornell) Susan Brenner Mary Ann Grammer Byers Kathryn V. Diemert-Carlisle Barbara Wiley Frankland Lisa M. Gangarosa Anne M. Killourhy Katharine Costa Leming Kathleen Sue Miller Katy Yee-hong Pan Danielle Vollmar

Our philanthropy is so much greater than just improving women’s heart health. It’s helping women achieve a high standard of leadership, supporting sisters through everything and educating our members on the importance of philanthropy.

Beta Rho (Washington State) Meagan Michelle Baker Michele Lillian Beckmann Sara Labberton Brennan Barbara Taylor Catania Diane Lipinski Colley Mary Eccles DeBeaumont Carolyn Frances Illman Valerie Morris Lent Virginia Caspersen Lindsey Cheri Davis Miller Margo Christel Newman Kathleen A. Thompson Beta Sigma (Utah) Mary Roller Bradbury Beta Tau (Indiana) Lori Cooney Babigian Virginia Maas Branson Gwynn Motley Christie Rebecca Susanne Gilliam Christina Palmer Howard Stacy Swain Litzler Sarah Clayton Simon Beta Theta (British Columbia) Michelle L. C. Davies Patricia Trick Springbett Beta Upsilon (Oregon State) Jill Marie Domme Jane Coon Hollar Jane A. Roberts Molly A. Sanders Elizabeth Vandehey Beta Zeta (Idaho) Marianne Wolff Kenney Linda Mitchell Nye

Delta Alpha (East Carolina) Carolyn Gore Ashe Rebecca Winston DesRosiers Eleanor Ruth Poole Delta Beta (Texas A&M Commerce) Amy Jolene Dennis Susan Marie Dorsey Linda Rowland Gaston Amy Niemann Hill Carolyn Mae Kahler Ruth Nix Norton Kathleen Eggert Rutherford Jandy J. Thompson Reagan Maeshell Quine Delta Chi (William Woods) Zelda Decker Casanova Virginia McCullough Filippelli Jennifer L. Furkin Susan Murdock Gowin Zsuzsa Fulop Larson Amanda Rowley Delta Delta (Oklahoma City) Lisa Blackburn Jacque Leveridge Fiegel Nichole L. Fioretti Amanda Heaps Bonnie Arthur Myshrall Delta Epsilon (Iowa) Mary Bonthuis Delaney Ann Robar Gibson Carole Schwake Hodgson Ruth Gallagher Nelson Deborah M. Porchivina

I give to Alpha Phi Foundation to help my sisters get one step closer to achieving their goals and dreams. I volunteer to make a difference.

- Emma Gonzalez Neira (Iota Eta-DePaul) Clara’s Circle Leadership Council member

Delta Eta (Adrian) Erica Ann Graham Paige Maejean Groomes Muffy Elizabeth Lavens Danielle Alwina Prielipp Andrea Lynn Robison Sara L. Smither Karen Pugh Tennant Delta Gamma (Northern Colorado) Cheryl Marie Futera Jesse Alicia Kahat Judith Kay Mead Lita Putnam Schaffer Jill Herdman Trotter Barbara Harland Trythall Mary Rekart Ulich Kathleen Roehrich Wheeler Delta Kappa (Wisconsin La Crosse) Megan Rae Cooley Joan Anderson Ebersold Tracy Marie Machtan Carol L. Wahl Delta Mu (Purdue) E. Caroline Gustafson Ault Susan Jane Hansen Therese Pluchar Langsenkamp Nancy Karpick Nell Lynette Ann Osborne Jacquie Alexander Worley Delta Nu (Maine) Jessica Marie Bishop Susan J. Chadbourne Mary Elizabeth Gauvin Sarah Hilary Knight Maridawn M Lamb Samantha Hayes Lott Hale Margery Furman Perry Jennifer Anne Vincent Delta Omega (Minnesota State Moorhead) Mary Berkmoes Carroll Peterson Delta Phi (Indiana U. of Pennsylvania) June Ann Herron Linda Morford Neugebauer Delta Pi (Indiana State) Paulina A. Ballesteros Delta Rho (Ball State) Nancy Kincannon Lana Krstich Manikowski Pamela Rogers West Delta Sigma (Wisconsin Stevens Point) Noreen Scully Krueger

