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Discover her top erogenous zones

Foreplay should never be the same again after reading this.



6 7 tips to higher effeicieny at work

A healthy diet for a leaner you Fat, protein and calories; lean how much a healthy person should consume.

Higher effeciency = higher productivity = success.

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Weight Loss


The truth about Abs Seperate the fact from the chaff about losing that abdominal fat.


Tea? yes please.

Learn how tea can undo years of damage caused by smoking




BAD BOYS RULE Discover why she is attracted to him and not you.

Finer Things



2 Habits that turn back time Discover the fountain of youth and look your best at any age.

Gear for the Urban Jungle Gear to last you throughout the year.

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What is the definition of an alpha male


o you know what kind of a man an alpha male is? when you ask the grandfather of all knowledge (Google) you will see page after page of peoples opinions and views but none holds much water. You will find people saying that an alpha male is the embodiment of traits such as:- ultimate challenge, masculine, strength, confidence, ultimate provider and protector, leader, independence, sex appeal just to mention a few. Don’t get me wrong all of these are true but they are merely the heat of the stove not the fuel you fed it. To understand who an alpha male is you have to go down to the pillars that hold the foundation of his character, only then will be able to have a coherent picture of who he truly is.

First, let's dispel the false “definitions” of an alpha male, ironically enough; these so called "definitions" are the EXACT OPPOSITE of who he truly is. He IS NOT! A man who walks or conducts himself with an air insolence, he isn’t a bragger or a person who carries himself in an arrogant or pompous manner, neither does he own a counterfeit overbearing self-confidence. These are the traits of an arrogant man who thinks and acts as if he is superior to others, in turn, causing others to think badly of him and dislike him. When you compare the two on an evolutionary scale, you will find that an arrogant man is the chimpanzee and an alpha male is the human being, the 2% variation in their “DNA” makes all the difference, and it all boils down to one word CHARACTER. An alpha male makes others around him feel good. Through his presence; he is fun, charismatic and curiously different with an element of mystery, which is intriguing. His charisma is thoroughly enforced because he is well groomed, stylish, suave and successful. Amazingly, all the traits that he possesses are not a big deal to him at all, but these same traits would be broadcast through a bull horn by an arrogant man, to the dismay and disdain of many. Bottom line: An alpha male is an independent willful man who is unabashedly masculine—he is purposeful, confident, and directed, he knows who he is and where he is going and based on that he proceeds to do whatever he wants whenever he wants BUT everything he does is for a purpose. This magazine will give you the tips and tools you need to bring out the Alpha Male in you; you don’t need to be a pure alpha male BUT everyman needs to posses at least a few of his qualities; Now is the time bring out the alpha male in you.

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Health Better Man in Brief A GREEN FUTURE Survive the Daily Grind FOR A SMOKY PAST Your office is like a playground so you have to know how to handle the bullies.

Rule 1: Don’t run. Swedish researchers found that men who often retreat from obnoxious bosses and coworkers are five times more likely to have a heart attack than those who stand up for themselves.

“Coping with the situation internally may cause a temporary spike in blood pressure, which could trigger an attack,” says study author Constanze Leineweber, Ph.D. So the next time you’re a target, stay put and respond calmly. (Of course, tread lightly if it’s your boss.)

Drinking green tea may undo damage from years of smoking, according to researchers in Taiwan.

In the study, current and former smokers who never sipped the stuff were 12 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those who quaffed at least a cup a day. “Antioxidants in green tea may trigger the production of compounds that stop the spread of many cancers, including lung cancer,” says study author I-Hsin Lin, Ph.D.(c). Its never too late to brew a cup.

Sitting May Break Your Heart You better stand up for this, Sitting all day could hurt your heart, according to a recent study in Medicine Science in Sports & Exercise. Men who sat for most of every day were 35 percent more likely to die of heart disease than those who were often on their feet.According to Peter Katzmarzyk, Ph.D. the studies author “Your legs are a large part of your total muscle,When they’re inactive, you don’t break down fats in your blood as well.” Your Solution: Walk for a few minutes every hour.

Look for Health Next time you see someone hacking up a lung, take a second look: Just looking at a sick person may boost your immune system, according to a new Canadian study. Scientists asked 28 participants to view photos of people coughing and sneezing, they found that the viewers’ white blood cells produced 24 percent more cytokines— proteins that regulate immune responses. The researchers say this may be an evolutionary defense response.

