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The FLAME Volume 53 - 2015

Inside this issue: A Letter From the National President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 A Letter From the Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Celebrate: the 2014 National Leadership Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 The Order of the Torch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Chapter Reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 ALD Awards: Fellowship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 ALD Awards: Trow Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 ALD Awards: Stemler Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 ALD Awards: Outstanding Advisor of the Year . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 ALD Awards: ED’s Outstanding Advisors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 New Chapter Installations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 National Council Update . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Celebrate: Photos from the 90th Anniversary Banquet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 The Flame is a publication of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First-Year College Students. Alpha Lambda Delta PO Box 4403 Macon, GA 31208-4403 1-800-9-ALPHA-1 www .nationalald .org Mission Statement: To communicate the activities, ideals and accomplishments of Alpha Lambda Delta with the vision to create and project a positive image of the Society as a progressive and relevant collegiate organization with a committment towards excellence . Editorial Policy: Alpha Lambda Delta reserves the right to exercise editorial decisions over written materials and/or articles . submitted for publication . Content, design, and layout will be the decision of the editorial staff .


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Thank you... National President Susan Melson Huffman bids a fond farewell to Executive Director Glenda Earwood Greetings to all Members, Advisors, National Council, and Friends of Alpha Lambda Delta! This past year has been full of excitement for our society as we celebrated our 90th Anniversary and inducted our 1,000,000th member in 2014. You will see in this issue of the Flame that we had a wonderful celebration of our society’s rich history during our annual National Council meeting last June. Several former student council members, professional council members, and past presidents traveled to the Chicago Palmer House to share memories, reconnect with one another, and to honor our society’s rich history. Another 90th anniversary celebration was held during our annual fall student leadership workshop in Minneapolis this past October. We had a “roaring twenties” theme at our Awards Banquet, and the students and advisors came dressed in zoot suits and flapper dresses! A video history played during the banquet, and I gave a brief history about our founder, Dean Maria Leonard. As we turn our focus to the future, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate and recognize the more than eighteen years of service of our Executive Director, Dr. Glenda Earwood, who will retire this June. Dr. Earwood was appointed to this position in June, 1996, and officially began her leadership in November that year. She is only the third person to serve this society as Executive Director in 90 years! Under Glenda’s leadership, Alpha Lambda Delta has thrived leaps and The Flame

bounds. Membership has grown tremendously, and our number of chapters has also climbed. During her tenure of service, Glenda has worked with four National Presidents, Dottie Anderson, Patricia Graham, James Stemler, and me. I know that I speak for all four of us when I say that we have appreciated everything she has done to provide continuity, consistency, and professionalism with both the National Office and the ever changing membership of the National Council. As we approached our 90th anniversary, Glenda decided that we should commemorate this milestone by increasing our scholarship and fellowship funds with a campaign that she titled $90,000 for the 90,000th. Anyone who knows Glenda knows that once she is focused on a mission, there is no stopping her! As I write this letter, the campaign has achieved 75% of its goal, and Glenda is sure that we will make $90,000 if not more. Not only has this campaign elicited donations from Alpha Lambda Delta members, advisors, council members, and friends, but it has resulted in reconnecting with and building a rich database of Alpha Lambda Delta “family” including past scholarship and fellowship winners! The National Council is especially grateful for Glenda’s passion for this project! While the 90th anniversary celebration continues and we honor and thank Dr. Earwood for her many years of service, I want you to know that we have selected our next Executive Director, Eileen Naughton Merberg. Eileen comes to us from SUNY-Buffalo State where she has served as Interim Director of Student Life since 3

August, 2013. She previously held the position of Retention and Leadership Specialist at Buffalo State. I installed a new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta at Buffalo State in 2008 and had the opportunity to meet and work with Eileen, so she is very familiar with Alpha Lambda Delta! In closing, I wish all of the chapters, officers and advisors, a wonderful year full of lasting friendships made, meaningful services rendered, and leadership opportunities experienced. Each of us, no matter what our position with Alpha Lambda Delta, has the opportunity to lead and to pass the Torch onto those following in our footsteps. I am honored and humbled to serve as your National President and thank you for all that you do to honor and recognize students for academic excellence!

Susan Melson Huffman National President

Volume 53- 2015


l e t t e r

f r o m

t h e

E x e c u t i v e

D i r e c t o r

Don’t be greedy, be grateful. Don’t be anxious, be faithful. After eighteen years, Executive Director Glenda Earwood says goodbye to Alpha Lambda Delta Since 1997, I have had the privilege of serving as the Executive Director of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society for First Year Students . WHAT an exciting and fulfilling journey! My history with Alpha Lambda Delta goes back to my initiation as a freshman at Auburn University by Dean of Women and National President Katherine Cooper Cater . Little did I know that this first generation college student from Birmingham, Alabama, would be mentored by Dean Cater, serve as President of the Associated Women Students, be involved with changing rules because of Title IX,

and become so involved with Alpha Lambda Delta .

describing my research idea and a week later she gave it back and said, Later in my higher education ca- “This will be your dissertation topreer, I pursued my Ph .D . at Florida ic .” “Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Eta State University . I was fortunate to Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa and have another mentor, Dr . Melvene Mortar Board: The Effect of Title Hardee . She pushed me and my IX on the Gender of Officers and cohort of colleagues to identify our Members” was the title of the disdissertation topics only three weeks sertation which won the NAWDAC Ruth Strang Research Award . into our doctoral studies . Shocked, scared, and in much awe of this five Over these years, I have had the foot two GIANT in higher educa- privilege of working with some SUtion, I threw myself into the Stro- PER people . Past office full-time zier library, looked at as many dis- staff included Caroline Raines, sertations as possible and got help Kristie Smith, Rachel Garza, with from second year students . Hesi- current staff, Lee Greenway and tantly, I handed Dr . Hardee a paper Elaine Robinson, along with a wonderful cast of part-time help, most of whom were hardworking college students . We made progress into the world of technology until now we have an online membership registration system and have doubled the number of annual members while working with the same number of full-time staff .

Eileen Merberg (at right) will be taking over for Glenda Earwood (at left) as ALD’s Executive Director on July 1, 2015. Alpha Lambda Delta


I have had the privilege of installing numerous new chapters, presenting Order of the Torch Awards to an outstanding array of chapters, congratulating and corresponding with Fellowship, Trow, and now Stemler winners, and working with unselfish volunteers who give of their most precious resource, their time, to work with students . I have served with four great National The Flame

The generosity of ALD members at the national workshops by donating books to a children’s home in Anaheim (a home which just happened to be connected to the niece of the first ALD Executive Secretary Mary Jane Stevenson); everyday items to homeless shelters in Charlotte, San Antonio, San Diego, and Minneapolis; sports equipment for inner city kids in Louisville, KY; library books for a Mississippi library destroyed by Katrina; canned goods - with a special CANstruction project - to America’s Harvest in Kansas City; pet items to a shelter in Minneapolis; and cleanup supplies to a seabird sanctuary after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster; and many, many more. The numerous service projects at the local campus level. The initiation of the one millionth member of Alpha Lambda Delta at Ohio University .

Presidents, Dorothy Anderson, Dr. Pat Graham, Dr. Jim Stemler, and Dr. Susan Huffman along with wonderfully dedicated professional and student members of the National Council. I have attended superb workshops from Anaheim to Orlando, from Charlotte to Minneapolis and seen a large part of this great land that we are blessed to call home.

fax machines to e-mail, to now an online registration system Discovering that gold medal gymnast Kerry Strug joined ALD at UCLA and inviting her to be the speaker at the 75th anniversary workshop

90th anniversary - $90,000 for the 90th! At the time of this writing, ALD has received $68,000, or about 75% of our goal. Change is a major part of life – better expect it and keep up with it.

And that brings me to another change – the passing of the Torch to Eileen Merberg. On July 1, 2015 the national office of Alpha LambThe attendance at the Orlando da Delta will move to Rochester, workshop after 9/11 – ALD received NY where Eileen will begin serving a personally signed letter from the as the ALD Executive Director. See Florida governor thanking us for page 51 for Eileen’s background. It’s been a great ride! When I got NOT cancelling the workshop this job, I told my friends, I don’t Don’t be greedy, be grateful. ever plan to have another and, for- The installation of over 85 new or Don’t be anxious, be faithful. tunately, it has worked out that reactivated chapters. way. Helping create the Stemler Study Thanks! Abroad Scholarships – supporting A few of the highlights: a wider vision of the world for stuHaving the first national website dents - named after the first male Dr. Glenda Earwood for an honor society, moving from President of Alpha Lambda Delta. Executive Director The Flame


Volume 53- 2015


Alpha Lambda Deltans from around t Anniversary at the 2014 Leadership W The Crown Plaza Northstar in Minneapolis was the site of 2014 Alpha Lambda Delta Annual Leadership Workshop . From October 24 through the 26th, 133 students, 43 advisors, members of the National Council, and staff from the National Office gathered to learn new skills and make new friends as well celebrate the 90th anniversary of the founding of Alpha Lambda Delta at the University of Illinois . Sixty-seven ALD chapters were represented .

lives of the poor without creating an expensive bureaucracy . Sharing and Caring Hands annually serves 240,000 meals and provides shelter for over 550 people each night, most of whom are children . Ninety-one percent of all the finds donated to Caring and Sharing Hands goes directly to the needs of the poor and provides emergency funds for rent, utilities, health expenses, food, clothing, shoes, travel expenses, job related costs, and much more . The daughter of foundIn her last workshop before retir- er Mary Jo Copeland was on hand ing, Dr . Glenda Earwood, ALD’s to describe the program and accept Executive Director, welcomed the gifts from ALD members . To learn more about this remarkable orgaWorkshop participants and innization, go to: http://sharingandtroduced a representative from caringhands .org/ Caring and Sharing Hands, ALD’s 2014 National Service Project . This The keynote speaker for the workincredible organization seeks to shop was Jullien Gordon, an author make a positive difference in the and speaker who is committed to

Alpha Lambda Delta


helping college students find their “D .R .E .A .M .” (Desired Relationships, Employment, And Money .” Jullien has published four books, the most recent of which is 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate. He received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA in three years and has since received M .B .A . and Master of Education degrees from Stanford University . He has spoken to over 60 colleges and universities nation-wide on leadership, goal setting, and career readiness . In his very energetic talk, Jullien engaged the audience to think in new ways about their college careers and themselves . Following Jullien’s speech, advisors met with National President Dr . Susan Melson Huffman, and student participants enjoyed mixers which turned into talent shows

The Flame


the USA help ALD celebrate her 90th Workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota and exchanging pen, pins, and souvenirs .

Riverfront District, and of course, the Mall of America .

Starting with a very early breakfast, Saturday activities began with learning more about sending news stories and photos for publication in The Flame as well as the many services provided by the ALD National Office .

Participants gathered that evening for the annual Awards Banquet at which winners of the Trow and Stemler Scholarships, chapter membership awards, Order of the Torch, and Maintaining the Flame were recognized . Dr . Kevin Doughtety, Advisor of the ALD Chapter at UCLA and winner of the Advisor of the Year Award, was the featured speaker for the evening . He described how much the award and being recognized by his students meant to him . With considerable insight, he outlined the qualities that a make a great student leader .

Workshops designed to strengthened leaderships skills and make chapters more active filled the rest of the morning with a broad range of topics . Following lunch, participants were given free time to explore Minneapolis . While some folks used the time to catch up on studying, many participants toured the Walker Art Center with its Loring Park Sculpture Garden, Nicollet Mall, the Basilica of St . Mary, the Minneapolis

The Flame

tional Vice President Butch Hill even got a pie in the face as the “winner� for receiving the most contributions to the ALD 90th Anniversary Challenge to raise $90,000 for the continued growth of fellowships and scholarships . After a Sunday morning continental breakfast and evaluations of the Workshop, ALD members and their advisors said their goodbyes to new friends, exchanged addresses, and promised to stay in touch before dashing off to catch airplane flights or start long car trips, leaving with new ideas and insights to make their chapters even more vital and active .

A 1924 themed dance followed and lasted late into the night . Students For more photos from the and advisors dressed in costume 2014 Workshop, see the and learned new dance steps . Na-

next pages.


Volume 53- 2015


National Editor Mike Nichols captured the images on these two pages during the 2014 Workshop.