Delta Tau (LSU) Nancy Theisen Bennett Amyanne Brassieur Sammye Crawford Carla Turnley Hill Elaine Katkocin Balaity Hayley Lavigne Peggy Scarborough Main Joan Marquette McCabe Julie Williams Schopf Susan Dantin Webb Mary-Anne Mentz Wilhite Delta Theta (Western Michigan) Annie Hutt DesMarais Susan McCarty Doster Shelley Lague Murray Helen Trupiano Nagy Tracy Chapin Virta Delta Upsilon (Baldwin Wallace) Lynn McLaughlin Murray Delta Xi (Nebraska Kearney) Hilke Dawn Brandon Nicole Lee Rae Deprez Sandra Hehner Rachael Marie Page Delta Zeta (Maryland) Karen McHugh Bayne Alexandra Marie Chagouris Carol Sivinski Heilveil Carol Davidson Methven Marie LaPorte Tuthill Epsilon (Minnesota) Ann Aurelius Megan Bouche Caroline Christian Dunn Ashley M. Hill Jennifer Obrzut Laible Carol A. March Sue Ann Sperber Helga Visscher Epsilon Alpha (Ashland) Ann Beckert Schar Epsilon Beta (Butler) Karen E. Arland Becky Danielle Butler Jordan Elaine Gill Karen Broering Kettler Janett Burns Lowes Breanne Wilson Epsilon Chi (Cal Poly) Danielle Bierman Kathryn Burke

Epsilon Delta (Northern Illinois) Jennifer L. Frobish Denise Jung Reens Elaine Diamant Sikorski Epsilon Epsilon (Longwood) Jane Acker Neubauer Marjorie Snead Pugh Epsilon Eta (Old Dominion) Alyssa Nicole Hannah Epsilon Gamma (Sacramento State) Nancy K. Bosworth Angela H. Brouqua Louanne Steiger Nourse Alice Lindstrom Ryan Epsilon Iota (Duquesne) Tina Marie Gigliotti Jessica Paige Morgan Michelle L. Patterson

Eta Alpha (New Hampshire) Karen Siegel Fitting Kelly O’Neill Ryan Eta Beta (CSU San Bernardino) Lucia Fuertez Diaz Tobi Jill Nieland Christen Janean Shelton Flamm Eta Delta (CSU East Bay) Christina S. Barfuss Ann Therese Kwong Amy Elizabeth Nobriga Christine M. Parra Corrin Noel Zimmerman Eta Eta (Seton Hall) Alexa Dow Birchenough Dianne Maki-Sethi

Epsilon Lambda (Texas Arlington) Collette Starkey Minter

Eta Gamma (Akron) Kirsten Jillson Cook Abra Marie Said Melanie M. Stopar Dawn Marie Zwetzig

Epsilon Nu (Delaware) Arlene Dresch Hogan

Eta Iota (Pennsylvania) Jennifer C. Sandoz

Epsilon Omega (Texas A&M) Karen Bavender Lisa Elaine Jacobson

Eta Kappa (UC Irvine) Katherine Dohn Nicole Jennifer Ford Lindsey Rose Goldstein Amanda L. Holden Vanessa A. Vacca

Epsilon Phi (NC State) Jennifer McIlmail Hames Martha Horrell Prosser Michelle Connell Stevens Somer Nicole Beauvois Wright Epsilon Pi (Evansville) Carol Anne Davis Snider Epsilon Rho (UC Davis) Andrea Kelly Griswold Epsilon Theta (Northern Iowa) Barbara Elaine Illian Allison Michelle Rickels Epsilon Upsilon (CSU Northridge) Dara Gelbman Goldsmith Faith Lynn Hymes-Moser Epsilon Xi (Southern Illinois) Amy Hope Bamper Andrea J. Giffhorn Emily Rebecca Hejna Epsilon Zeta (Central Michigan) Catherine Maples Waynick Eta (Boston) Virginia Pirson Wells

