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Whether it began long ago or in the not-so-distant past, you once set out on a journey that would help you become the woman you are today. From the moment you first proudly wore our letters to this very second, Alpha Phi has been a part of your life.

years of Alpha Phi’s history and lays the groundwork for 150 more.

Think back on what that meant to you during your time in college. Recall the memories. The late-night pizza. The laughter. Formals. Exams. Volunteering. Learning. More laughter. Leading. Giving back. And of course, the friends who would become like family. Your sisters.

Since we were founded, Alpha Phi has inspired greatness within our fellow sisters. We are a network of women who support each other, and we have the vision and flexibility to evolve with our members. Our highest priority has always been to nurture and empower the next generation of female leaders. The value of our bond — one that extends through every stage of life and opens the doors to a lifetime of support and sisterhood — cannot be measured.

You have been touched by the Alpha Phi experience. You are part of something bigger than yourself, and you have a place in our story. Now, you have the chance to add your name to the next chapter and create brand new memories in Alpha Phi. We are excited to announce our largest philanthropic outreach ever, one that will preserve our organization’s legacy forever, the Leading With Heart campaign. Leading With Heart honors nearly 150

Leading With Heart will expand our ability to offer this premiere membership experience to talented young women for years to come. As an Alpha Phi, you belong to a worldwide community of remarkable sisters who span generations, backgrounds and beliefs. Join us now as we lead with our hearts to establish a vibrant future for Alpha Phi. Loyally, Jackee Schools

(Eta Lambda-George Mason) International President Alpha Phi International Fraternity

Mary Beth Tully

(Epsilon Psi-Lehigh) Board Chair Alpha Phi Foundation

Yesterday Alpha Phi stands firmly on a solid bedrock of history and leadership. Since 1872, we’ve been rooted in a tradition of firsts and anchored in our four high Ideals. The aspirations that meant so much to our founders 150 years ago are still relevant today. C H A R AC T E R and challenging each other to become the best version of ourselves.

G E N E RO S I T Y as we cultivate a lifelong dedication to giving back.

I N N OVAT I O N as we strive, always, to build upon what’s already been created and adapt to the changing needs of women in an ever-changing world.

S I S T E R H O O D, the gift of love and support that has blessed us all.

We are proud of our beginnings, and we’re even more excited about what’s yet to come.

“Alpha Phi has opened so many doors for me over the years as my family and I moved from state to state and overseas. I always found a welcoming alumna group wherever we lived.” Judith Gilbreath Cundiff Omega (Texas)


Today As a flourishing community of over 200,000 sisters across more than 170 collegiate chapters, our reach is wide and our impact deep. Starting at the collegiate level, we offer our members a nurturing environment to help them thrive as they transition into their lives as adult women. From the beginning, we empower each other to make an impact in our chapters, our communities and our world. A T R A N S F O R M AT I V E L I F E E X P E R I E N C E Alpha Phi meets a collegiate woman at just the right moment in her life, delivering a timely message that speaks to her heart. As she embarks on her journey to adulthood, we provide her with a network of strong women — a sisterhood — in which she can safely and confidently reach her full potential. By providing access to intensive leadership development programs, we complement her collegiate experience with lessons that expand her talents outside the walls of the classroom. We offer her opportunities to be bold, to take on challenging leadership roles that grow her potential. Alpha Phi fills her college days with lessons in accountability, both to herself and to her sisters, instilling a commitment to giving back that never fades. The Alpha Phi experience is transformative for this young woman. It allows her to flourish during some of life’s most defining moments. And after her undergraduate years have passed, Alpha Phi remains there for her — for life.

“It goes without saying that leadership will get young women where they want to go. We do an incredible job of supporting our members at Alpha Phi through so many different experiences and leadership opportunities.” Stephanie Bianco Xi (Toronto)


“Our chapter executive leaders function as CEOs and CFOs of a small business, managing complex operations, finances and large-scale events that rival top event planning firms. These young women are gaining real-life experiences that they will put to work after college.�

Jackee Schools

International President, Alpha Phi Fraternity

Forever This is a pivotal moment for our beloved sisterhood, and today we ask each member to lead with her heart. Together, we are called to ensure that future generations of women will have the opportunity to learn, grow and excel through the Alpha Phi experience. Think back. Remember how your sisters in Alpha Phi have touched your life. How we have offered you friendship and support. Your choice to extend that support today upholds our commitment to be there for each other, well into the future.


Leading With Heart for Years to Come Leading With Heart campaign will endow the Alpha Phi membership experience and preserve our legacy in three important focus areas: WO M E N ’ S L E A D E R S H I P Alpha Phi develops women into leaders. Our innovative programming invests in their futures and strengthens their ability to create change in the world during their collegiate years and beyond. Leading With Heart will endow our leadership programming at current grant levels and allow us to invest in new opportunities to promote Alpha Phi’s legacy of strong leadership both within our organization and in communities across the world. WO M E N ’ S H E A RT H E A LT H In 1993, Alpha Phi Foundation established the Heart to Heart grant to provide annual funding for a range of needs. To date, we have granted over $1.2 million through Heart to Heart, funding more than 30 leading-edge projects. Leading With Heart will endow the Heart to Heart grant at $100,000 per year and maintain our continued funding of groundbreaking research and promote programs that educate, empower and save lives. WO M E N ’ S S C H O L A R S H I P We support merit and need-based scholarships for nearly 70 Alpha Phi women per year, helping them pursue their educational goals and dreams. Leading With Heart will allow us to increase that number to provide more members the opportunity to expand their academic pursuits.

The Latest in Leadership Education Brand new in 2020, Alpha Phi will roll out an innovative series of powerful programs for our collegiate members: Stand Together, Live Courageously, Legacy of Leaders, Generous Hearts and League of Coaches. Alpha Phi partnered with leading subject matter experts to develop this programming that is specifically designed to support our members’ success in every facet of their lives.


Every Alpha Phi has a moment. Make this moment yours. Visit alphaphifoundation.org/leadingwithheart to learn more about the important work Alpha Phi has been doing lately, our compelling vision for the future and everything we have to offer our lifelong members. Leading With Heart offers each of us a way to sustain the Alpha Phi legacy for years to come. This is your time to lead with your heart to honor the Alpha Phi of yesterday, today and forever.

Interning with Heart to Heart Grant Recipients In the last three years, multiple Alpha Phis have had the opportunity to intern with the Heart to Heart Grant recipients, building key relationships and gaining experience in the fields of medicine and research. “Without my experience with Texas Heart Institute and the opportunities that Alpha Phi has given me, I would not be the person I am today,� said Adriana Cook (Iota Omega-Ole Miss).