Leadership, Engagement, Service: The Order of the Torch In 2014, six outstanding chapters were added to the rolls of the Order of the Torch. These chapters have exemplified Alpha Lambda Delta’s principles of service and success. University of Houston – Downtown September 16, 2014

Presented by Glenda Earwood

Dr . Glenda Earwood, Executive Director, flew to Houston, Texas, to be a part of the Fall Convocation for the University of Houston – Downtown . Attended by most of the fac-

ulty, staff, and administrators of the university as well as SGA officers and ALD chapter officers, her presentation was a part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the University of Houston-Downtown and the presentation of the strategic plan by President Bill Flores . Dr . Earwood began her remarks by complimenting the university on its

40th anniversary and sharing that Alpha Lambda Delta was celebrating her 90th anniversary in 2014 . Dr . Earwood mentioned that, although she had planned to serve as the installing officer for the chapter installation on January 30, 2014, a rare snowstorm in the Atlanta area prevented her from travelling . Chapter advisor Dr . Mari Nicholson – Preuss installed

Dr. Glenda Earwood presented the Order of the Torch to the University of Houston-Downtown on September 16, 2014

Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

University of North Carolina - Greensboro August 17, 2014

Presented by Sandrea Williamson

Left-to-right: Melissa Ostrander (Chapter Advisor), Dickson Ibeh-Kingsley (Chapter President), and Sandrea Williamson (Former National Council member).

the UHD chapter in the absence of a national representative . As Dr . Earwood officially welcomed the UHD chapter to the Alpha Lambda Delta family, she mentioned that this was the first chapter, to her knowledge, to be installed by the chapter advisor without a national representative present . In her remarks, Dr . Earwood stated, “The commitment to excellence and service has gained the UHD chapter the status of an outstanding academic group; it is my distinct honor to present the Order of the Torch Award to the University of Houston Downtown .” Not only is the UHD chapter unique in having an installation ceremony without someone from the National Council present, but they are the first chapter ever to win the Order of the Torch Award during the first year of existence as a chapter . Chapter members organized and participated in many projects that demonstrated passion for giving

The Flame

On August 17, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro hosted the Chancellor’s New Student Convocation to welcome all new students to the university . During this program, the UNCG chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was proud to receive the Order of the Torch banner onstage from Sandrea Williamson, a former member of the ALD National Council . It is our hope that UNCG’s newest incoming class has learned about ALD through the presentation, and will strive for academic achievement and membership in ALD!

back to the campus and surrounding community . The chapter had a theme: Preparation is the key to success . Among the many activities that the new chapter members participated in included the Welcome Gators Freshman Convocation, promoting attendance for the Common Reader Series, taking a trip to the Houston zoo with the other ALD chapter from the main campus, volunteering at The Volunteer which provides everyday services for the homeless of Houston, participating in Ed’s Buffalo Bayou Clean UP, cooperating with Golden Key to sponsor a bake sale where all the profits were donated to the homeless, and making KARDS for KINDNESS for patients at St . John’s Hospital in Clear Lake . The chapter promoted communication through its Facebook page and really had a great time! All of the activities and acts of service were preserved in a beautiful digital scrapbook which can be viewed on


the ALD national website – www .nationalald .org . The chapter had a strong leadership team with Daral Moore Washington as chapter president, Evelyn Valdez as Vice President, Carolina Perez Lopez as Secretary, Shamsa Ali as Treasurer and Arin Garcia as Historian . Dr . Earwood shared pizza with several of the ALD chapter officers and members prior to the 2:30 convocation . After presenting the beautiful TORCH banner to Chapter President Daral Washington, Dr . Earwood informed the faculty about the scholarship and fellowship opportunities offered by Alpha Lambda Delta . No chapter can accomplish this much without the help of wonderful advisors! Mari Nicholson-Preuss serves as the chapter advisor to the ALD chapter as well as the Director of the Honors Program and is assisted by Dr . Sandra Garcia, Assistant Vice President of the Office of Research .

Dr . Earwood concluded her remarks by saying, “On behalf of the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta, I wish to express our pride in this achievement and our congratulations to the University of Houston - Downtown . The chapter is indeed worthy of the Alpha Lambda Delta Order of the Torch Award .”

University of South Carolina October 6, 2014

Presented by Glenda Earwood

How does an Alpha Lambda Delta chapter maintain excellence, an outstanding reputation, strong involvement of its members, and recruit hundreds of new members on a large urban campus year after year? Ask the officers at the University of

Volume 53- 2015

South Carolina Alpha Lambda Delta chapter and you will gain some insight to their continued success which led to winning the Order of the Torch Award for the sixth time - more than any other chapter in the country! Dr . Glenda Earwood, Alpha Lambda Delta Executive Director, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the University of South Carolina at a chapter meeting on October 6th at the USC Russell House Theater in Columbia, South Carolina . Karra McCray, President of the USC ALD chapter in 2014-2015, welcomed the chapter members and outlined the meeting agenda and chapter theme of Sharing is Caring . Vice President Jake Smith reviewed the USC Challenge Quiz Bowl competition for high school students which the ALD chapter annually hosts at USC as a major service project . The ALD chapter has sponsored this annual competition for South Carolina high schools for over 25 years . This chapter certainly fulfilled the mission of Alpha Lambda Delta to “have tolerance in your dealings with all persons, generosity in giving to those in need, and insight into the feelings of others .” The South Carolina ALD chapter had 176 volunteers that served 567 hours of service for 8 or more service projects in 20132014 . ALD members participated in Move In/Welcome Week, the Salvation Army Clothing Drive, Relay for Life (raised almost $1000), Turkey Trot, and Beakers and Broomsticks, a Halloween event held at EdVenture, the local Children’s Museum . The chapter had a strong set of student officers led by President Hannah Westfall with a dedicated supporting cast of officers: Joel McIntrye – Vice President, Conner

Alpha Lambda Delta

Brown – Secretary, A’ja Laws – Treasurer, Carmen Fowler and Emily Porter – Historians, and Evan Ochiltree, Tyler Beeson and Rachel Shealy - Junior Advisors . The visibility that the ALD chapter has on the USC campus is outstanding! The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at South Carolina is the LARGEST student organization on campus . ALD members go on to be campus leaders at USC . Although only 20% of undergraduates are inducted into ALD, 47% of campus leaders are ALD members and 56% of presidents of student organizations are ALD members! No chapter can accomplish this much without the help of wonderful advisers . Dr . Earwood said, “I know the chapter officers probably wondered if the chapter could continue to thrive without Harrison Greenlaw who served for 28 years as the chapter advisor . It was tough to fill his shoes, but this chapter is fortunate to have a great new advisor in Vincent F . Buonocore, Jr ., Assistant Director of Orientation .” Dr . Earwood stated, “I would like to suggest that the chapter members gained something more than the Torch Award - things that are the important lessons in life . Your chapter set goals for themselves so that they knew where they were going . The goals were both measurable and obtainable - a valuable lesson for life . Chapter members learned how to work together; they learned about caring for others – about giving of themselves . In a nutshell, you learned a lot of valuable lessons while you worked at winning this Award lessons that you will utilize long after you leave the gates of this South Carolina campus and make your way along life’s journey .”


In closing, Dr . Earwood paraphrased the Admonition from the ALD initiation ritual: “May each of you find in the years ahead the rewards of the educated person -- imagination, adventure, humor, compassion and understanding . . . In relating your education to the world in which you live, you can make a meaningful contribution to society . Each of you can make a difference .” Congratulations to the University of South Carolina ALD chapter for winning the Order of the Torch Award for the sixth time!

Xavier University of Louisiana November 4, 2014

Presented by Susan Huffman

Dr . Susan Melson Huffman, National President, presented the Order of the Torch Award to the Xavier University of Louisiana chapter at 6:30 p .m . on Tuesday November 4, 2014 . The ceremony was held in the beautiful new Convocations Annex on the Xavier University campus in New Orleans, Louisiana . Attendees included many of the current officers and several of last year’s officers who had carried out the activities and were responsible for putting together a very attractive and informative scrapbook of the past year’s activities . Also attending were Dr . Loren Blanchard, Provost, and Dr . Norman C . Francis, University President . Chapter Advisor, Ms . Kimberly Morehead, along with both sets of officers had planned the event . Dr . Huffman’s husband, Dave, also came and assisted with photographs . Last year’s secretary, Raina ElDesoky, welcomed the students and

The Flame

guests . Lauren Smith, 2013-14 secretary talked about the history of Xavier’s chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . She was followed by last year’s president and vice president, Kirk McCall and Rynisha Streeter, who summarized last year’s accomplishments . President Huffman spoke about the history of the Order of the Torch Award and the very competitive group of applicants . Not only is this Xavier’s first time as a winning chapter, but she reported that Xavier is one of the newest chapters to be selected for the honor . Dr . Huffman praised the group for creating such an attractive scrapbook . She especially liked the inclusion of a member highlight section that showed members and their many activities across campus . She commended the officers on planning and setting goals early in the year and educating themselves on the various opportunities offered by National Alpha Lambda Delta through scholarships and other awards . Several Xavier students competed for national scholarships and the chapter won a Silver level Alpha Award for membership yield . The chapter inducted 82% of those eligible! The Flame

Dr . Huffman told how she was very impressed at the large number of campus and community service projects undertaken by the chapter, including their collaboration with the Caribbean Student Association to raise awareness of Human Trafficking and to collect items for Eden House, a home for victims of sexual exploitation . The chapter also held a Wellness Forum featuring former Surgeon General, Regina Benjamin . The chapter got its name out on campus through many means, including the use of Facebook and Twitter, an ad in the student newspaper that wished good luck on midterms to all of the freshmen, and sold sweatshirts to advertise the chapter . Members also honored Best Faculty on Campus by making and delivering caramel apples to them .

rent officers to continue the chapter’s excellence by striving for the Maintain the Flame Award . This year’s president, Clarke Evans, and the vice president, Nkemdi Agwaramgbo, addressed the audience and told about their plans to continue the good work of their predecessors .

Provost, Dr . Loren Blanchard, congratulated the chapter, and President Francis talked to the chapter about their presence as an outstanding group on the Xavier campus . Dr . Francis is the longest tenured university president in the United States, beginning his tenure in 1968 . The students were very excited that he could join them for this celebration!

The presentation was followed by many photographs with the UniPresident Huffman presented the versity President and a celebratory Torch banner to officers from last cake . Dr . Huffman and her husyear and congratulated the chapter band joined the chapter for the celfor winning the Torch award for the ebration . first time! She encouraged the cur-

Alpha Lambda Delta would also like to congratulate the other winners of the 2013-2014 Order of the Torch. These chapters will hold their award ceremonies during spring 2015: • North Carolina A&T State University • University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire 13

Volume 53- 2015

Chapter Activity Reports Alpha Lambda Delta chapters lead the way in serving their campuses, their communities, and the people of the world as a whole. Read their stories on the following pages.

On May 3, members of the Northern Kentucky University chapter were gardening at Vincent’s Garden. This organization gives fresh produce to those served through their 20 food pantries in Northern Kentucky. This work involved plenty of shovels and green thumbs, and a little bit of mud. For more news from the Northern Kentucky University ALD chapter, see page 26. Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

University of Arkansas-Fort The biggest news is that our chap- explained, and our executive board ter was awarded the 2014 Delta members were introduced . Overall, Smith Gold Award from Alpha Lambda Delta for increasing our memberOur chapter grew phenomenal- ship by 150% and that our advisor, ly this year both in terms of new Dr . Linda S . Fair, was awarded an members and in the number of Executive Director’s Advisor Award activities and service projects in for 2013-2014 for her significant which we participated . Where in role in reactivating our chapter and spring 2013 we inducted 48 new guiding that increase in membermembers, in spring 2014, we in- ship . ducted 120 new members . We had 195 new members and their guests Bowling Green State at the induction ceremony and literally had an overflow crowd in the University room . We have reserved a much Bowling Green, Ohio larger room for next spring’s induc- In our first meeting of the year we tion ceremony as we look forward described our short and long term to having even more new members goals . Some of these include becomjoin us . ing a close community of members, Fort Smith, Arkansas

it was a great way to start the year!

The executive board participated in a retreat at the BGSU Bowen Thompson Student Union . We were able to better get to know one another; learn the history, mission, and values of our great organization; and engage with guest speakers . These guest speakers include a representative from the BGSU Service Learning Office, The Office of Campus Activities, and Center for Leadership . It was fun, engaging, and a great way to build connections with other executive members .

Our treasurer, Rachel Reinhard, led our second meeting of the year . For Members and officers have been maintaining a 3 .0 GPA this year, this meeting we participated in sevparticipating in a variety of ser- hosting social events for members eral fun icebreaker activities . Some vice events from helping freshmen to participate in, and many othof these ice breakers included the move into the residence halls to ers! For our newer members, the human knot, without talking arwalking in a fund-raising event to purpose of our organization was ranging members by birthday and participating in a campus community outreach day to providing a face painting booth at a UAFS volleyball tailgate party to sponsoring a game booth at the annual Halloween Festival sponsored by the UAFS campus . Artistic members helped us by designing entries for campus competitions such as the Homecoming Banner and the Numa’s Birthday Bash Hat Competition (Numa is our lion mascot) . Of course, other members had to pitch in and help as well . Our officers have also been busy promoting our local chapter to prospective new members by participating in campus events that focus on highlighting all student organizational opportunities on the UAFS campus .