Eta Lambda (George Mason) Codie Lynn Hammond Erin Berry Sams Eta Mu (Marquette) Lauren Taubensee Havey Tyler Eta Omicron (Virginia Tech) Rebecca Kimberly Fleitz Sara Dawson Gregory Caitlin Massie King Eta Psi (Eastern Washington) Brandi A. Aubrey Eta Rho (San Diego) Alyssa Taylor Black Eta Tau (SUNY Cortland) Lynda Ann Rettagliata Eta Theta (San Francisco State) Brianna C. Hackley Janina Sabala Emily A. van Sebille

Eta Upsilon (Chapman) Tatiana Alexandra Broukhim Nidhi Chinai Hope E. Gray Eta Xi (UNC Wilmington) Jessica Meylor Benningfield Deidre Snively Gamma (DePauw) Lynn Bresnahan Cooper Jennifer Lindamood Darnall Nancy Wittgen Burks DeVoe Jill Taubensee Havey Jami Osborne Kelly Barbara E. Smith Gamma Alpha (San Diego State) Susan Muller Cook Jill Kathleen Mainard Nancy Nimmo Joanne Grant Querin Sharon Anderson Ritchey Gamma Beta (UC Santa Barbara) Pamela King Crone Diane Lynn McMInds Lauren Faye Schafer Annita Avila Sharpe Gamma Delta (Kansas) Janetta Fink Call Lisa Gonzales Clement Jane Ausherman Horttor Judy Powell Jones Patricia Euhus Junod Helen Jorgenson Sutherland Gamma Epsilon (Lake Forest) Elizabeth Gail Snider Gamma Eta (North Texas) Betty Boyd Francisco Sybil Jordan Hickey Beverly Blair Johnson Sara Stangel Luoma Melissa Lee Norris Stacy Lyn Reed Colleen M. Ryan Gamma Gamma (Drury) Sandra Wilkinson Jackson Susan E. Rainer Sherry Tobaben Wilcher Gamma Iota (Texas Tech) Jessamy L. Anderson Stephanie D. Anderson Christine Barr Erin B. Bell Megan Mundy Carruth Anna Lee Caudry


Bridget Elizabeth Crawley Linda Boon DeFee Rhonda Tyler Dillard Terre McCarty Dorety Heather Albright Dunn Stacey Taylor Eller Edie Kay Fanning Jessica Lee Forsdick Elizabeth Banks Graham Christie Padgett Hirst Annette Inmon Hooker Ashley Hellen Hopson Penny Fleming Hudson Lois Ricketts Ingram Kristine Thoreson Insignares Sarah Williamson Jones Melody Owen Jurick Emily Ann Lamb Barbara A. Little Liane Jones Locke Lauren A. Locke Nancy Adamson Marcus Becky Stribling Mayad Janet Curtis McCarthy Angela Scioli McGuire Marche Lane Milam Nan Gentry Poe Denise D. Potter Laura Scioli Reagan Kathy Kinnison Rollo Haili M. Rumsey Billye Wirt Runnels-Jones Susan Combs Russell Vanessa Scioli Santosuosso Catherine Crutchfield Schifter Angela L. Scioli Amy Nicole Scott Ann Kerr Studdard Courtney F. Suddath Katherine Cartwright Thomas Sharon Hosea Warren Darcel Weller Amy Hughes Wheeler Heidi Powell Wolf Gamma Kappa (CSU Long Beach) Arline Burns Coward Dorothy Ann Strand Gamma Mu (Georgia State) Carolyn Ralston Patton Gamma Nu (Miami University) Mary Ryan Evans Devon J. Hensel Sharon A. McDade Deborah Miles Tarrant