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7 Tips to be more efficient at work Every man can stand to improve his workplace productivity without going insane from stress at the same time. It all boils down to how you streamline and execute your tasks. So here are 7 ways in to be more efficient on the job:

1- Plan your day in advance Plan the night before, not first thing in the morning. Expect the unexpected throughout the workday -- something is bound to come up and throw you off -- but as a rule, dont spend your time on anything that you do not care about. Think about the important tasks you have to take care of, any potential calls or meetings you have to prepare for and correspondences you have to complete. List them in order of priority and carry the list with you, smart phones make this easy; or save it as a text message. Do the same thing for your week and month as well. Designate 15 minutes at the end of every week to look ahead to the next week and compile a comprehensive task action plan. On a similar note, at the end of the month, take a broad look at the next 30 days and how they will influence your goals for the next three months. A sound plan will streamline your job. Remember; if you fail to plan you plan to fail. 2- Work with deadlines Set deadlines for your tasks. Ambitious, but realistic deadlines. If you leave the completion of your tasks open and subject to interpretation, they may never get done. Even if management is not on your back and the company is in a mode of complacency, set an example with hardcore deadlines. If you work in a team, inspire them to adhere to a schedule, by showing them that some day is another way of saying never. Play your part to ensure your not part of the problem. Here are some major actions you can take to increase your personal productivity on the job. •Screen your calls •Use e-mail to correspond (but keep messages short and to the point) •When your plate is full, minimize interruptions and let people know that you need privacy •Set an agenda and timeline for company meetings

November 2011 Alpha Male 3/21

3- A cluttered workspace = Clutterd mind Clutter can have a major negative impact on your productivity. Despite the obvious benefits of a clean work area, few take the time to file and organize. Get on it, NOW. Take an hour at the end of the day to find a place for important items. File them away in a space that is easy to access and remember. If you happen to be a pack rat, break that bad habit by tossing out items you no longer use.Use a periodic rule E.g. If more than 30 days has gone by since your last use of the paper or file in question, trash it. It may feel awkward but trust me; it is well worth the effort. 4- Keep up with technology For some people, more gadgets = more stress. However if you use them with the proper intent and under necessary circumstances, they can be of huge benefit to your workday. A better, faster computer, a new mobile phone can save time and empower you as an Entrepreneur and employee. Keep in mind as well that technology is only a time saver when you harness it for the proper intent and at the suitable time i.e keep of time wasters; social networks. 5- Save personal affairs for your own time Ever watch the movie butterfly effect? Well the ripple effect that a personal call can have on your day can be quite detrimental, when you consider the constant interruptions they cause as we try to complete a major task or project. As a result, the best advice is to save personal correspondences and matters for your lunch hour. Think of lunch as a time to scarf down a quick meal and take care of personal business. 6- Think in the a.m., Do in the p.m. Most of us are generally sharper before lunch, so emphasize on deep analysis and thought without delay. If you have to crunch numbers or write an extensive report, get on with it the moment you sit down at your desk. On the other side of the coin, schedule meetings and conference calls in the afternoon. This is the best time for most of us to interact and share ideas with others. So save the morning for tasks that demand intense examination and scrutiny. Leave the post-lunch hours for less labour-intensive chores. 7- Delegate You may not have a team of people to manage and delegate to but regardless, it is vital to maximize the potential of your colleagues to better perform your job. Take a look at your tasks and find out where your peers can be of use. Self-delegation is important as well. To save yourself time, meet with management on a regular basis to get a clear picture of what your tasks are, what they entail and how best you can execute them. And remember, there are no stupid questions, except for the ones not asked. Implement these tips and your efficiency at work is bound to rise. So...what are you waiting for? DO IT!

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Better Man in Brief Fitness Myth vs Fact MYTH: Abdominal exercises like trunk curls and sit – ups will trim the fat off your stomach. FACT: burning fat off just selected body parts is not possible.