The Flame

Members of the Bowling Green State University chapter attempt to untie the “human knot” during their second meeting of the year.


Volume 53- 2015

first name, and other activities . These were great ways for members to get a chance to get to know one another . In our third meeting of the year, we made Christmas decorations that will be sold at a fundraiser, and the proceeds will go towards Cystic Fibrosis . We teamed up with one of our members who is involved with Cystic Fibrosis and made hot chocolate reindeer and cupcake ornaments . Additionally, members were informed of the National Alpha Lambda Delta fundraiser listed with and were told to bring hygiene products to the next meeting . It was great to see everyone working together for such a great cause .

On this page: Members of the California Univeristy of Pennsylvania chapter made greeting cards for local senior citizens involved in the “Meals on Wheels” program. Chapter members made and distributed over 200 cards during fall semester.

California University of Pennsylvania California, Pennsylvania

The California University of Pennsylvania (Cal U) chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has had a very eventful year . For example, our chapter members participated in “College Knowledge Day .”  College Knowledge Day is an event held on our campus in which regional high school students who are interested in learning more about college visit our university to meet with faculty members and current university students .  ALD members talked with the high school students about their experiences as college students .  The ALD members answered such questions as “What is most academically challenging for a college student?” and “How are high school classes different from college classes?” and “How much time does a typical college student study?” Both ALD members and the high school students enjoyed the experience . Alpha Lambda Delta

In addition, this fall semester, Cal U’s ALD members participated in a number of service activities organized by the Center for Volunteer Programs and Service Learning and also organized an ALD specific service opportunity to create greeting cards for senior citizens involved 16

in the “Meals on Wheels” program . Over 200 cards were designed .  Our chapter members have also been active in career development by attending such workshops as “Resumes: 30 Seconds of YOU,” “I found my Job on Twitter: How Social Media is Changing Job Search,” The Flame

“Graduate School Research and Application Tips,” and lastly, “Get the Inside Scoop with the Employer Panels!” To keep our members informed of career development workshops, service projects, and scholarship opportunities, Cal U’s ALD chapter has increased their presence on social media by utilizing not only OrgSync, but also Twitter and Facebook .

Converse College Spartanburg, South Carolina

The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Converse College met in the afternoon of November 21st to package and gift-wrap presents for children in need . Through the organization Operation Christmas Child, Converse ALD members collected toys, hygiene products, stuffed animals, school supplies, and other miscellaneous items that children throughout the world will receive on Christmas day . Collection of these items took place throughout the month of November, with drop off boxes placed in academic buildings around the Converse campus . Alpha Lambda Delta’s chapter in conjunction with Operation Christmas Child collected enough gifts for twenty children; Converse ALD members are delighted to bless so many children this holiday season! This event helped not only the children, but it also helped the whole of the Converse community get involved in this organization to give to the children that need to be shown love the most . We may not know geographically where these boxes will end up, but the important thing is that they are going where they are needed . It is imThe Flame

Members of Hood College’s chapter are up bright and early to assist with the Pirate and Princess 5K to benefit Sophie and Madigan’s playground.

portant, especially during the holiday season, to be thankful for all we have, and remember those that are less fortunate . This project by Converse College’s ALD chapter helped us remember that this year .

ing with a local non-profit, Sophie and Madigan’s Playground . This organization was started in memory of two young girls to build a community playground that will “provide opportunities for children and their families to play, learn, and create lifelong memories together .” Hood College Hood’s ALD Chapter assisted this Frederick, Maryland group with their Pirate and PrinThe Hood College Chapter of Alpha cess 5K Fun Run event . We were Lambda Delta is a small chapter lo- able to help cheer on and direct cated at a small liberal arts college runners on the course, assist at the in Frederick, Maryland . With only water stations, and set up the re31 active members, we have really freshment table for after the race . strived over the past couple of years During the fall semester we have to fulfill our mission of service to also worked on several other projothers and get our name more visiects such as making holiday cards ble and recognized on campus . The for soldiers and veterans through low number of members doesn’t A Million Thanks Organization . We stop us from assisting in many difalso assisted the campus Wellness ferent ways with both on-campus Center and the local Community and off-campus events . Health Department do a program So far this year, our chapter has for the Great American Smoke Out . participated in a number of events . For finals week on campus we are Our big event in the fall was work- handing out snack bags and study 17

Volume 53- 2015

tips as encouragement to those University of Houstonstudying for finals . Downtown We are also working with our local Houston, Texas Ronald McDonald House Charities The ALD chapter at the University to collect pull tabs . Our chapter goal of Houston-Downtown might be is five pounds of pull tabs (6335 less than a year old, but it is maktabs) . We are also working with The ing a name for itself through its Welcome Project through the Roncommitment to service and proald McDonald house to make and ductive partnerships with other donate fleece blankets for children honor societies and the University in the hospital . Honors Program . The momentum For the holidays we have teamed that earned the chapter an early adup with a local church and Samar- mission into the Order of the Torch itan’s Purse to put together a cou- has set the stage for a busy fall seple of boxes for Operation Christ- mester with exciting plans for the mas Child . We have collected toys, spring . clothing, accessories, and toiletry The University of Houston-Downitems to be given to families with town is located on the banks of small children that can’t otherwise Buffalo Bayou in the heart of Housafford holiday gifts . ton’s historic business district . The In the spring we will be partnering chapter is proud of UHD’s status as with a few other campus organiza- an urban commuter university and tions to assist in Hood College’s an- is intently focused on innovative nual walk for autism . We will also strategies to increase student enbe looking into doing a Valentine’s gagement . Day craft day with a local Assisted Living Home . During the spring semester we will be gearing up for our biggest event, “Don’t Throw it Away” where we partner with Goodwill Industries . ALD works with Goodwill to bring donation bins onto campus during move-out week in May . We combine this with information on recycling as well as sponsoring a recycled crafts booth at our campus end of the year festival . Last year Hood College students donated over 1300 pounds of wares . These wares are resold in Goodwill’s local stores and the profit is put back into the community to “help create jobs and generate resources necessary to provide individuals and families in the area with assistance to improve their lives .” Alpha Lambda Delta

As a reflection of the city that surrounds it, UHD has the distinction of being one of the nation’s most diverse metropolitan universities . The ALD chapter has cultivated, through volunteerism and fundraising, a strong relationship with the Houston Chapter of the United Nations Association (UNA) . In mid-October ALD and Golden Key International Honour Society sponsored a bake sale to raise money for the UNA’s anti-malaria program “Nothing But Nets .” The following week Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN’s Secretary General, visited campus, and at the event chapter president, Daral Moore Washington, presented the UNA with a check for $1180 . Houston was also selected as one of twelve cities to participate in an assessment of the progress made towards the UN’s Millennium Development Goals . In November several members of the chapter participat-

The president of the newly-installed chapter at the University of Houston-Downtown presented the United Nations Association with a check for $1,180.


The Flame

ed in the “Post-2015 Sustainable Develop Goals Symposium” hosted by UHD and the UNA . A fundraiser for the “Shot at Life” vaccine initiative is planned for this spring as the chapter continues to explore new ways for students to grow as global citizens through the UNA Every November the university plays a prominent role in the City of Houston’s Citizenship Month, and ALD members seized opportunities to participate in a wide variety of events celebrating diversity, community and civic engagement . Members helped welcome guests to the opening reception hosted by Mayor Annise Parker at the Asia Society of Texas . Chapter volunteers also welcomed guests to campus during the Cultural Jazz Exchange co-sponsored by the Texas French Alliance for the Arts . Wrapping up a busy month of service, members enjoyed an unforgettable evening of music and food while helping with Houston Metrorail’s “Rails to Restaurants” downtown dining experience . At each event ALD volunteers enthusiastically offered their time and energy whether they were in the limelight or behind the scenes . While committed to academics and service, the UHD chapter also knows how to have fun . As a way of uniting UHD’s army of proud geeks and fandom followers, ALD is co-sponsoring the 2014-2015 “Get Your Geek On! Trivia Battle .” Teams from campus organizations have to demonstrate their command of inane trivia as they battle their way through seven ridiculously themed rounds ranging from “Houston We Have a Problem” to “Kung Fu Octopus Anime Train Wreck!” The team that walks away The Flame

from ALD’s “Geekpocalypse” with get to know each other . We hiked the most points will be awarded a into the woods to get a group phoHobbit sized trophy at the univer- to, and we took all of our officer headshots as well as many other sity’s annual One Main Event . photos that we’ll use for recruitIndiana University-Purdue ing new members and creating our scrapbook .

University Indianapolis Indianapolis, Indiana

The IUPUI chapter began our year with the annual Officers’ Retreat at the Eagle’s Hideaway out in the woods near Eagle Creek Park on September 7 . We started the day with a huge lunch buffet, outgoing officers met with the new officers, various committees met and talked about plans for the year, and we engaged in some outdoor activities to

Prior to the start of classes, 40 of our members joined the Move Crew to assist with Campus Housing Movein Day by helping students and parents unload and carry everything from crock pots to flat-screen televisions up the stairs of the Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk as well as other locations, including our freshman residence hall, The Tower . This was a great opportuni-

The annual Officer’s Retreat at the Eagle’s Hideaway always kicks off the school year for the chapter at IUPUI. Here, officers from the chapter get together in the great outdoors to get to know one another and get ready for the year.


Volume 53- 2015

Many of our members participated in the IUPUI Day of Caring in September by joining a local organization called Faith, Hope and Love for a day of community service . We engaged in community beautification by picking up trash, weeding, and cleaning up sidewalks, schoolyards, and various community spaces . In addition to service projects, members spent a great deal of time promoting Alpha Lambda Delta during the fall semester . Officers and members attended many of our first-year seminar classes to talk about the value and importance of joining Alpha Lambda Delta . The officers also formed a committee to create a promotional video to encourage students to join . We also A group of IUPUI members volunteered at Holiday Parks with Indy Parks and Recreation for their annual Hauntless Halloween for little kids. Members serve as trail leaders and followattended the nine Student Orgaers, refreshment workers, craft helpers, and campfire entertainers. This was the chapter’s nization Leadership Development seventh year working at the event. Workshops (SOLD) required in order to maintain our status as one ty for our members to connect with meetings as well as member meetof the top-ranked organizations on incoming freshmen and let them ings . We arranged for speakers at campus . know about Alpha Lambda Delta . each meeting, and these included During the IUPUI Weeks of Wel- topics such as planning and execut- In October, we arose before the come JagFest, we set up a table in ing a study abroad experience, low- sun came up to volunteer at the Taylor Courtyard to pass out flyers ering your stress level with Coun- Indianapolis Marathon . Members and give new students a chance to seling and Psychological Services, parked cars and passed out water to win prizes by throwing darts at a and how to become an OTEAM the runners . That same weekend, balloon wall and answering the IU- member with the Office of New we helped out Indy Parks for the seventh year in a row with their anPUI trivia questions inside the bal- Student Orientation . loons . We also set up a booth at the On September 21, we had three nual Hauntless Halloween; memStudent Involvement Expo to make Alpha Lambda Delta teams in the bers worked with young children students aware of our activities as annual IUPUI Regatta, an all-day during this three-night event and well as the benefits of joining Alpha canoe race on the downtown ca- served as trail guides, refreshment Lambda Delta . That same week we nal that includes over one hun- vendors, crafts assistants, pumpset up a booth at the Honors Col- dred teams consisting of faculty, kin carvers, and campfire leaders . lege welcome since many of our staff, and students from IUPUI . Members also held a social outing current and potential members are Although we didn’t win, we also in October as they visited the very IUPUI Honors College students . didn’t end up upside down in the frightening Nightmare on EdgeWe definitely kept busy during our canal! We also shared a booth with wood Haunted House here in Indianapolis . first week! the IUPUI Honors College along the We continued to stay very busy canal and served up free popcorn to Also in October, our president, Noel Pineiro, and our vice presduring fall semester with numer- participants and visitors . ident, Gabriela Mazur, attended ous service projects, meetings, and the Alpha Lambda Delta leaderevents . We held monthly officer Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

ship workshop in Minneapolis . We made some new friends, took some great photos, and came home with a ton of ideas that we plan to implement with our chapter . We all had a great time with the Roaring 20’s theme, and our advisor enjoyed pieing her fellow National Council member, Butch Hill, in the face after he “won” by collecting the most donations for the 90th Anniversary Fund . Our November events included volunteering at the Global Peace Initiatives farm at the county fairgrounds to help set up their solar panel system, a windmill, and a hydroponic system . We also volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House here on campus by purchasing supplies and cooking breakfast for the guests who are staying there while their children are patients at Riley Hospital for Children . Members also held a Friday night ice skating party at the Coliseum at the Indiana State Fairgrounds . Next up is our annual holiday project in December when we adopt local families through Community Centers of Indianapolis, obtain their wish lists, and spend a Saturday shopping for them, having lunch, and wrapping their gifts so they’ll have a happy holiday . Our spring semester will include participating in events such as the annual IUPUI Martin Luther King, Jr ., Day of Service in January, volunteering at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, planning our March 29 initiation of new members, organizing our end-of-year picnic for all members, and holding our second SamStrong dance to honor a former student, Sam Featherstone, and raise money for pediatric cancer research and St . The Flame

Jude Children’s Hospital . In addition, we plan to attend an Indiana Pacers basketball game and an Indianapolis Indians baseball game during the spring semester . We’d also like to mention that we had two National Alpha Lambda Delta Trow Scholarship winners this year: former chapter vice president and current student advisor, Morgan Moran, was awarded a $6000 undergraduate scholarship, and member Nhan Do received a $1000 scholarship . Morgan Moran and Emily Baker also received Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships . In addition, our chapter received the Maintaining the Flame award, and IUPUI’s Undergraduate Student Government chose our ALD chapter as the IUPUI Student Organization of the Year, and they selected our advisor, Lisa Ruch, as the Student Organization Advisor of the Year . We look forward to winning more scholarships and awards in 2015!