12 / 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

Gamma Omega (Midwestern State) Katelyn Vietti Gamma Omicron (Drake) Laurel Clara Hood Gamma Phi (Florida State) Elizabeth Lackey George Linda Marcet Kathleen Reidy Olsen Gamma Pi (Arizona State) Jeanette Minitello Gunn Raechel M. Owen Gamma Psi (Ripon) Susan Siegel Henshaw Gamma Rho (Penn State) Marie Evangelisto Doyle Barbara Allen Kooman Sandra Schwarz Mazza Sheila Anne Miller Gamma Sigma (Wisconsin Stout) Sarah Ann Calkins Nicole Smith Call Anneliese Wilhelmi Palchizaca Sharon Horch Petrie Gamma Tau (Willamette) Lindsey Erika Hosey Gamma Xi (Wichita State) Judy Arnold Azama Thu-Ha Mickle Duncan Nancy D. Holmes Chelsea Renee Krueger Danielle Prewitt Malinda C. Shock Christina Basinger Ward Gamma Zeta (Puget Sound) Gina Covey Jay Cydne Pope Iota (Wisconsin) Maria Lorena Banuchi Elizabeth J. Billies Katie Nowicki Jirsa Marilyn Allen Killough Marilyn Henry Matia Donnamae Hogenson Peck Lee Otjen Steenken Iota Alpha (Pepperdine) Angela Marie Kappus Melissa Polachek

Iota Beta (St. Mary’s) Maria Guadalupe Castaneda Vanessa Ann Garza Sonya Sanchez Amanda C. Schwartz Iota Epsilon (Kettering) Angela Christina Aaron Sara Ann Suchodolski Iota Eta (DePaul) Nicole Menendez Sullivan Iota Gamma (University of the Pacific) Victoria Ann Muncie Bolle Gabriella Raylynn Dominguez Victoria Kate Akemi Matsumoto Lauren M. Navarro Jaime Dee Pacheco Jessica Leigh Safir Iota Iota (George Washington) Rebecca Band Jillian Marie Cooney Julia T. King Elizabeth Rae Lisowski Julie Christine Pizzutillo Iota Lambda (Connecticut) Lauren Kelly Gall Iota Mu (Georgia Tech) Rebecca Susanne Bartlett Reem Mansoura Angela Marie Mingione Lisa Sheetz Jillian Marie Spayde Iota Nu (Kentucky) Amanda Elizabeth Jacob Iota Rho (Clemson) Erin Leigh Williams Iota Sigma (Carnegie Mellon) Rachel Lynn Pustejovsky Iota Theta (Wilfrid Laurier) Tess McDonald Gillian Elizabeth Orton Amanda Leigh Quesnelle Iota Upsilon (Ottawa) Gabrielle Whittaker Iota Xi (Denver) Katie Elles Kylie K. Gerst Sonia Rae Zaruba Iota Zeta (Colorado School of Mines) Carrie Michelle Eberhard Danielle Rebecca Uhl

Kappa (Stanford) Susan Scheiber Edelman Anne Bruner Nash Lisa H. Park Lambda (UC Berkeley) Elizabeth Abad Michele Diane Floyd Deborah Franzon Frederick Maureen F. Loty Patricia O’Grady Carmen Davis Reid Michelle D. Herman Schwartz Nu (Nebraska) Carole Alice Briggs Jane Burke Lori Kay Davidsaver Lynn Hughes Dedrick Margaret Baker Groteluschen Pamela David Handke Sharon A. Hansen Christine Ann Hatton Amy Lynn Larsen Marcy Bauer McNeill Shirley Hopkins Pierce Marcia Ireland Wenk Omega (Texas) Elizabeth McCorkle Barron Julie Lynn Flowers Margie Harris Frank Alice Elizabeth Hatfield Brenda Dolenz Helmer Diane Johanson Jones Bettie Barnes Liebzeit Melissa Joy Maloney Bilinda Cox Matusek Martha Ann Goss McGonigle Jennifer Jo Meiners Mary Holm Penaloza Kellye Dodd Price Cay Berthelot Quoyeser Jennifer Ryback Kim Riley Sauer Jolene West Sollivan Catherine Blaisdell-Taylor Leslie Elizabeth Wells Allison Marie Horsley Omicron (Missouri) Tracy Rickmeyer Baynes Cherie Stephens Bock Janet Brown Clanton Melissa Clark Virginia Beal Crnkovich Elizabeth Tenorio Davis Anika Gatrell Melanie M. Hedrick Mary Williams Hippe Amanda Kelly Hoffman