Baking Powder Power Before running off to your nearest health shop to buy a supplement, think again, lurking in your kitchen is a surprise contender that will increase your endurance without battering your budget. Researchers at Loughborough university found that it Baking soda works best to enhance speed. In their study, 8 out of 9 swimmers reduced their times. It increases the pH of blood; thus offsetting the acidity in muscles brought on by the production of lactic acid during workouts. However, even though it is not dangerous, it may cause stomach upsets and the taste is awful - Adapted From DailyMail Online

Thousands of people spend countless hours trying to burn off fat from their tummies; they fail to realize that fat cannot be stretched or burned out of a specific area. These exercises serve only to work the muscles that are underneath the Fat. Fat is burned off through the entire body at the same rate.

STOP! The clock Research clearly demonstrates that if an active lifestyle is maintained coupled with a healthy diet you can slow down, halt and possibly reverse the aging process,



Much of the decline that is commonly associated with aging process is often the result of lifelong inactivity and improper lifestyle habits; proof of people who have altered their aging process are Will Smith and Tom Cruise. Age like wine, not milk.

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Nutrition Feature

Eating For Lean Body Mass You are deep into your training program and it seems you are neither losing nor having any gains in weight. This platue stage is known frequently known as a neutral energy balance. Here are a few simple guidelines on how much fat, protein and calories a healthy person should consume.

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Nutrition Feature Rule 1: caloric intake First determine your maintenance caloric level, add all the calories you eat in five days and divide that by five. To attain lean body mass, increase your calorie intake, but keep dietary fat intake at 5% to 15%. If you eat 2,500 calories a day, you can probably add weight and raise your nitrogen balance by increasing your caloric intake by 20%. That’s 500 more calories in your diet per day. Remember what can be measured can be improved upon.

Rule 2: fat intake Using this formula, a person eating 2,500 calories should add another 500 calories to their diet. More than 500 calories will only turn into fat. Here is a little guideline: at 3,000 calories, a person should eat about 30 grams of fat. Unsaturated fats, such as those found in vegetable oils, would be a perfect source. The easiest way to approximate the grams of fat needed is to take 10% of your calories and divide that by 10.

Rule 2: protein intake Finally, you should eat about 0.8 to 1 gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight per day. A person who weighs 160 pounds will need about 160 grams of protein a day; 30 grams of fat and 3,000 calories. These guidelines are quite simple. Everyone’s body reacts differently. Some people may consume more fat and less protein and still maintain a lean body. Experiment and learn what works for you.

November 2011 Alpha Male 8/21

A Sample Diet That Is Good For You If you want a lean body, simply increase your caloric and protein intake, and reduce fats. More precisely, you need a 10% to 15% increase in calories, a 30% increase in protein, and only 10% of your diet should contain fat. So get off that chair and start eating healthy. Here is a sample diet, which contains the proper calorie, fat and protein intake for a day Meal 1: Scrambled eggs Sauteed tomatoes and mushrooms 2 slices whole grain bread Orange juice, tea, coffee or milk

Meal 2: Stewed liver Ugali Kachumbari

Meal 3: Oven roasted chicken Steamed white rice or brown rice Spinach or kale (sukuma wiki) Fruit Meal 4: Make a salad with leftover roast chicken. Toss together with salad greens such as lettuce, red cabbage, grated carrots. You may add black beans for added flavour and to make it more filling; avocado slices. Use a light salad dressing if desired. Great for a light lunch or dinner. or Any low-fat Whey protein powder Mixed with two cups of orange juice

Stay Healthy Have fun making your own additions to these suggestions. You can make meals more nutritious by opting for whole grains. For example, switch white cornmeal for ugali with either sorghum or millet. Instead of frying you may choose to grill or bake. Use leftovers to make salads and sandwiches. Avoid adding too much salt to your meals. Instead, use herbs and spices to infuse flavour. Fresh herbs such as dhania (aka cilantro), basil and oregano are good additions to stews and meats. Spices such as cumin, turmeric, black pepper and ginger among others can add flavour, colour and a little heat to many meals. Maintaining a healthy diet means having a good balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. All these can be obtained from lean meat, legumes, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and nuts. So long as you are exercising and not consuming too many calories you can maintain a lean and healthy body.