Keystone College Scranton, Pennsylvania

On November 25, members of Keystone College’s Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society volunteered to bring Thanksgiving merriment to the underprivileged . This community service program is held annually by The Thanksgiving Friends of the Poor . Members met at the Scranton Cultural Center located in Scranton Pennsylvania . Volunteering shifts went from 9 a .m . to 12 p .m . along with 1 p .m . to 4 p .m . to prepare for the famished guests visiting for dinner . This volunteer driven event was an immense success providing over 1,000 people with warm Thanksgiving meals and winter jackets . Keystone’s Alpha Lambda Delta students who helped in the morning placed on each table cups and necessary silverware and adorned the tables with cloths . These students also arranged eight chairs to a table and ensured chair settings

Members of the Keystone College chapter fold and arrange coats donated to the Thanksgiving Friends of the Poor.


Volume 53- 2015

were all neatly perfected . Through a hectic atmosphere, these members hustled to get the room set up for the dinner . Members who volunteered during the afternoon arranged donated winter jackets by gender and sizing . Hundreds of coats were stacked in endless piles . From petite pink jackets to heavy-duty leather, many style options were available . After organizing the jackets, students folded and hung each one . Those who attended the dinner were given the opportunity to take home these community contributed winter coats . On this generous Tuesday, friendly service, plentiful food and long-lasting attire were handed out to the Scranton community . Keystone College’s Alpha Lambda Delta members had the opportunity to give their time to make this year’s Thanksgiving one to remember .

University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee

The University of Memphis chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has gotten off to a great start through campus involvement and volunteering steadily . Goals to tackle have been set for the 2014-2015 school year, which are keeping the chapter busy and in order . One of the main things that we have been focusing on as a chapter is increasing our presence visibly on campus . The executive board and body of members are working together to fulfill this task . Instead of just making executive decisions, we are letting the members step in and have a voice . Ideas have been presented, and we have been taking steps in the direction of pursuing them . Our chapter Alpha Lambda Delta

Members of the University of Memphis chapter volunteered at a children’s bonfire event, helping to build and light the bonfire and to make s’mores.

has made a strong start with volunteering, thanks to our community service chair, Anna Marsh . We have partnered with our local Memphis Botanical Gardens to lend a helping hand in some of the events that are hosted for both children and adults . Recently, we had the opportunity to volunteer at a children’s bonfire event . It turned out to be a fun and impactful experience for both the children and the volunteers . It was the first time for the chapter’s President, Erika Morton, to build and light a bonfire successfully and make s’mores . In October, we volunteered with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to help set up and decorate for their annual Enchanted Forest Festival of Trees event . Getting involved with campus festivities, we participated in the Honors Student Council’s first annual


kickball tournament benefiting St . Jude’s Up ‘til Dawn . All awareness and funds are raised to increase children’s hospital research . As the University of Memphis chapter, we will continue to strive to make an impact within the community and on campus .

Meredith College Raleigh, North Carolina

This year, Meredith College’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter is proud to have inducted 89 members . The first service project after inductions took place in April 2014 at the Morningside Assisted Living of Raleigh . The chapter bonded as a group as we made crafts and participated in activities with the residents . ALD members also went door to door to each resident, in-

The Flame

Above: Members of Meredith College’s ALD chapter work together to improve the quality of wildlife. At right: A member of the Meredith College chapter works to create headbands for the patients of the UNC Children’s hospital

forming them about our organization and answering their questions . Koda, a ten month old puppy at the time, also came along and brought joy to the residents as he showed off his tricks . In the fall, Meredith’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter participated in the Wake County Big Sweep . This annual event is part of a statewide effort to keep streams, lakes, and wetlands litter free and to improve the water quality for wildlife . Of the eleven watershed sites that needed volunteers, twenty-three of Meredith’s ALD members chose to volunteer at the Walnut Creek Wetland located in southeast Raleigh . Hundreds of people from all over Wake County, including members of Meredith’s ALD Chapter, contributed to this county-wide event by collecting debris and trash from forest beds and creeks . The Flame

In addition to the Wake County Big Sweep, our ALD chapter at Meredith College partnered with Meredith Health Professions Society to make headbands for patients at UNC Children’s hospital . With supplies provided, headband stations were located in several different areas around campus so that students, faculty, and staff had the opportunity to create their own unique headband . Paired with each headband is a hand-written note of encouragement . Gold ribbons were also distributed to each person who made a headband in order to raise awareness of childhood cancer . A grand total of 300 headbands and hand-written notes were prepared on Meredith’s campus, which are to be distributed to the UNC Children’s hospital during the spring semester . Many expressed their enthusiasm and support for the service project . 23

“I am so thankful that ALD has reached out to many hearts throughout Meredith College through the headband service project . It has truly given an opportunity for students to support those affected by cancer . ALD never fails to succeed,” stated Hira Ansari, treasurer The Meredith ALD Chapter is also planning on awarding two $150 scholarships to the two Meredith nominees for the Trow and Stemler scholarships in recognition of their achievement at the college level . It is a prominent goal of the Meredith ALD Chapter to motivate members to participate more in service projects and provide them with scholarship opportunities . The Meredith ALD Chapter is invested in giving back to the community through service and leadership by upholding ALD values . Volume 53- 2015

Morningside College Sioux City, Iowa

the officers held a retreat to set goals for the year’s activities .

ALD participated in Omicron Delta Kappa’s annual service day, Into the Streets, a campus-wide event during which teams, clubs, classes, residence halls, and other student organizations volunteer in the Sioux City community . Due to our large chapter, the ALD members split into two groups . One group volunteered at Bridges West, a center that serves as a Last spring, shortly after initiation, temporary home to those in need . old and new ALD members vol- Members went to work clearunteered at Sioux City’s Public Li- ing gardens for the fall . A second brary Book Sale . Members had fun group volunteered at Radiant Life organizing the books . It was a great Church, where they also helped opportunity for new members to the church with cleanup projects . experience an important aspect of Members also co-sponsored a ALD: community service! Maze Runner reading fundraiser At the beginning of the 2014-2015 with other campus groups . During school year, our president, Jacque the fundraiser, volunteers read the Carlson, raised awareness of ALD book Maze Runner in increments, by working a booth at the fresh- resulting in a ten-hour reading . men activities fair . Freshmen visit- For every person who participated, ed with her to learn more about the a donor contributed $2 to the Mary ALD organization . Shortly after, Members of Morningside College’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter have had a busy, productive, and fun year so far! They have completed community service projects and laid plans for many more . Members have also sponsored and participated in campus-wide events to spread awareness of ALD and recruit new members .

Morningside ALD members decorate smart cookies for freshman seminar classes.

Alpha Lambda Delta


Shelby Blomberg goes “into the streets” at campus-wide service event.

Tregila House and Girls, Inc . literacy projects . ALD president Jacque Carlson, vice president Tracy Oeltjenbruns, National Council member Natasha Hongsermeier, and advisor Dr . Marty Knepper attended the 2014 National Leadership Workshop in Minneapolis . They met other ALD members, attended helpful workshops, and listened to keynote speaker Jullien Gordon . At a recent meeting, our chapter even discussed bringing Julien to our campus in the future! Recently, our members partnered with PES to organize the annual smart cookies event . During this event, ALD and PES members visit freshmen first-year seminar classes and discuss the ALD and PES honor societies and answer questions . Of course, the students get a “smart cookie” at the end of the presentation . This event was a great way to educate freshmen about ALD and to encourage them to join the organization in the spring . The Flame

Recent and upcoming events include sending Thanksgiving cards to residents of a local senior center, sending encouraging study letters to freshmen during finals week, hosting a campus-wide movie night during finals week, and conducting a clothes drive .

New Haven University New Haven, Connecticut

The University of New Haven chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has continued to grow as an active organization on campus in the past year . Last spring, we started a project called Bags of Kindness . Since the end of last semester, we’ve

been collecting items such as toiletries, non-perishable food, and winter wear from ALD members . These items will be divided up into bags that will be distributed to the homeless in the downtown New Haven area on National Kindness Day, which is November 13th . Our Bags of Kindness event is just one of the many community service opportunities that our chapter provides for the members . Our chapter also partakes in various walks throughout the year . In the spring, we participated in AIDS Walk New Haven and fundraised by selling chocolate . This fall we participated in the Walk to End Alzhei-

The chapter at New Haven University has been busy! At top: ALD took a trip to the beach in West Haven to celebrate Labor Day with food, friends, and fun in the sun! Middle: ALD members and UNH students toss around the giant dice in a game of life-size Monopoly. Below: Members of the ALD executive board (left to right: Vice President, President, Executive Assistant, Treasurer) hold up an eight-foot Burmese python at the Reptile Show.

The Flame


Volume 53- 2015

mer’s and volunteered at the Light the Night Walk, which supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society . Coming up in November we will be holding a fundraiser night at the local Buffalo Wild Wings to raise money for the American Lyme Disease Foundation, based in Lyme, Connecticut .

around and played tag . We also organized a beach picnic over Labor Day weekend to welcome back the students and have members get to know each other better . Next semester we are planning to go on a hike, go go-karting, and visit some local museums in the New Haven area .

As for events on campus, the University of New Haven’s chapter has put on three major events so far this semester . At the end of September, a Reptile Show was held and made open to the entire campus . Students were able to interact with a variety of exotic animals from snakes to hissing cockroaches and had the chance to win a free beta fish . Over all, it was a big hit! In October, to help raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Month, our chapter set up a free coffee table in the main dining hall . We decorated the cups with facts about cancer prevention . This was held for a week straight and was well received by the campus community . Our latest campus-wide event was a life-size game of Monopoly where students could come roll our giant dice and move from space to space around the quad to buy up properties and win prizes .

Our chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has a lot planned for this upcoming year . There are more community service events being planned, large group trips—such as going to a Broadway musical—in the works, and more co-sponsored events with other clubs on campus that are being planned . Currently we are the largest honor society at the University of New Haven and grow significantly every year . We are also one of the top organizations and intend on expanding and improving even more in the future . Our chapter is looking forward to another wonderful year full of socializing and giving back to the community surrounded by fellow scholars .

Our chapter also makes a point to hold many events within the chapter to create a sense of unity . After weekly meetings, there have been many social events such as making back-to-school crafts, making blankets for Project Linus, playing Minute-to-Win-It, and a mocktail night for National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week . Last semester as a reward for our most active members, we took a trip to Flight, a trampoline park where we channeled our inner child as we jumped Alpha Lambda Delta

For a three-part Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project, members of Alpha Lambda Delta along with many other first year students were local volunteers at St . Vincent de Paul Northern Kentucky, which repurposes used clothing and materials––made in various parts of the world, mind you––for those in need . The project took place over two semesters . Beginning last fall, First-Year Programs partnered with the Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement to put a unique spin on the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project . Traditionally, a class will research non-profit organizations, meet them, and, after class discussion and activity, designate a select amount of funding to one or two organizations .