Gayle Horlacher Lashley Nancy Niemann Magee Kim Charlet Manning Susan Chaffin Matthews Jennifer Leah McNay Sandra S. Meranda Colleen McCorkle Morris Shannon Brittan O’Hanlon Peggy Wrightsman Parolin Carrie Moreland Reid Erin Riske Christine Kraemer Rittberger Beverly Fitch Roberts Judith A Runk Cheryl Irby Schofield Cheryl Beeler Summers Amy Tvrdik Nicole Michelle Wilson Andrea Hoemeyer Wilt Sandra Reynolds Yon Phi (Oklahoma) Billie J. Battiato Jeannette Ellis Burt Kathleen Hayden-Casey Dorothy Black Hudson Marcia Porter Miles Jana Keel Shook Pi (North Dakota) Kate Liana Crook Barbara Schulz Gaddie Catherine Bouvette Lloyd Madrienne Florance Peters Amanda Lyn Thayer Psi (South Dakota) Pat A. Bell Mary Rueb Conner Kasie Lea Heiden Cathy Mikkelson Heinemann Emily Porter Joern Anne Brunick McCarty Patricia Kay Miller Marilyn Wenzel Nef Julie Jarding Norton Lori Vikesland Obler Judith Solberg Quam Susan Hansen Shade Margaret Halla Wegner Rho (Ohio State) Eleanor Floyd Brunner Sharon Hock Emley Sara Lynn Kite Denise Mika-Biga Jean O’Connor Mischler Mary Jones O’Shaughnessey Karen Werner Schmitt Kathryn Louise Szumowski

Now I’ve Come Full Circle

The Alpha Phi Impact

I wasn’t particularly active in Alpha Phi as a collegiate member – I wasn’t president, wasn’t rush chair, etc. I worked while going to school and was on both scholarship and financial aid. I received a scholarship from Alpha Phi Foundation in the 70s at a time when I’m sure there were numerous other applicants. I was fortunate enough that they chose me that particular year. It was a scholarship, yes, but more than that it was an entrance gift into an even bigger Alpha Phi experience than I ever expected.


There are lots of things in my life that never would have happened if I didn’t receive this scholarship. I never would have met some of my closest Alpha Phi friends nor had the volunteer experiences that I have.



Now I’ve come full circle and am able to give back through volunteering and donating. I continue to make an automatic monthly gift that I set up years ago, and have named the Foundation in my trust.

First scholarships awarded in

- Barbara Kenady Tingley (Beta Pi-USC)


68 total recipients: 24

graduate recipients 76% of applicants did not receive a scholarship


10 scholarships totaling


undergraduate recipients 87% of applicants did not receive a scholarship

Today, awards range from

$1,000 to $17,000 Sigma (Washington) Patricia Kay Bergen Corbin Jennah Margaret Crotts Marilyn D. Dillard Stephanie Johnson Fowler Cynthia Faulkner Marriott Margaret Dora Morrison Elizabeth L. Soriano Camille Clark Winter Tau (Oregon) Peggy Nygard Borsting Evalyn Johnson Byers Saori J. Clark Josephine Williamson Hatfield

Rachel Mazoff Kelly Catherine Roberts Lenore Carlson Vincent Theta (Michigan) Sandra Valentine Henderson Mary Kosnik Elizabeth Campbell Kridl Kari Holt Mellina Kiana Kaysserian Rose Jean Chapman Snyder Suzanne Davis Sugar Joan Briegel Wells Debra O’Grady Westeen

