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University of Connecticut 2017-2018

2017-2018 Executive Board

Anastasia Kipor President

Quinton Charmichall Rebecca Shepherd Vice President

Social Chair

Lia Crowley

Jayla Millender



: Graduating E-Board members. Thanks for all you have done for our chapter of ALD, seniors! You will be missed.

2017-2018 Executive Board

Kathleen Flynn

Samantha Staffin

Eliza Zarka

Ziyi Zhao

Nicholas Olson

Historian (Fall)



Community Outreach

Major Events/ Incoming Vice President

2017-2018 Executive Board

Alexis Abbotts Newsletter Chair

Sarah Verity Academic Chair

Julia Neri Incoming Social Chair

2017-2018 Faculty Advisors

David Ouimette Executive Director of FYP & LC

Vanessa Licowski Business Manager

How We Spread the Word‌

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Members are encouraged to subscribe to our Remind Texts to receive day before and day of reminders for all our events!

How We Spread the Word Continued

Daily Digest Daily Digest is UConn’s daily newsletter sent out every day at 11:00am. The email showcases events going on that day as well as things coming up during the week. We post our events in the Daily Digest to spread the word!

A Snapshot of UConn ALD’s 2017-2018 Year...

We host general member meetings throughout the year to notify our members about any current ALD opportunities‌

‌this is a great way for our members to meet each other and interact

Check out our slides!

Blood Drives 9/21/17 & 11/17/17 …or at the recovery snack table

Members either donated…

ALD sponsored two blood drives with UConn’s Chapter of the American Red Cross Association in the Fall Semester

…volunteered at the sign in table…

Create-A-Snack Challenge Â&#x; 10/25/2017 Some friendly competition! This event challenged members to compete to see who could create the most creative treat‌

Nice costumes!

Thanks judges!

Great job contestants!

Trivia Nights Â&#x; 10/26/17 & 4/17/18 ents v e ic m e ts. d h a g i c ur a trivia n o ith f o w e e d r Som year we awarde laces this rs were arious p v ne Win ards to ampus! c c gift around

Each crea E-Boar d t ques ed a ca membe t t the ions‌ c egory o r a f a crea nswers n you g trivia ue to tive ques these ss tion s?

Operation Christmas Child With ALD Ÿ 11/14/2017

40 boxes donated to children worldwide!

Thank you elves!

Gift boxes filled with toys, hygiene supplies, and educational items were sent to kids in need all over the world thanks to some amazing members!


Paint Nights Â&#x; 11/27/17 & 3/20/18 What better stress reliever than some relaxing, free-style painting with friends? ALD hosts a paint night each semester for members to de-stress

Ice Cream Socials Ÿ 9/27/17 & 4/30/18 cei e h rt o f re e s h u t o fam de righ to s i a se nn UCo that is m ny excu s a i A cream ampus! ce-cream on c r this i e… u on d o devo o g

…So crea why no sem m socia t have a swee ester to l event n ice fello ts and l share s each w AL aug ome D m hs wi t emb ers?!h

International Dessert Night with Humanity First Â&#x; 2/14/2018 ALD had a team at Humanity First @ UConn’s 2nd annual International Dessert Night!

Induction Ceremony Â&#x; 2/22/18

Keith Barker A happy E-Board! Our largest event of the year went so well!

Scholarship Winners

2018 Faculty of the Year Award Recipient

Ice Skating Social EventÂ&#x; 2/23/18

The E-Board invited all ALD members to meet at UConn’s Ice Forum to get to know one another

Professional Photo Shoots Â&#x; 2/27/18 & 4/26/18

We hosted two professional photo shoots this year so members could get their LinkedIn profiles up to date!

FlowerFest Â&#x; 4/11/17

Cacti & succulents for sale!

O o ze ball Â&#x; 4/2 1/1 8 e of n o ll is eatest a b e lly a c Ooz nn’s gr i as UCo . It is b mu d. ions in the t i d all tra b y e l vo l

N o ne of th wo n the e e ALD te vent, ams had b u t fu n i n the we all mu d !

Bonfire Â&#x; 4/26/18

2017 Alpha Lambda Delta National Conference Two of our E-Board members traveled to Arizona for the national ALD conference! Phoenix, Arizona


“I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have attended such an eye-opening conference. I met so many wonderful people, and became more immersed in ALD than I ever thought I could, thanks to the organization’s wonderful event. Whoever goes to next year’s conference in Cincinnati, Ohio is in for the best time of their life” – Alexis Abbots, UConn ALD Newsletter Chair

Keynote Speaker PowerPoint!

Fall & Spring Executive Board Retreats @ Four Arrows

Four Arrows is a teambuilding activity center at UCONN. Each course is different, but all focus on growth, reflection, energy, and developing a turning point. This has always been a great way to bring our e-board together, especially when we get new members in the spring.

Annual Prize & Scholarship Winners Annual Prize Winners*

Scholarship Winners:

1 – Anand Veeraraghav

Continuing Education: Kathleen Flynn

2 – Amelia Tavarnesi

Paper n’ Paws Award: Anand Veeraraghav

3 – Xiangyun Rui/Abigail Reblin

Dr. Seuss Award: Kaitlyn Kaufman

Runner Ups:

Roaming Husky Award: Audrey Spencer

Megan O’Connell, Tiffany D’Andrea, Elyssa Denault, Madison Silva, Emily O’Hara, Andre Bent, Zoe Anderson

*members with the greatest ALD involvement for the year

Thank you for your dedication to ALD!

Thank you for your interest in what UConn’s Chapter of ALD has been up to! We appreciate the support!

ALD Maintaining the Flame 2018 - UCONN  

Scrapbook from the University of Connecticut (UCONN) chapter, a winner of Alpha Lambda Delta's 2018 Maintaining the Flame award

ALD Maintaining the Flame 2018 - UCONN  

Scrapbook from the University of Connecticut (UCONN) chapter, a winner of Alpha Lambda Delta's 2018 Maintaining the Flame award