In this case, it was decided that members of Alpha Lambda Delta and Tracy Hart’s UNV 101 class would award a minimum of 50 service hours, in lieu of funding, to an organization . (FYP coordinates UNV 101 .) The Society of St . Vincent de Paul Northern Kentucky, along with others, visited during a Northern Kentucky class period and pitched their volUniversity unteer opportunities . The students Highland Heights, Kentucky then determined that St . Vincent In the 2013-2014, members of de Paul connected best with the Northern Kentucky University’s themes of Where Am I Wearing?, chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta namely for its clothing efforts and along with many first-year students the idea that people their age startparticipating in the common read- ed the organization . ing program, the Book Connection, The next step was meeting with had a chance to engage with author Ralph Bradburn, Executive DirecKelsey Timmerman and his book tor, to discuss how the project could Where Am I Wearing? One of Tim- best serve his organization . It was merman’s strongest calls to action determined that helping to prep is the idea of being a “global” citi- a new store opening in the area zen, someone who sees the global would be of the greatest help . On implications of serving their local March 22, over 30 people includcommunities .


The Flame

ing members from ALD and their parents, students from UNV 101 and Jus 101 and other service organizations on campus helped assemble clothing racks and patch and paint walls for the new store opening in Florence, Kentucky . It was great to see everyone working side by side for such a great cause . A video of our work can be found on YouTube! But that’s not all . On May 3, some of those same students, and a handful of new ones, were gardening at the Crescent Springs location . Vincent’s Garden gives fresh produce to those served through their 20 food pantries in Northern Kentucky . This work involved plenty of shovels, green thumbs, and a little bit of mud . This project was a great connection to Kelsey Timmerman’s newest book, Where Am I Eating? When that service day ended, the students participating in the Mayerson project had recorded more than a grand total of 100 service hours with St . Vincent de Paul Northern Kentucky! Both of these projects helped ALD members to connect with other students across campus as well as establish a working relationship with St . Vincent de Paul . Today, you can still find threads and seeds from the project as students from the Mayerson project have been employed at St . Vincent de Paul Northern Kentucky locations . And to think it all started with a book… .

Oral Roberts University Tulsa, Oklahoma

Excitement was thick in the conference room as 30 new Alpha Lambda Delta officers were officially inducted into Oral Roberts University’s

A student from Oral Roberts University displayed one of the cards she made for US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Chapter . We were a small group no doubt, but we were determined to make a large impact . The possibilities for change were endless, but we developed a narrow focus and decided to tailor our activities to a common theme . We chose our guiding theme to be, “Alpha Lambda Delta: Impacting Every Sphere of Society .” Accordingly, we identified each sphere of our society that we would impact . We would start with our society on campus, move out into our local society in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and eventually impact our international society . To become a recognized force on campus, we would first have to make ourselves known . Alpha Lambda Delta participated in our university’s annual “Club Rush” where we proudly represented our club on campus and informed everyone, including eager freshmen, about our noble mission . We used

this platform to advertise our first activity to impact our on-campus society: Freshmen Pizza Study Party . The Freshman Pizza study party was a creative approach aimed at teaching new students scientifically proven study habits that would greatly improve their grades and reduce their stress levels . This event was a major success as many curious freshmen came eager to learn how to improve their study skills in unconventional ways . The success of our event spread quickly, and we were asked by faculty to repeat the event next semester at one of their freshman seminars . Our next goal was to impact our local society by hosting a School Supply Drive on campus . We encouraged our local student body to donate their excess supplies to assist less fortunate students who may not have school supplies . We put up signs, knocked on doors and Continued on page 36...

The Flame


Volume 53- 2015

Each year, ALD is privileged to present almost $200,000 in scholarships and fellowships to our outstanding members. Meet our winners on this and the following pages! Graduate Fellowships range in value from $3,000 to $7,500 and are presented to Alpha Lambda Delta members who are pursuing graduate or professional study . Since the program began in 1940, over 700 exceptional members have received these prestigious awards .

Since 1988, Alpha Lambda Delta has presented Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships to deserving sophomore members of ALD . In 2007, the amount of the Trow Scholarships was increased; the 35 awards now range in value from $1,000 to $6,000 . ALD’s newest award program, the James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships, provide $1,000 scholarships to ALD members who are pursuing study abroad in the coming year . In 2014, the number of annual awards increased from 15 to 20 .

Graduate Fellows

23 exceptional Alpha Lambda Deltans who exemplify ALD’s mission of celebrating success! Monique Chambers

Barbara Quilling Fellowship

Miriam Shelden Fellowship

University of La Verne

Purdue University

Chelsea Hull

Kelci Teut

Ryan Cross

Mica Jenkins

Dorothy Anderson Fellowship

Mary Jane Stevenson Fellowship

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

University of South Carolina

Maria Leonard Fellowship

Morningside College

Alpha Lambda Delta

Kayarash Karimian

Adam Lechnir

Alice Lloyd Fellowship

Louise McBee Fellowship

Transylvania University

DePaul University


The Flame

Joseph R. Luchsinger

Samantha Marita

Kali Mattingly

Adele Hagner Stamp Fellowship

Betty Jo Hudson Fellowship

Christine Conoway Fellowship

Baldwin Wallace University

University of Cincinnati

Transylvania University

Ashley Meadows

Margaret Cunningim Fellowship

Tiara Miller

Maude Etheredge Fellowship

Gladys Bell Fellowship

Bennett College

Kalamazoo College

Texas Lutheran University

Jennifer Newman

Katherine Cater Fellowship

University of South Carolina

Rachel Oldenburg

Jenna Neumann

Janet Newton

Linh Nguyen

Katherine Phillips Fellowship

Margaret Berry Fellowship

University of South Carolina

University of Oklahoma

Dhruv Patel

Jacquelyn Suarez

Gladys Pennington Fellowship

Warner Moore Fellowship

Helen Clarke Fellowship

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

University of Alabama at Birmingham

American University

Taylor Sutcliffe

The Flame

Brette Throckmorton

Patricia Graham Fellowship

Margie Wade Fellowship

University of Denver

University of Oklahoma 29

Not pictured: Cody Barnett - Harry Hale Fellowship - Transylvania University Leigh Yarborough - May Brunson - Clemson University

Volume 53- 2015

2015 Alpha Lambda Delta Awards

Jo Anne J. Trow Scholars This year’s 35 Trow Scholars demonstrate unparallelled success in studies and exceptional involvement with their ALD chapters around the nation.

Avan Antia

Orrin Boese

Jennifer Carmichael

Mikala Cooper

Abigail Coyle

University of Maryland

Montana State University - Bozeman

University of Oklahoma

Morningside College

Liberty University

Collin Davidson

Nhan Do

Amy Fox

Delaney Garrett

Tanner Givens

Elizabethtown College


Montana State University - Bozeman

Purdue University

Purdue University

Courtney Grondziowski

Madison Hedrick

Megan Heitkemper

Sydney Hobbs

Gloria Hwang

University of Oklahoma

Wittenberg University

University of Kentucky

Dickinson College

Saint Vincent College

For more about the Trow Scholarship Program, see page 28 Alpha Lambda Delta


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Brianna Johnson

Jennifer Labrousse

Morgan Moran

Tangie Muncil

Quang Nguyen

Valley City State University

University of Portland


Cazenovia College

University of Oklahoma

Alexandra Perrault

Chelsea Reuter

Jared Rixstine

Jeremy Schmoyer

Emily Schweich

University of Cincinnati

Carthage College

Milikin University

University of the Sciences

University of Maryland

Elizabeth Spanos

Kaitlyn Strosnider

Caroline Thomas

Jefferson Trippel

Kara Wade

The Ohio State University

California University of Pennsylvania

George Mason University

Purdue University

Eastern Kentucky University

Not pictured: Leeann Burke - Chestnut Hill College Mariyah Pressley - North Carolina A&T State University Rachel Walters

Kaitlyn Wilberding

Madison Wright

Liberty University

University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

Ashland University

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Volume 53- 2015

2015 Alpha Lambda Delta Awards

James G. Stemler Scholars These world-travelers are not just exceptional students - they’re Alpha Lambda Delta’s Ambassadors to the other nations of the world!

Emily Baker

Zacharaiah Beasley

Katherine Beck

Jill Bosserman

Austin Browning


Franklin College

Indiana University

Purdue University

Linfield College

Marlena Collins

Tayler Daniels

Alana Dettwiler

University of Oklahoma

Montana State University

Natasha Hongsermeier

Brianna Malotke

Georgia State University

Purdue University

Morningside College

Eduardo Medellin

Morgan Moran

Phillip Ngo

Danielle Oesterle

Jared Rixstine

University of Texas - Pan American


University of Oklahoma

Stockton College

Millikin University

Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

Kelsey Ruth

Alexander Schwartz

Taylor Tatman

Colin Winkie

Grace Zhang

Cazenovia College

Saint Vincent College

Ohio University

West Virginia Wesleyan College

University of Maryland

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Announcing the Katherine Beardsley Trow Scholarship Alpha Lambda Delta’s newest undergraduate award named for longtime University of Maryland chapter advisor (at right) Katherine Beardsley and her husband, Bob, at the 2014 90th Anniversary Banquet in Chicago, June 2014. For more photos from the banquet, see pages 52-53.

At their 2014 meeting, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta voted to offer an additional $1,000 award as part of the Trow Scholarship program in honor of long-time University of Maryland ALD advisor and former Council member Kathy Beardsley . Dr . Kathy Beardsley, served as advisor for the Maryland ALD chapter from 1989 to 2013 . Her work with ALD students brought her tremendous joy and was a favorite part of her job . She retired in 2013, although we are certain that she will continue to serve the students at Maryland in various ways for many years to come . Indeed, her service to undergraduates at Maryland continues to amaze and humble us . Dr . Beardsley’s dedication to ALD and the University of Maryland has shown in very tangible ways: •

The Flame

Over 12,500 students were initiated into ALD at the University of Maryland during Dr . Beardsley’s tenure as chapter advisor .


• • • • • •

Named National Outstanding Advisor of the Year in 1991 . Served on the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council from 2002 to 2006 . ALD at Maryland won the Order of the Torch in 1998, 2004 and 2012 . Since 1989, 28 University of Maryland students won ALD Fellowships totaling over $90,000 . Eighteen Maryland undergraduates have won Trow Scholarships since 1999 . In 2012, three Maryland students won Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships to assist in their international education .

These numbers still do not capture the many intangible ways in which Dr . Beardsley’s life has positively impacted ALD . We value the academic guidance and life wisdom she has provided to students and alumni, and we recognize her commitment to helping ALD leaders hone their communication, management, organization, and problem solving skills .

Volume 53- 2015

Setting a high standard UCLA chapter advisor Kevin Dougherty is Alpha Lambda Delta’s Outstanding Advisor of the Year Dr . Susan Huffman, President of National Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, announced that Kevin Dougherty has been named as the Outstanding Advisor of Alpha Lambda Delta for 2013-2014 . First presented in 1992, this award is given annually to the outstanding advisor in the nation . The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta selected Dougherty, Assistant Dean of Students at the University of California – Los Angeles, to be the recipient of the Outstanding Advisor Award for 2013-2014 . Dougherty has served as the advisor for the UCLA chapter since 2010 . Dougherty is an outstanding chapter advisor who has encouraged both the chapter and individuals to continue to achieve and serve others . During his tenure as advisor, several UCLA members have received Alpha Lambda Delta Trow and Stemler Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships, monetary awards given to the most outstanding students in the Society . The chapter has also won the prestigious Order of the Torch Award, presented to the most exceptional chapters in the nation, under Dougherty’s advisement . In the past years, the chapter at UCLA has become a major contributor to the campus community and in the Los Angeles community at large . The chapter’s service efforts have been notable on both the campus and local levels . In his letter supporting Dougherty’s nomination, UCLA Chapter President Eric Jung writes, “Dr . Dougherty . . . encourages and respects the opinions of all board members . He sets a high standard for the organziation, and it is Alpha Lambda Delta

in large part thanks to his support that we have been able to grow and thrive over the past few years .” Dougherty was surprised with the news of the award by his members during a chapter meeting . At the 2014 National Leadership Workshop in Minneapolis, Dougherty gave the keynote address for the 90th Anniversary Awards banquet and was presented with a plaque from National Alpha Lambda Delta . Alpha Lambda Delta takes pride in recognizing Kevin Dougherty as the Outstanding Advisor of the Year! 34

Kevin Dougherty was surprised by his members with the news of his selection.