Meal 5: Baked fish e.g. tilapia, nile perch, salmon Baked white or sweet potatoes Spinach or stir fried cabbage

Snacks: Nuts e.g. cashews, macadamia etc. Avoid overly salted ones. Mixed fruit salad topped with raisins and a scoop of yogurt Instead of ice-cream, frozen yogurt topped with fruits or nuts

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Weight Loss Better Man in Brief Don’t Assume Another reason to always exercise: Just because you’re not fat doesn’t mean you’re healthy. For 32 years, scientists in Finland followed 16 sets of twins who weighed about the same—but only one twin exercised. The sedentary twin was hiding more fat.

A SMOOTH SOLUTION Drink yourself slim with the weightloss smoothie

Ingredients Yogurt 1 ripe mango 1small banana


1.Peel the mango and banana 2.Roughly chop the fruit 3.Throw all ingredients into a blender (put the lid on) 4.To finish, blend until smooth and serve “ The full feeling this smoothie creates comes from the fibre and carbs in the fruit.” Says Laurence beeken. The protein and calcium in the yogurt slows the release of sugar into your bloodstream.

MIND OVER MATTER You can reduce cravings using only a pen and paper. While the reasons you raid the biscuits tin are varied as this survey, shows defeating the urge is simple. Just write down what you last ate and how it tasted. In tests people who recalled lunch after three hours showed reduced appetites,” says Dr Suzanne Higgs

Got Milk?!

Get better results from your workout by downing milk. Two cups of skim milk after intense weightlifting can build more muscle and burn twice as much fat as drinking fruit juice. But go with real cow's milk as it's more beneficial than soya milk.

November 2011 Alpha Male 10/21


Bad is Good – Be A Bad Boy And Score More Many guys don’t understand what is meant by a ‘bad boy’. It conjures up men doing bad things to women like abusing women in one way or another. But in realty a ‘bad boy’ is just a man who does not please a woman by doing everything she expects or asks for when she expects or wants it. Any man who Wishes to get Any womans interest should learn what a true ‘Bad Boy’ Is: one who puts his own interests before any woman’s (No Matter How Hot She Is). It is this seeming lack of interest in the ‘bad boy’ that attracts her interest and labels the man who dares to behave in this manner the tag of ‘bad boy’. So in one way of thinking, being a bad boy is actually a good thing. In essence, the characteristic that makes a good guy a bad boy is that the bad boy always puts his own best interests, and himself, before that of any lady. A prime example of bad boy behavior would be canceling a date with a woman simply because a more enticing dating opportunity presented itself at the last minute. When viewed from the seasoned Don Juan or Casanova’s angle, all that the bad boy is really doing is playing the game – without the disguise of doing it solely for the woman’s interest. So now you see how easy it is to be a good ‘bad boy’. All you have to do is to allow your own self-interests to become your main goal, and don’t turn yourself inside out trying to fit in and please any woman, no matter how cute. You may find this hard to do at first, but the soon enough it will be second nature.

November 2011 Alpha Male 11/21

Women are accustomed to guys who do what they want, when they want it. Pleasing them in any way that they can. So a guy who does not conform to these types of actions, is classed as being ‘bad’. In truth the women are curious as to why the ‘bad boy’ acts differently and in doing so you will certainly raise the question in a woman’s mind.

Keys to Succes Dressing The Part Helps You Focus on Bad Boy Traits Of course, it helps if you are halfway goodlooking, it will give you more credibility in your own mind, as well as that of the ladies. Classic ‘bad boys’ of the silver screen like Marlon Brando, James Dean and Sean Penn spring to mind; on the music scene P.Diddy is the best example. They vary in fashion sense, but more significantly they are well groomed toped off with unshakable self confidence. Hit the gym and take some time to for personal grooming, it will do wonders for your self confidence. Remember there are no ugly people in this world just lazy ones. Act Indifferent Towards Her, Let her chase you Hot women are not used to being treated indifferently by guys. Most guys will do anything for them, but bad boys refuse to play her game, and instead, concentrate on their own, making them even more attractive and difficult to attain for the determined hottie. Remember Let the woman chase you, DO NOT CHASE THE WOMAN this simple fact is what seperates the average fruit cake from the bad boy.

November 2011 Alpha Male 12/21

Gear Better Man in Brief 1.