Theta Chi (UNC Asheville) Michele Dawn Lefler

Tricia Paige Kyler Bowling Kristi McKinney Tedrow

Theta Delta (Creighton) Amy E. Bracht Ammie Rabicke McAsey

Theta Iota (James Madison) Erin Haley Collins Holly Anne Cybulski Catherine Ann McKay Rachel Conley Northridge Diane Marie Scaggs Megan Sette

Theta Eta (Western University) Catherine Jobson Adams Bethany Jane Gillingham Emily Deanna Margret Mordhorst Theta Gamma (Truman State) Lora Tuley Brys Tamara Holmes Cole

Theta Kappa (Rochester) Andrea Redding Dragnich Kelsey Ann Griswold

Julissa J. Medrano Carly Meghan Starn Abigail L. Zabrodsky Theta Lambda (Central Missouri) Trisha Thurman LaLumondier Jennifer Suzanne Rabas Theta Nu (Appalachian State) Bayly A. Granger Ashlyn Elizabeth Hartsoe Amy Johnson Melissa Deere Kletzker Julianne Marie Olson


Theta Omega (Barry) Laurie Ann Pastrick Theta Phi (Christopher Newport) Fagel Catherine Baer Kerstin Alexandra Bucklew Allison Gail Dolan Sarah Beth Jaeschke Christina LiPuma Tara Lynn McCook Kelli Ann Montgomery Stephanie Renee Spence Molly Elizabeth Waters Theta Pi (Emory) Jessica G. Weinberg Angela Rosenberg Theta Psi (SUNY Plattsburgh) Melissa S. Kennison Brielle Lynn Phillips

Zeta Beta (Loyola Marymount) Megan Maureen Baker Alana Cooper Nicole Gonzales Amanda Marie Puopolo Guslani Katherine Atkins Meyer Alessandra Lynn Nagy Roanne S. Ross Amy E. Flood Windy McElligott Zurcher

Zeta Iota (Virginia) Emily E. Mosher Anne Pace

Theta Tau (Rensselaer) Caitlin Statia Blackburn Alexandra Marie Colello Ashley Thomas Harp Charlotte Faye Tang Theresa Rajczi Tosca Tiffany Pinard Westendorf

Zeta Mu (Colorado State) Tammy Miller Davison Carol Butler Freeman

Theta Upsilon (CSU Chico) Paige Nicole Aquilina Mallory Rose Covert-Ross Theta Xi (Shippensburg) Samantha Renee Hoerner Laura Ortiz Key Claudia Elizabeth Rocca Anita M. Vannucci Theta Zeta (Florida Tech) Laura Popovich Dues Erin Nicole Meyer Jennifer Koschalk Stevens Upsilon (Washburn) Patricia Pitney Smith Virginia Kepple Suttle Xi (Toronto) Ashley Alexandra Haugh

14 / 2015-16 Donor Impact Report

It really dates back to the summer of 1982. The company that my dad had worked for claimed bankruptcy and my parents lost a lot of their retirement account. My parents couldn’t help me pay for my final year of college. I reached out to the Foundation and wrote a letter, asking for financial support, and I received a $1,500 scholarship check. If it hadn’t been for that I would have had to resign my presidency in Alpha Phi to work to pay for my tuition. It was a game changer. I often think about the women I see now who struggle to pay tuition as middle class families struggle to make ends meet. I’ve always tried to donate to the Foundation, but I wanted to make a bigger splash, so it made me think about including it in my will, to be able to give back ten, twenty fold what they gave to me.