The Flame

Above and Beyond: Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year Five advisors who excelled at leading their chapters in 2013-2014 Dr . Glenda Earwood announced five winners of the Executive Director Advisor Awards for 2013-2014 . This year’s winners were: • • • • •

Deborah Manzanares (Baylor) Carrie Arnold (University of Colorado – Colorado Springs) Lynn Breyfogle – Bucknell Emily Borthwick-Wong – Northern Arizona University Linda Fair – University of Arkansas – Fort Smith

bers in 2013 to 110 members in Deborah Manzanares has served 2014, winning a Silver Delta Award as the primary chapter advisor for for this growth of 48%! the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor SoCarrie is passionate about educa- ciety at Baylor since 2006 . At that tion and world affairs and every- time, the Baylor ALD chapter had been inactive, but with the leaderthing in between . In her roles with ship of Deborah Manzanares and the Honors Programs and the Gateher husband, Carlos, the Baylor way Program, she maintains program websites and social network- chapter initiated 252 new members ing sites . With Carrie’s enthusiasm in 2007 and doubled that number and guidance, the ALD chapter at to 552 in 2008 .

University of Colorado - Colorado The Manzanares family has made Lambda Delta a family afWith the numerous outstand- Springs will continue to grow and Alpha serve others . fair . Charlie Manzanares, a stuing Alpha Lambda Delta advisors dent at Trinity University, served across the United States that give After years of inactivity, Dr. Linfrom 1998 their time every year to serve the da Fair singlehandedly reactivated on the National Council th members and their chapters with the chapter at the University of Ar- to 2001 . At the 75 anniversary, Charlie got to thank Kerri Strug, enthusiasm, choosing just a few kansas – Fort Smith! Dr . Fair came for the Executive Director’s Advi- to the ALD San Antonio workshop, Olympic gold medalist and banquet speaker . Deborah followed in Charsor Award is always a difficult task . learned about Alpha Lambda Delta, This year’s winners went far above and got ideas about other chapters lie’s footsteps by serving on the Naand beyond to make their chapters and advising a chapter . In the first tional Council from 2009 to 2012 . year of initiations after two years The youngest member of the Mantruly exceptional . of inactivity, the chapter initiated zanares family, Christina, would In 2004, under the leadership of not be outdone; since there was no Dr . Constance Staley, a chapter of 48 students . This year the chapter chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta at Alpha Lambda Delta was founded initiated 118 students, an increase Southwestern, Christina started at the University of Colorado - Col- of 150%, earning the chapter a an ALD chapter, and her mother, orado Springs . In 2013, Carrie Gold Delta Award . Memoona Bibi Deborah installed the chapter on Arnold became the chapter advi- served as chapter president during November 16, 2013 . That completsor complementing her role as the 2013-2014, and Shaiyanikha Her ed the Manzanares family’s ALD Assistant Director of the Gateway will be the chapter president during membership! Program Seminar and Honors Pro- 2014 – 2015 . grams . A graduate of Rutgers, Dr . Fair Deborah has guided her Baylor teaches geography, globalization, ALD members by providing leaderCarrie is a regular participant at and human immigration in her ship and assistance in carrying out the Freshman Year Experience conand planning service events on and ferences and attended the Alpha full-time role in the Department off campus . Among these, the BayLambda Delta national workshop of Geography . The University of lor ALD chapter has been involved in San Diego in 2013 . The Colorado Arkansas – Fort Smith chapter was in collecting canned goods and hychartered in 2003 . chapter has grown from 65 mem-

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Volume 53- 2015

Top: Children from the Cornerstone Community Center receive with open arms school supplies that were donated by Oral Roberts University ALD Chapter through their school supply drive. Below: Two members of Oral Roberts University ALD Chapter, Imani Agard and Rebecca Olvera, helped put up boxes around campus to collect school supplies for less fortunate students.

walked around campus to make our voices heard and our passions felt . Within weeks, we had 5 large boxes filled with supplies ranging from notebooks, pens, crayons, planners and folders . We donated these supplies to our local Cornerstone Community Center where they were met with open arms by excited and grateful children . Our last activity of the semester was aimed at impacting our inter-

Alpha Lambda Delta

national society . As the time drew closer towards the Christmas season, we received a letter from a student of a military family, who spoke of the need for us to acknowledge our troops overseas . This birthed our next idea which was a Christmas Card Writing Event . We provided supplies for our student body to come and write personal letters to our troops who are currently deployed in Afghanistan . The students brought in their creativity, and we collected over 100 cards!

Otterbein University Westerville, Ohio

In the past year, Otterbein University’s chapter of ALD/PES held several signature social and service events for our members . Last spring on March 30th, we initiated 150 new members into our organization . On May 5, members and their guests attended a Columbus Clippers Baseball Game for the Dime-A-Dog promotion . This event is always one of our most popular, with 168 people attending this spring . During the summer, the chapter hosted an informational table at each of the New Student Orientations for the Organizational Fair and handed out information about ALD and PES to new students . The officers gathered at the beginning of fall semester for an Officer Retreat to plan events for this year . We used Strengths Finder to determine each of our particular strengths and how best to use them to work together for our members .

We kicked off the Fall Semester with the Annual Steak Fry, held at the local Alum Creek Park . Members are treated to a free steak dinner cooked by the chapter officers, complete with picnic sides and the opportunity to interact with other members . This year’s Steak Fry Despite our small number, we made was attended by approximately 50 and are continuing to make a great members . impact because we all share a pas- For the holiday season, the chapter sion to serve our society . We realize has planned a number of events . that passion is what provokes a re- On December 8th, the members sponse, and this is what has caused will gather for a Pizza Party and Inus to become a recognized force to formational Meeting during which effect change in our local, regional, members will be encouraged to and global community . begin preparing their applications for ALD and PES scholarships and fellowships . In addition, represen36

The Flame

tatives from student government will be on hand to provide more information about all the changes in store for governance at Otterbein . The Columbus Zoo Wildlights is a holiday favorite with our members . 160 members requested tickets to attend and ordered 215 extra tickets for their family and friends . Our service project this semester is participating in an ALD/PES organized campus event called Food

Fight! This event endeavors to help people in the local community who are dealing with hunger . The chapter partnered with students from Otterbein’s Mortar Board chapter to collect food for a university-supported service program called ShareBacAPac . ShareBacAPac allows elementary students who receive free or reduced lunches during the school week to have a backpack full of shelf-stable food

to help them have something to eat during the weekends . The ALD/ PES donation is going specifically toward meals for deserving kids for the holiday break . The chapter hopes to continue holding other service events throughout this academic year to fight hunger in the community . The officers are busy planning for the next semester when we will be working to encourage this year’s freshman students to become members of ALD/PES . We will have an informational meeting for them in February, an Italian dinner and election of officers in early March, and the initiation of new members on March 22 . In April, we will celebrate our 55th anniversary as a Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta – the anniversary falls on the University’s Founders Day, so April 26th this year will be even more special for everyone associated with the ALD/PES Chapter at Otterbein University!

Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana Above: Members from Otterbein’s ALD/PES Chapter enjoying the food at the Annual Steak Fry. Maybe bigger plates next year, please! Below: Officers and Advisors from the Otterbein Chapter met for our annual Officers Retreat and used Strengths Finder to determine our strengths.

After Purdue University’s spring induction ceremony and luncheon, over 35 new initiates applied to be officers or committee chairs . Through an all-evening interview process with current officers, twenty-one new chapter leaders were chosen to plan and organize this year’s activities and service . Two officer transition events—one business and one social—were held to celebrate the successes of the 2013-14 officers and launch a new year for the 2014-15 officers . This year’s fall semester started off with a bang during the first two weeks of school when our officers had informational booths for both

The Flame


Volume 53- 2015

the freshman orientation student activities and organizations fair and another for the Student Union Board Activities Bonanza . Our chapter tries to have at least one service activity each month . We also plan activities that will benefit our members . We publicized our organization on campus by participating in the Homecoming parade and painting a spirit window for Homecoming week . Our first all-member meeting included a speaker from the Study Abroad Office, icebreakers to help our members get better acquainted, and crafting lollipop ghosts to distribute to students who are studying during Halloween week . Upcoming service will include participating in our small zoo’s Boo at the Zoo program, helping clean up elderly persons’ yards during Winterization, and helping with Make a Difference Day .

The chapter at Purdue University is a vital and energetic part of the campus community.

Two officers and our advisor flew to Minneapolis and enjoyed taking part in the 2014 Leadership Workshop . Many ideas were shared with students and adivsors from chapters all over the country . Our officers are gearing up for our fall informational session and fall induction ceremony and reception that will be held in November . This smaller induction provides a nice “dress rehearsal” before the very large one that we hold in March . Even though we are just half-way through the fall semester, we can tell it is a great year for our chapter and we look forward to the many ways we can contribute to our campus and community!

Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

Saint Joseph’s College Rensselaer, Indiana

When I received my letter to be inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta, I was honored . I had not heard much about the honor society on Saint Joseph’s College of Indiana campus except for knowing they passed out goody bags during finals week my freshman year . I accepted the invitation to be inducted . Attending the first meeting, I learned we would be electing officers . I was elected historian . My role as historian is to document the activities of Saint Joseph’s Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta throughout the coming year . Talking with ALD’s advisor, Heidi Rahe, on our campus, I learned more about the purpose of ALD and the history of the chapter at SJC . Saint Joseph’s College’s local chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was formed March 6, 1985 . The college wanted members to serve as role models as well as promoting the ideals and attitudes of Alpha Lambda Delta to other students . Superior scholastic achievement, continual high standards of learning, knowledge, truth, and honor are traits the ALD members should exemplify . While many of those strengths were already present in the members of ALD at Saint Joseph’s, the college wanted to maintain and build the high set of standards it had for its students as well as achieve academic recognition . Diane Jennings, John Nichols, Charles Benet C .PP .S signed the original petition to ALD and pledged the support of SJC for the chapter . One of the original goals of the SJC chapter was to build a treasury through dues and have an annual fundraiser . As a newly The Flame

inducted member and historian of the Saint Joseph’s chapter of ALD, finding a fresh and meaningful fundraiser will be our challenge this year .

the president and vice president of our chapter . Because we are smaller than the average eBoard (losing two board members at the very beginning of the semester), we make Another challenge today for the sure to put in as much work as posALD chapter at Saint Joseph’s Col- sible to make ALD an experience lege is to reinvent and revitalize that its members will never forget . So far, we have held up our end of the chapter to make it more active on campus . My fellow officers and the bargain . I have discussed what our chapter Starting not too long after the could be and are developing a stra- freshman induction ceremony in tegic plan to strengthen our chap- March, we threw our first social ter . event for the ALD members to “Will they hold torches and pass welcome the new inductees: an ice them to one another…?”; a quote by cream social . It was such a great success that we threw another ice Socrates found on the ALD website . We as the new inductees hold the cream social event early in the fall torch . We must find a way to turn semester, during which several of our currently flickering torch into a our members and several who were bolder flame . We have the opportu- interested came out to get to know nity to fuel the flame by upholding us and their fellow members . We the basic tenants for Alpha Lamb- have also held a barbecue in the da Delta . As this 2014 class of in- university-owned apartments and ductees stands holding the flame, provided a quiet study space with snacks, coffee, and test materials we will explore what it means to be (blue books) during the midterm in Alpha Lambda Delta at Saint Joseason . seph’s College of Indiana . More importantly than passing the torch, For the upcoming semester, our we will determine how our flame chapter is planning more servicewill burn . related events that we can do as a board and as a chapter, such as working at an animal shelter, and University of Southern also more academic related events California such as workshops run by profesLos Angeles, California sors to help improve in-class essay The University of Southern Cali- writing . We are also looking to plan fornia chapter of Alpha Lambda more social events that involve Delta’s executive board this year food, one of college students’ favormade a unanimous decision upon ite things, like an outing to Korean initiation to make sure that the BBQ, one of the many resources chapter is as active as possible that Los Angeles has to offer . for our year as the eBoard . Every One of the key things that our week, we have meetings to decide chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is and plan for our next event, along focused on is communication, not with communicating outside of the just among the ALD members, meeting hours with each other via but among the board as well . Our email, cell phone, and lunches with executive board is very hopeful 39

Volume 53- 2015

Above: Photos from the University of Southern California’s Fall 2014 Ice Cream and Cookie Social Below, clockwise from top-left: ALD members from the Transylvania University chapter pitching in at the Catholic Action Center. Packaging books for the International Book Project. Transylvania chapter members pose for a group photo during their service project with the International Book Project. Transy ALD members Elias and Andrew Meyer working the chapter’s Pumpkinmania booth where they passed out candy and coloring sheets to trick-or-treaters.

Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

to help the homeless and the hungry), painting at the Plantory (an upcoming facility that incubates non-profits and small businesses) , running a voter registration table, and packing books for third world countries and towns in need at the International Book Project (IBP) . While the first three projects were more targeted at giving current ALD members opportunities to serve, the latter was another event that engaged new first-year students . There was an overwhelming response to sign-up for the events, and, because of that, the chapter is currently planning to arrange another service event at IBP before the next initiation .