1. AGV K3 Helmet

This a very sexy helmet especially in black; it almost looks like it belongs in Tron Legacy with the light cycles. The vents are flush and well-integrated into the overall shape of the helmet. The weight, quality of the materials and the construction are very good, particularly for the price. P.s Rossi wears AGV.

Price: $ 220 Where:

2. Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700

The Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 8700 is the perfect fusion of technology and elegance; it has a retrograde perpetual calendar that helps you keep track of your day and month.The highlight is; it never needs a battery, EVER. That’s because it is powered by the sun, via solar panels that are strategically placed on its face; this is the unstoppable watch for the unstoppable man.

Price: $ 375 Where:

3. Pokerun Outlaw 2.0 leather jacket

A leather jacket is a long-term investment, But there’s a new breed of quality leather jacket out there (softer, trimmer, lighter) that’s also a lot easier on the pocket. thats what the Pokerun Outlaw leather jacket offers. It’s designed for bikers thus you’ll have a jacket that goes as well with jeans as with a tie—and you can go riding with it, not to mention it can last a lifetime.

Price: $ 295 Where:

4. Samsung Galaxy S 2 It looks like the point where it all ends. A galaxy outgrowing its own limits. An explosion of energy and speed. An overdose of smartphone power; whether its for business entertainment or fashion this phone has it all.

Price: $ 575 Where: Your nearest Samsung shop

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Sex Feature

November 2011 Alpha Male 15/21

The Top 13 Erogenous zones Easy Zone offence to help you score

November 2011 Alpha Male 16/21

Sex Feature Chances are good that you are not using one of the best tools in your sexual arsenal to its full potential. This secret weapon is your mouth. We’re not just talking about oral sex here, although you should be giving her oral pleasure on a regular basis if you want to be a good lover, and we’re going to go beyond kissing on the mouth in this article, which you should have mastered by now if you want to kiss her anywhere else. Your mouth can be applied to various other parts of her body by kissing, licking, nibbling, biting, and sucking. Anywhere you touch her with your hands will most likely feel even better when stimulated by a warm, wet mouth. When it comes to kissing women, some of their favorite places are obvious, while others are frequently overlooked.



Maintaining their gorgeous locks isn’t the only reason women go to their hairstylists so often. The process of wash, cut, color, and styling can actually be quite a stress reliever. Running your hands gently through her hair is a surefire way to send tingles down her spine. Let your fingers massage circles from her temples to the nape of her neck and she’ll be putty in your hands.




Back of the neck

One of the easiest and most dependable ways to get her in the mood is to place your mouth on the back of her neck. This works especially well if you take her by surprise. When she’s at the sink doing dishes or working on the computer, approach her quietly from behind, sweep her hair off the back of her neck and kiss her there. She will soon forget her task and want more.

“When it comes to kissing women, some of their favorite places are obvious, while others are frequently overlooked”

The ears are an often-neglected area of the body that can be the site of intense pleasure for her and using your mouth is the best way to stimulate them. Gentle nibbling on the earlobe is a reliable way to send shivers down her spine, but you should also try lightly brushing your lips against her ear, which will rouse the soft, fine hairs there creating waves Collarbone While her clothes are still on, one of the most of tingly pleasure. intimate places you can lay some kisses is along her collarbone. A woman’s exposed Earlobes Touching, kissing and even lightly biting the collarbone is sexy and your mouth on it earlobes of your woman will up the bliss fac- makes her think of your mouth on more tor for her. These delicate, soft lobes are very private parts of her body. So start off with sensitive and most women thoroughly enjoy kisses there before you move on to places the sensation of having a man’s lips on them. you can’t reach while she’s fully clothed. You You can nibble around the outside of the rest can always come back to it once the clothes have disappeared as well to remind her of the of her ear as well, but for courtesy’s sake anticipation it created when you started there. avoid jamming your tongue inside her ear.

November 2011 Alpha Male 16/21

Nape of her neck Once you get to the nape of her neck, place a few light kisses there. In ancient Japan, the back of a woman’s neck was seen as very attractive by men since it was one of the few places not covered by clothing. In modern times, the nape of the neck is often neglected in favor of more obvious pleasure centers, but never underestimate the power of gentle touches and kisses from her hairline to her shoulders.