Zeta Gamma (Santa Clara) Fatima Franco Jennifer Johnston Vanessa Neumann Sarah Safir Kathleen Curry Vogt

Theta Sigma (Southern Utah) Haley Carladene Bowen Mechelle Mellor Rachelle Blake Smith

Theta Theta (St. Joseph’s) Chandler Lutz Brittany M. Raffa


Zeta Alpha (Eastern Illinois) Patricia Hendrickson Goetz Barbara Margaret Leutz

Zeta Lambda (Southern New Hampshire) Janice Graham Kaliski

Zeta Nu (Texas Christian) Diana M. Skerl Zeta Omicron (Johns Hopkins) Reagan Lynn Cuddy Monica Brittany Lowe Harris Sara Elizabeth Hussey Anna Johnston Erika Knauer Vicki Lewis McGarvey Zeta Phi (MIT) Eve M. Phillips Joanne E. Spetz Zeta Pi (Case Western Reserve) Mina Kumari Divan Karen Brown McGunagle Zeta Rho (Bentley) Robyn Saidi Blake Jennifer Stordy Caldwell Roseleen Dello Russo Zeta Sigma (Franklin & Marshall) Dawn Billings Bey Jennifer Leigh Webb

- Diana Hartley (Phi-Oklahoma)

Zeta Tau (Illinois State) Michelle Foucre’ Coleman Zeta Theta (Tufts) Kyra Nicole Gardiner Jacqueline Gillis Cathleen Rhea Marine Kathryn Mueller Zeta Upsilon (Washington University) Emily Reinhart Adeleke Kei Goldberg Lisa Valverde Zeta Xi (Elmhurst) Alison W. Gannon Sara Lane Pope Gina Ruth Signorile

CLARA BRADLEY BURDETTE SOCIETY Planned Giving We extend heartfelt thanks to our Clara Bradley Burdette Society members whose legacy will ensure the future of Alpha Phi Foundation through their will, estate or other planned gift. Alpha (Syracuse) Caroline Angotti Brust Maria A. Miller Ellen Miller Doris Dunbrack Tilly Beta (Northwestern) Judy Waldo Beta Alpha (Illinois) Rebecca Tygett Galloway Beta Beta (Michigan State) Beverly Allen Fullerton Susan Brink Sherratt Beta Delta (UCLA) Margie Markson Johnson Wendy Deems Sugg Alin Hernandez Wall Beta Epsilon (Arizona) Katherine A. Haug Beta Gamma (Colorado) Carolyn Metzger Carder Teresa Gillian Gray Nancy Sechrist Russell Diane Zaepfel Beta Kappa (Denison) Colleen J. Coughlin Virginia Struble Beta Nu (Duke) Martha Mast Anne Scarboro McIntyre Beta Omicron (Bowling Green) Susan Barrick Beta Pi (USC) Diane Rusling Becket Joy Mellick Brewer Barbara Kenady Tingley Beta Psi (San Jose State) Erin E. Ennis

Beta Rho (Washington State) Beverly Dalstone Smith Rebecca Andrew Zanatta

Visit to learn how your planned gift can leave a lasting legacy in Alpha Phi.

Beta Tau (Indiana) Ann Hoskinson Ellis Paula Hawkins Knoebel Beta Zeta (Idaho) Elizabeth Tortorici Beuchotte

Epsilon Eta (Old Dominion) Jennifer Wassum Hemingway

Chi (Montana) Shana Smith Sandra Lee Spears

Epsilon Gamma (Sacramento State) Nancy K. Bosworth Elise Dale Fong Lesley M. Nash

Delta (Cornell) Susan Brenner Susan Schaefer Kliman

Epsilon Nu (Delaware) Susan L. McNeice

Delta Alpha (East Carolina) Linda Gardner Massie Brenda Sanders Mullins Diane Spry Straker Delta Chi (William Woods) Zelda Decker Casanova Jan Haralson Hankinson Sara C. Mayer Delta Delta (Oklahoma City) Stephanie J. Mather Delta Epsilon (Iowa) Becky C. Brinson Linda Groves Janet Henderson Huss Ruth Gallagher Nelson Faye Hyde Strayer Delta Gamma (Northern Colorado) Lita Putnam Schaffer Delta Rho (Ball State) Suzette Brown Miller Delta Tau (LSU) Sammye Crawford Delta Theta (Western Michigan) Kathleen Marie Hiemstra Jill D. VanderVeen Delta Zeta (Maryland) Marie LaPorte Tuthill Epsilon (Minnesota) Judith Knudsen Brown Lisa Bostic Miller Gayle Pidgeon Tainter Epsilon Beta (Butler) Carol Diane Ellis