University of Texas at Austin

During the fall semester, the chapter brought local shelter animals to campus to raise awareness for the Humane Society and help students unwind after midterms . We hope to serve them again in the near future . We also set up booths at the student involvement fair and at Transylvania’s PumpkinMania in October, where chapter members passed out candy to young trick-ortreaters . Later in October, we sent two of our students, President Kelli Carpenter and Vice President Elias Hanna, to the Alpha Lambda Delta National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota . Both officers had a great time and came back with several ideas to improve the chapter both socially and academically .

Our chapter meets twice a month to update members on our upcoming events and meet interesting speakers from around campus . This semester, we welcomed a speaker from Teach for America, a national teacher corps of recent college students who commit to two years to help eliminate educational inequality, to see if any of our graduating members would be interested in applying . Another speaker came to promote the Longhorn Wellness Club, an organization that encourages healthy lifestyles . We send out a weekly newsletter listing all the events as well as using social media such as Facebook and Twitter to reach out to members in the most convenient way for them .

Next semester, the Transylvania chapter plans to keep the same goals in mind and add more events that promote academics, like monthly study parties . We consider 2014 to have been a successful year for Alpha Lambda Delta and are exOther service events included lend- cited to see what next year and our ing a hand at the local Catholic new members bring . Action Center (a center that aims

Throughout this semester, we have had a multitude of social events ranging from frozen yogurt socials to meet our Social Coordinators to laser tag in a three-story arena . Highlights so far include our intramural volleyball team, tailgates before our exciting Longhorn football games, and cookie decorating

for the future and excited to continue working for the academic, social, and emotional good of our members at such an incredible university, and we are really looking forward to see what the spring semester has to offer .

Transylvania University Lexington, Kentucky

In 2014, the Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter at Transylvania University focused on getting in touch with potential new members and the community around them . After initiating around fifty new members in February and completing officer transition in April, the chapter was contacted by community service officials at the University asking that members organize a Week of Service to take place during the 2014 First-Year Orientation . Partnering with Transylvania’s Omicron Delta Kappa chapter, the two officer teams organized six different service events for members and first-year students to get involved within different areas of the Lexington community . The largest project, The Great American Clean-Up, was executed on August 23, 2014 . ALD and ODK members served as leaders to groups of firstyear students . Those groups were assigned to three areas surrounding the campus and spent the afternoon picking up street litter . The project not only raised awareness of the positive impact students can have on their community, but also allowed upperclassmen ALD members to interact and bond with incoming students before the semester began .

The Flame


Austin, Texas

This year, the University of Texas at Austin chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is excited to continue its goals of promoting academic excellence, leadership, and service in a friendly community . We won the Order of the Torch award for the 2011-2012 academic year and were honored to receive the Maintaining the Flame award for the 2012-2013 school year . This year, we hope to continue this tradition by maintaining high standards in an active and welcoming environment through service, academic, and social events .

Volume 53- 2015

more events to improve the Austin community as well as those beyond our city .

Above: The ALD chapter at the University of Texas at Austin fields an intramural volleyball team on campus. Below: ALD members at UT-Austin are some of the most studious on campus!

Another main pillar of our ALD chapter is scholarship . We promote academics through study hours, career-building workshops, and merit-based scholarships . One workshop we have already held is a Personal Statement Writing Workshop . In addition to the ALD scholarship opportunities, we offer local scholarships such as the Study Abroad Scholarship, the Most Outstanding Member Award, and the Most Humanitarian Award . We are excited to give out these scholarships during our Winter Banquet, where we celebrate all the accomplishments and involvement of our members throughout the semester . In the upcoming semester, we are looking forward to more great events, induction of new members, continued emphasis of academic success through all disciplines, and community and chapter involvement . The ALD chapter at UT Austin is most excited for all the opportunities to continue to improve as a chapter and serve our members .

The University of TexasPan American Edinburg, Texas

to celebrate the fall . Next semester, our Social Coordinators are planning fun socials such as kayaking, intramural soccer, the Austin Zoo, and more!

provides help for members of the university community who have special needs during the holiday season . This semester, we have also started a new tradition of continAlong with our exciting social uous volunteering with St . Austin events, our chapter highly values Catholic School tutoring program . service throughout our campus and Recently we also supported our community here in Austin . We have own Blanton Museum by helping an ongoing service project with Or- volunteer at a variety of their art ange Santa, an organization that events . Our Service Coordinators are looking forward to planning Alpha Lambda Delta


It’s been an exciting semester for the members and officers of The University of Texas- Pan American chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . Not only has it been packed with fun events, meetings and socials, but the university, as a whole, is preparing for a big and important change: the merging of UTPA and The University of Texas at Brownsville . This will create an outstanding new university in the Rio Grande The Flame

Valley—one that will excel in academics and athletics, and be recognized internationally due to the addition of a new medical school (the first in the Rio Grande Valley) . An exciting adventure for students in South Texas is planned! On September 5th, at South Padre Island, the ALD officers of the 2014-2015 school year held a retreat filled with fun activities and ice breakers . Here they focused all their energy in planning for future events, meetings, and socials for the upcoming semester . This year the officer team has worked tremendously hard to boost ALD’s presence on campus . By attending involvement fairs and hosting bimonthly meetings for the members with invited guest speakers, we have managed to promote this Honor Society among not only students, but our wonderful staff . All of this would not have been possible without the use of social media to update our members on upcoming events . In Bronc Country, October is the month of giving back to the community . We participated in the university’s charitable community events, promoting ALD while also giving back to the community . One of these events was HESTEC (Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology), in which we had the opportunity to set up a fundraiser to not only help boost the organization’s presence on campus, but interact with the community as well . It was a fun and educational event where kids were given the opportunity to throw pies at officers and members! In addition to this event, our organization participated in our university’s annual event of The Flame

Top: University of Texas- Pan American Chapter President Sirissa Farias is all smiles after a young girl threw a pie at her at one of the University’s community events. Middle: University of Texas- Pan American Chapter officers and members after a fun and successful day at the University’s annual event of HESTEC. Below: University of Texas- Pan American Chapter member Isela Lopez gives candy to a young Woody at the University’s annual event of Carnival of the Great Pumpkin.


Volume 53- 2015

Carnival of the Great Pumpkin, a dents are working harder than ever charitable event for kids in honor to fill in the footsteps of our predeof Halloween . cessors . Winning the Order of the With November just around the Torch Award for the 2013-14 acacorner, ALD is looking forward demic year means that it is importto our largest community service ant we continue to strive for exevent this semester . This event is cellence by maintaining the torch . known as Adopt an Angel, where This year, Xavier’s ALD mission is members randomly select a child to increase the awareness of health from across our area whose family disparity of the elderly, poor, and needs a little help to get presents underprivileged . We plan to emgiving back to our commuunder the Christmas tree . ALD phasize nity which aligns with Xavier’s misto the rescue! We can’t wait to get started as the Holidays draw near- sion of “promoting a more just and humane society .” With a renewed er . focus on the field of health care, Next semester will be even better, the ALD chapter at Xavier will be given that many more events will actively participating in a variety of take place, including the induction activities and services . of new members to the ALD chapter at the new university, UT-RGV . From October 20th to 25th, ALD We cannot wait to see what next participated in various activities semester is going to bring for us! It during Xavier’s 25th Wellness Week has been a great year so far, but we that included the Walk-A-Mile with are excited for an even better year President Dr . Norman C . Francis, in 2015 . We are looking forward aerobic exercises, Zumba, yoga, and to promoting ALD, and to increase health screenings . Also in October, our chapter involvement in both Xavier’s ALD worked alongside the the community and university . For Omicron Lambda Omega chapter the last time, with our new univer- of Alpha Kappa Alpha to set up a community recreational event at sity on the horizon, GO BRONCS! the Lafon Nursing Home . This facility is one of the oldest nursing Xavier University of homes in the United States and is home to many of the forgotten Louisiana elderly . By reconnecting with the New Orleans, Louisiana aged members of society, we can Building on the foundation from learn much about how the world last year, our current group of stu-

was like in the past . New Orleans’ vivid history and heritage lives on in the souls of those people, and it is up to the new generation to embody that same spirit and to pass it on . The majority of the elderly were more than happy to see bright new faces . By working intimately close with the community, the hope is that the quality of life improves overall through the formations of these close bonds . Bingo Night was a huge success in reaching out to the community, and ALD plans to make this an annual event . During the month of December, we plan to deliver Holiday Greeting cards to the residents at Lafon Nursing Home . As the ALD chapter at Xavier University of Louisiana continues to evolve and grow, new inductees and current members are playing a pivotal role in advocating for recognition of health inequalities . We are determined to go above and beyond each year, to improve relations with the community and to disseminate useful information all across campus . This is just the start of something great, and many more programs are in the works for next semester . Ultimately, our goals will be fulfilled if we all come together as a whole and make a concerted difference in the global community .

Your story here! Make sure to take plenty of photos at your upcoming chapter events. Your pictures, along with your article, could appear in the 2016 edition of the Flame. Contact the National Office (1-800-9-ALPHA-1 or ald@ for more details on submitting your chapter’s report! Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame


This year, seven campuses across the country received their charters and joined the Alpha Lambda Delta family. Join us in welcoming them! University of WashingtonTacoma December 6, 2013

Installed by Jim Stemler

On Friday, December 6th, 2013, at 6:30 p .m ., Dr . James Stemler installed a new chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta at the University of Washington, Tacoma . The charter group of the chapter included 53 students . Cedric Howard, Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services at UW Tacoma was inducted as the organization’s honorary member as well as the two co-advisors, Kim Davenport and Kim Scatton . Alpha Lambda Delta is just one of three new nationally recognized honor society organizations installed on campus this year, along with Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society and the Golden Key International Honor Society . However, Alpha Lambda Delta was established and selected in order to specifically provide sup-

port and retention efforts to UW took their oath of office . Joshua Tacoma’s first year students . Wright accepted the role of ChapThe ceremony proceeded as Dr . ter President, Alyssa Ng agreed to James Stemler welcomed the new become the Vice President, Kyesinitiates and shared a brief histo- sa Hudson became the Secretary, ry of Alpha Lambda Delta and its Nicole Kim accepted the role of Treasurer, and Mae Angela Oreiro motto to “Pass our torches on, one accepted the responsibilities of to another .” The honorary memHistorian . bers were then initiated and the advisors then shared personal mes- Concluding the ceremony was a sages to the inductees, congratulat- keynote speech from the newly ing them in becoming a part of the initiated President, Joshua Wright founding membership . and a brief general meeting disAfterwards, each initiate was called cussing the organization’s goals for forward to sign and shake hands what they hope to accomplish for the academic year, including plans with the installation officer and advisors . After the initiation of to work with the Adopt A Highway program near campus and visiting the members, the chapter’s officers

Former National President James G. Stemler (standing at podium at left) installed the University of Washington - Tacoma in December 2013. The Flame


Volume 53- 2015

first year classes to motivate students to strive for their academic best . The UW Tacoma chapter is grateful to the national office of Alpha Lambda Delta for welcoming them into its family and is excited to begin its first full year as a newly chartered honor society .

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey February 21, 2014

Installed by Dorothy Anderson

Approximately two hundred and thirty charter and class of ’17 students were inducted as members of the Stockton College Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta . Students listed on the charter were those initiated from the first group of initiates of the local chapter who chose to join the National . The charter was beautifully framed and presented at the ceremony . Chapter members and advisors are actively seeking a permanent location on campus to hang the charter .

Dorothy Anderson (standing, blue jacket) welcomes Stockton College to the ALD family.

troduced the installing officer . A student photographer took lots of pictures for the history book the chapter is keeping, and for the Flame . Dinner followed the ceremony, with students picking up certificates and signing the chapter role during dinner .

Dorothy Anderson had the opportunity to meet with the current officers before the ceremony about Each student stood up as their possible chapter activities . This is a name was read by Installing Offi- chapter well invested in a wide vacer Dorothy Anderson . The officers riety of service activities and is the were introduced and shared infor- first chapter Anderson has installed mation about the chapter’s activi- that held a service activity in conties to date . Citations written for junction with the installation . each honorary member were read Ten Stockton students, several by one of the officers . University of whom are ALD members, will President, Dr . Herman Saatkamp travel to Africa this summer to made remarks at the beginning help build a school and provide of the ceremony following his in- supplies for children as part of the duction as an honorary member college’s service learning program . and Dr . Robert Gregg, Dean of the New members (and the installing School of General Studies made re- officer) brought items to the ceremarks in acceptance of the charter . mony to be taken to Africa, such as The ceremony was opened by the singing of the National Anthem by the Stockton a Capella, and closed by a song performed by the same group . The Chapter President inAlpha Lambda Delta

tial of proving to be a vital part of the campus community going into the future . The Chapter is housed in the Honors Program and is tied closely to the Academic side of the campus . Both of the advisors are long time (better than 25 years) faculty members at Stockton and are clearly invested in the college, the students, and the Chapter .