There are few things more personal than kissing a woman on the face. Your warm, fuzzy feelings for her can be expressed by placing sweet, light kisses on her cheeks, forehead, jaw line, even her nose and closed eyelids. But don’t lick her face. JUST DONT. It’s icky, not sexy. No biting either. Her face should be treated with tenderness and reverence.



Small of her back

The best way to guide your woman through a crowd is to place your hand against the small of her back. This small gesture shows that you feel protective of her without being too pushy like an arm around the shoulder might be. When you’re alone, kissing or licking down her spine to end up with a kiss on the small of her back will get her heart racing.



Concentrating some affection on her pelvis is a great idea, however, you’ll have to resist the urge to slip down to her vagina while you’re so close. Like teasing her inner thighs, kissing and licking around her pelvis will excite her until she’s begging for more. Prolong the sensation by leaving the region to focus on another body part for a while.



Her hips are more sensitive than you would guess. It could be because they are so close to the center of her physical pleasure. WhatPutting your mouth on her breasts can be ever the reason, kissing, licking and nibbling intensely sexy, but doing it wrong can turn her right off. Kissing, licking and sucking are at her hips will send currents of delight down to her toes and up to the top of her head. all recommended and even some gentle biting can be acceptable as long as you take it easy. Her breasts are delicate, so don’t forget that you have to treat them appropriately. Unless she’s into hardcore S&M, hard sucking and biting are no-nos. Her breasts should not have bruises when Touching her inner thighs without venturing you are done with them. Also, remember that into the vaginal area will make for an her nipples are not the only parts that need excellent tease that is sure to get her revved some attention. Use your mouth all over her up. Use your hands and mouth to caress and breasts for maximum effect. kiss the insides of her thighs, getting close to her ultimate pleasure spot, but pulling back before going all the way.



Inner thighs

November 2011 Alpha Male 17/21

Sex Feature

10 Behind her knees

13 Crook of the elbow

This area is one that most men don’t think of when trying to stimulate a woman, but it is, in fact, quite sensitive. Gently caressing the back of the knee under her skirt while the two of you are in a public place will make her ready to get busy once you get home. Don’t forget to pay some more attention to this special spot once you’re alone too.

The soft skin on the delicate curve on the inside of a woman’s elbow is packed with nerve endings. Kiss her there and watch her whole body shiver as the sensations go through her; here’s a tip try gently nibbling and sucking in variations to see what she enjoys best.

11 Feet

When properly stimulated a woman’s entire body becomes an erogenous zone, sending sexual electrical impulses to the brain from such likely places as the sides of her legs, the chest, even the elbows. Simply glide your hands down her whole body from her armpits to her legs, then backup again. Do it right and she’ll be squirming with pleasure. Maya Angelou said it best, “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Especially women.

There are few better ways to help her relax than to give her feet a good rub, especially if her job requires her to be on them all day. Do it right and grab some massage oil or lotion. Don’t forget to pay some attention to her toes, ankles and the sides of her feet too. Some women really enjoy having their toes sucked, but others find it repulsive, so asking first is a good idea before putting them in Always remembers, as an alpha male, make your mouth. sure you shame all who “pleased” her before you and all who will try to please her after you.

12 Palms of her hands People often use their hands as tools to please their partners, but rarely do they consider the pleasure potential of stimulating the hands themselves. The palm of a woman’s hand is an innocuous spot to focus a little attention on without making people around you uncomfortable. Tracing your finger along her palm will give her delightful shivers and make you appear sensitive and attentive.

November 2011 Alpha Male 18/21

Knowledge & Wisdom

Omerta: The law of

When used appropriately omerta will make you look confident and get you out of trouble.

Silence is golden Now, talking isn't always a bad thing, as long as it’s with the right people. Suppose that you are the CEO of a company. Revenues are strong, profit margins are fat and cash flow is increasing. Then, at a dinner party one night, after a few too many glasses of your favorite poison, you decide that it's time to open your big mouth and start talking trash about one of your customers. No big deal , you figure, it's all in good fun -- some harmless gossip. Besides, he'll never find out. Little do you know that the walls have ears and that so-and-so at the table knows your customer. Next thing you know, that big customer of yours who is paying for your Range Rover and your mansion cancels all business deals with you. Remember never discuss your business with people who shouldn't be hearing what you have to say and DON’T broadcast issues that should be settled man-to-man.