Epsilon Psi (Lehigh) Mary Beth Tully Epsilon Theta (Northern Iowa) Barbara Elaine Illian Eta Delta (CSU East Bay) Kathleen Halfon Eta Gamma (Akron) Traci L. Christler Eta Lambda (George Mason) Constance Coghill Scinto Gamma (DePauw) Deborah Smith Carter Sally McCall Grant Gamma Alpha (San Diego State) Susan Muller Cook Gamma Beta (UC Santa Barbara) Marilyn Collins Denno Jennifer Holleman Gifford Karen Jensen Halualani Penne L. Thacher Gamma Delta (Kansas) April E. Bishop Elisabeth Cooke Harrison Gamma Iota (Texas Tech) Kathleen Griffis Bailey Melissa L Bledsoe Sheila Bright Deana Koonsman Gage Lori Landry Holloway Anita Sloan Kittridge Ouida Daugherty Smith Barbara Ann Thomas Gamma Kappa (CSU Long Beach) Valerie Colwell Cox Dorothy Ann Strand

Gamma Nu (Miami University) Jean Cameron Hahm Rosalie Cesare Ippoliti Elizabeth LaPorte Stott Ann Timmons Gamma Omega (Midwestern State) Deborah Anderson Gamma Omicron (Drake) Corrine Mack Doty Gamma Pi (Arizona State) Jenny Holsman Tetreault Gamma Rho (Penn State) Kathleen Carmichael Angstadt Kimberly Brown Brannon Sheryl Barden Coholan Joanne Espenschade Engel Gamma Sigma (Wisconsin Stout) Karen McChesney Howe Gamma Tau (Willamette) Phyllis M. Brinkerhoff Theresa A. Brooks Gamma Zeta (Puget Sound) Kathy Schiller Judkins Iota (Wisconsin) Marilyn Allen Killough Laurie McGinnis Lambda (UC Berkeley) Kathleen Schimandle Wright Nu (Nebraska) Lynn Hughes Dedrick Omega (Texas) Elizabeth Newsome Handler Susan Daniel Keeble Patricia Connally Robbins Candace Mitchell Robinson Omicron (Missouri) Karen J. Hoover Valerie Lawlor Erin Elizabeth Leahey Elizabeth S. Smallfelt Pi (North Dakota) Kathy Lynch Ashe Elizabeth Ann Bray Cardarelle

Psi (South Dakota) Vivian Fischer Pitlo Rho (Ohio State) Kati Rhoads McIntyre Kelly Denise Mika-Biga Sigma (Washington) Carol Batchelder Susan Jane Bevan Ruth-Ellen Sullivan Elliott Frances McKechnie Kidwiler Margaret Dora Morrison Tau (Oregon) Suann Swenson Theta (Michigan) Lisa Anne Arnsdorf Audrey Johnson Dole Suzanne Heinlen Green Stefanie Brown Kelley Jacqueline Jones Newhof Theta Upsilon (CSU Chico) Kristine Chromzack Brown Zeta Alpha (Eastern Illinois) Judy Ethell Zeta Delta (Iowa State) Pamela Rennie Curtis Zeta Gamma (Santa Clara) Monica Jolly Duke Zeta Omicron (Johns Hopkins) Tara L. Riemer Zeta Rho (Bentley) Kim Norton-O’Brien

Donor lists in this report reflect current member status and gifts received July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016.


Mailing address & indicia

1930 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL 60201 • • (847) 475.4532

16 / 2015-16 Donor Impact Report