Never start rumors As an Alpha Male you never start rumors, but let’s just say that you started a “rumor” he didn't want anyone to know about. Would you want your wife finding out about that 23 year old hottie that you've been seeing after hours? You probably have a few skeletons of your own in your closet. How would you like it if others started shooting their mouths off about your personal affairs? Exactly. So my advice to you is keep your mouth shut, mind your own business and pretend you don’t know what’s going on. There’s no point in being on the wrong end of a beat down when you could be enjoying a good laugh with everyone else. All you need to do is open your mouth once at the wrong time and you will have a reputation that will stick for life. No one wants to be known as a “Snitch”. People will not associate with you for business or pleasure. So keep your mouth shut, continue doing business and keep your friends.

Be wise and realize a simple but profound truth Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute. As an alpha male attracts people and attention, there will come jealous people who aim to make him look foolish by using insults and mean-spirited jokes. He will simply laugh and converse"around" these people, his silence towards the hater speaks volumes to everyone observing. The more the hater says about him after this point, makes them look obsessed with the alpha male. Soon others will be telling the offender to be quiet or go away. Masterful. Try to remember that before you open your slack jaw.

November 2011 Alpha Male 19/21

How To.....

How To: Cure a Hangover

There are ways for you to prevent the symptoms of a hangover, besides not drinking in the first place. You're lying in bed, and the little man in your head is pounding away with a jackhammer. It feels like there’s a concert in your stomach and you feel like you haven't slept in weeks. While lying there, staring at the ceiling that has finally stopped spinning, the only question that comes to your mind is: "Did I really have to have that last drink?

Well, you did have that final drink -- the one that put you over the top -- and now you're paying for it. Not to worry, though, there are ways to relieve the headache, nausea and fatigue experienced after having one drink too many.

Get started! Snack, Snack, Snack: To help prevent a hangover, try to eat or snack before or while drinking. Now here's how to handle the morning-after hangover:

Water: The symptoms you're feeling post-drinking are signs of dehydration caused by the alcohol. That's why you must rehydrate yourself by drinking a lot of water when you get up. Rehydrating your body is the key to recovering from the hangover, and this cannot be stressed enough. You can even put some lemon in your water because it’ll help soothe your stomach and will add vitamin C. When drinking water, avoid water that is extremely cold or hot; drink water at room temperature.

Juice: Juice is also a good idea; vitamin C will help give you the energy you'll need.

Coffee? No thank you: Even though you're extremely tired and a cup of coffee seems like the best way to wake you up, try to stay away from it. Caffeine will only dehydrate you more, and since it's also a diuretic, it will not help your stomach. Milk and other dairy products are also not a good idea; they may make you feel more queasy.

Ginger ale: If you don't want to drink water, try a glass of flat ginger ale, which helps soothe your stomach.

Obey your thirst:Sports drinks such as Gatorade, lucozade have been known to work for some people.

Feels like honey: Have some tablespoons of plain honey, or add some honey to your water or cup of tea. It'll help soothe the dryness in your throat.

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Make some toast:After drinking to just about every toast that could be made the night before, some slices of plain toast could be a good idea (avoid putting jam or butter on them).

Fruity fixes: Eating some fruit is also a good idea. It'll be refreshing and give you the vitamins and energy you'll need to replenish your body.

Sleep: Either sleep in, or wake up and take any of the above-mentioned measures and go back to bed. This is assuming, of course, that you have the luxury of sleeping in for that particular day.

Wash cloth: Another effective way to alleviate the pain is to lie in a dark room with a cool cloth on your head.

Pills: Have an over-the-counter painkiller such as aspirin to help ease the headache. DO NOT have acetaminophen-based pills; these can be dangerous when mixed with the alcohol in your system. Take the pills in the morning, not before going to bed when the alcohol is still prominent in your system.

Cure your hangover Remember that these are all ways to alleviate the symptoms usually associated with a hangover. If there seems to be a more serious problem as a result of alcohol consumption, go to a doctor. These are things that have been known to help treat that dreaded feeling that comes after a night of drinking and partying. They all work differently for everyone, and you may discover your own method to help you overcome a hangover. P.S DONT DRINK AND DRIVE

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