Delaware Valley College March 30, 2014

Installed by Dorothy Anderson

Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, not in the state of Delaware, is Delaware Valley College . With the theme of BE SOMEBODY, Delaware Valley College is located 30 miles north of Philadelphia on more than 500 beautiful acres .

Former National President, Dorothy Anderson, installed the new Alpha Lambda Delta chapter on Sunday, March 30, 2014, in the Life Sciences Building Auditorium . The books, notebooks, crayons, pencils, 49 charter members who were retoys, etc . sponsible for the development of The Stockton College Chapter is in the chapter at Delaware Valley Colgood hands and has every poten- lege were initiated first, followed by remarks by the advisors, Dr . April 46

The Flame

photographers took individual pictures of each initiate as they signed the roll . Memberships were also granted to two people who were of special importance to the developing chapter: Sarah Stoudt and Lex Islinger, a Dean’s Office staff member who provided significant administrative support to the new chapter . President Brosman and Nicole Cruz accepted the charter and spoke about their pride in taking part in this ceremony and in accepting the challenges of a new Alpha Lambda Delta chapter . The ceremony, indeed a very special occasion for Delaware Valley College, was followed by a reception in the lobby of the building .

Keystone College September 20, 2014

Installed by Karen Amrhein

The installation of the Keystone College chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was held on Saturday, September 20, 2014, at 3:00 p .m . in Brooks Theater on the Keystone College campus . Dr . Karen Amrhein, a Professional-Member-at-Large of the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council served as the installing officer . The New chapters kept Dorothy Anderson busy in 2014 - here, she installs the chapter at Delaceremony began with a processionware Valley College. al of the 32 initiates into the theater with approximately 100 family Vari and Dr . Bashar Hanna . Dr . the induction of the new freshmen and friends in attendance to watch Hanna spoke about his experienc- members and the honorary mem- the ceremony . es as an undergraduate member bers . of Alpha Lambda Delta at Temple The ceremony began with the sing- Ms . Sharon Clark, Senior DirecUniversity, and the value he found ing of the Delaware Valley College tor of Student Support Services, in being involved with the activities Alma Mater by members of the and Ms . Leanne Hennip, Assistant of the Chapter . Dr . Vari introduced choir . Student Mark Wade ar- Director of Career Development, Dorothy Anderson, who initiated ranged a beautiful floral display at both serve as administrative advithe charter members . This was fol- the base of the podium, where each sors of the Keystone Chapter and lowed by the installation of officers member signed the chapter roll . were instrumental in the creation and then the officers assisted in Parents were present and student of this chapter . Ms . Clark and Ms . The Flame


Volume 53- 2015

Hennip were both initiated as honorary members of the society . Four Keystone College ALD members were installed as officers: Jeremy Bolella, Co-President; Zachary Traver, Co-President; Amanda Yerke, Secretary/Treasurer; and Kristy Keller, Public Relations . Each of these students exhibited enthusiasm in their role in establishing ALD on Keystone College’s campus and are excited for their future role within the chapter . Dr . Robert J . Perkins, Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, served as the keynote speaker . Dr . Perkins has also been an influential force in the development of an ALD chapter at Keystone College . He spoke to the students about his pride in their accomplishments and encouraged them to continue to focus on their academic achievements and successes . Following Dr . Perkins’ speech, Dr . Amrhein installed the Keystone College Chapter into Alpha Lambda Delta and presented the chapter’s charter to the co-presidents, Mr . Bolella and Mr . Traver . Following the ALD installation ceremony, the initiates engaged in a group photo . A photo booth was also provided to ALD initiates to take photos with their families while displaying their ALD certificates . Cookies and punch were served .

National President Susan Huffman (at right, in academic regalia) poses with the new members of the Westminster College chapter in the St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury Church

had opportunities to participate in various Family Weekend events, including a trivia game and outdoor barbecue . At 4:00 p .m ., a Keystone College Family Reception was held on the lawn for participants of the family weekend festivities . Holding the ceremony during the Family Weekend festivities provided a wonderful opportunity for initiates and their families to enjoy an entire day of activities .

Westminster College

The charter group of this chapter included 39 students . All but one of the initiates and six honorary members attended the ceremony and signed the chapter role with several faculty, staff, and other guests as witnesses to the special occasion . Ms . Kathryn Barden, Head, Campus Public Services, and Dr . Sonia Manzoor, Associate Professor of Economics, assisted Dr . Huffman during the chapter installation and will continue to serve as chapter advisors .

Ms . Barden and Dr . Manzoor, were initiated as honorary members so Installed by Susan Huffman that they could preside with Dr . The Westminster College chapter of Huffman over the ceremony . They Alpha Lambda Delta was installed have worked with the students for by Dr . Susan Melson Huffman, the past few years to get the local President of National Alpha Lamb- chapter started and to plan a very The installation of the Keystone da Delta, at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, special and memorable event for College chapter into Alpha Lamb- October 14, 2014 . The ceremony this campus . da Delta was held on Keystone was held in the beautiful St . Mary Four other members of the faculty College’s Family weekend . With the Virgin Aldermanbury Church, and staff of Westminster College warm and breezy weather, Sep- a historic building that was moved were also recognized and selected tember 20th served as the perfect stone by stone from London after for honorary membership . They inday for both events . Prior to the the London Blitz . cluded Dr . Elise Bartley, Assistant ceremony, initiates and families Professor of Accounting; Dr . Heidi Alpha Lambda Delta

October 14, 2014


The Flame

University of Houston-Downtown January 30, 2014

Installed by Mari Nicholson-Preuss

A freak snowstorm led to a first for National Alpha Lambda Delta on January 30, 2014 . Although Glenda Earwood was scheduled to serve as the installing officer for the University of Houston-Downtown’s installation on January 30, 2014, the Atlanta airport was blanketed with a very rare winter storm, and all of the day’s flights were cancelled . Chapter advisor Dr . Mari Nicholson – Preuss installed the UHD chapter in the absence of a national representative . Perhaps the bad luck with travel plans led to good luck for the chapter - following their snowed-out chapter installation, the chapter at the University of Houston-Downtown went on to be the first-ever newly-installed chapter to win the Order of the Torch . Dr . Earwood was able to extend a belated welcome to the UHD chapter to the Alpha Lambda Delta family when she traveled to Houston in September to present the chapter’s award banner . During her visit in September, she mentioned that this was the first chapter, to her knowledge, to be installed by the chapter advisor without a national representative present .

Lavine, Assistant Professor of English and director of Westminster’s Honor Program; Ms . Kathy Neal, Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean of the Faculty and Coordinator of Transfer Credit Services; and Dr . Carolyn Perry, Senior Vice President for the College and Dean of Faculty . All were present to receive recognition as new honorary members .

secretary; Brittany Paglusch, treasurer; and Matthew McCormack, historian . Each of them was installed during the ceremony, and Dr . Huffman encouraged those in attendance to support the officers in their efforts to promote and publicize this new chapter on the Westminster campus .

olyn Perry, Senior Vice President for the College and Dean of Faculty, thanked Dr . Huffman for coming to Fulton to install the Westminster chapter, and she also provided words of inspiration and motivation and congratulated the new student and honorary members .

Following the ceremony and many After Dr . Huffman congratulated group photographs, Dr . Huffman the new initiates, chapter president and her husband, Dave, joined the Officers of this chapter include John York spoke to the new initi- chapter officers, advisors, and othJohn York, president; Molly Dw- ates and offered congratulations er honorary members for lunch in yer, vice president; Greta Morina, to the charter members . Dr . Car- the dining center on campus .

Wilkes University October 19, 2014

Installed by Dorothy Anderson

The Wilkes University petition for a chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was approved by the National Council during the summer of 2014 . Former National President, Dorothy Anderson, installed the chapter on October 19, 2014 . Dr . Marcia Balester, Coordinator of the First Year Foundations Program, organized the new chapter at Wilkes and began the process of affiliating with National Alpha Lambda Delta The members of the Wilkes University chapter pose around their new Alpha Lambda Delta charter. The Flame


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Dreamers welcome.


Celebrating 90 Years

2014 National Council Meeting - Chicago, Illinois

The 2013-14 National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta on their best behavior (this photo), and in their more natural, fun-loving state (inset). Standing, left-to-right: Glenda Earwood, Sharon Emerson-Stonnell, Lisa Ruch, Mike Nichols, Karen Amrhein, Michelle Gross, Sandrea Williamson. Seated, left-to-right: Natasha Hongsermeier, Caitlin Daley, Susan Huffman, Amber Gombash, Butch Hill.

The National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta met this summer at the Palmer House in Chicago to discuss the future of the Society, set goals, establish administrative policies, and review the year’s activities . After National Presiding Dr . Susan Melson Huffman convened the Council, the first order of business was to install Dr . Sharon Emerson-Stonnell and Natasha Hongsermeier as members-at large . After individual Council member reports were reviewed, Dr . Glenda Earwood, ALD Executive Director, presented her annual report to the Council . Among the highlights were: • • • • •

Membership has increased by 1% More chapters are using the My Honor Society System ALD currently has 276 active chapters The Perpetual Fellowship fund is now valued at over $4 million The 90th Anniversary fundraising campaign continues to grow with

The Flame

• •

$20,000 coming from ALD chapters ALD initiated its 1,000,000th member, Jennifer Woods of Ohio University ALD’s social media outreach is strong with Justin Mashburn as the new Director of Social Media

President Huffman was asked to present the results of the search for a new Executive Director . A search committee was formed and interviewed four finalists . The Committee selected Eileen Merberg of Fairport, New York . Ms Merberg has board experience in student services administration as well as leadership in several national organizations . She received a B .A . in psychology and an M .A . in student personnel from the State University of New York . She is currently serving as Interim Director of Student Life at Buffalo State University and is advisor to the ALD chapter there, as well as directing a mentoring program . With the retirement of Dr . Earwood and 51

the appointment of Ms . Merberg, the national office will be moving to New York . It was noted that ALD installed seven new chapters including the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Southwestern University in Texas, the University of Washington at Tacoma, the University of Houston, Stockton College in New Jersey and Delaware Valley College . After three days of intensive meetings and discussions, the National adjourned to a 90th Anniversary Banquet where former students, Council members and officers, staff members, former Council presidents, and friends of Alpha Lambda Delta celebrated this remarkable milestone . President Huffman paid tribute to our founder, Dean Maria Leonard . A media presentation which featured highlights from the Alpha Lambda Delta legacy was shown .

Volume 53- 2015
















Celeb ou

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h orc

On June 26, 2014, the National Council of Alpha Lambda Delta hosted a banquet celebrating the Society’s 90th Anniversary. Over 30 of ALD’s most notable names from recent history met in Chicago, Illinois, for a celebration of 90 years of Alpha Lambda Delta history!

brate! Facing page, clockwise from top-left: Current and former National Council Student Members at Large Natasha Hongsermeier, Amber Gombash, and Jonathan Rotzien. Former Purdue University chapter president Erica Nathan-Gamauf. National Vice President Lisa Ruch entertains attendees with pop and classical music on the piano. Former National Council Member-at-Large Deborah Manzanares talks with current and future ALD Executive Directors Glenda Earwood and Eileen Merberg. Director of Communications Lee Greenway and Council Member-at-Large Michelle Gross. Glenda Earwood with former Council member Melinda Koonce. Former Council student member Andrew Simon and wife Sarah. Council member Lois Szudy with former Council student member Angie Congrove Wilyerd and her husband, Adam. Former Councli member Sandrea Williamson and husband Alex. Carmen Neuberger, former National Council member. This page, clockwise from top: ALD Financial Advisor Kathy Hammock, Glenda Earwood, former Council member Glenda Gallisath, and former President Dorothy Anderson. Three National Presidents: Jim Stemler, Susan Huffman, and Dorothy Anderson. Former Council members Kelci Teut and Brad Savage. National President Susan Huffman. Council members and friends Deborah Manzanares, Erica Nathan-Gamauf, Kyle Goodwin, Dillon Etter, Eileen Merberg, and Jon Rotzien. Glenda Earwood and former Vice President Margie Wade. Council Member Karen Amrhein and her husband, Mike. Kathy and Bob Beardsley with former Maryland student Council member Eric Young. Council Members Dillon Etter and Sharon Emerson-Stonnell with Kyle Goodwin. National Editor Mike Nichols and former Council member Marty Knepper.

Executive Director’s Advisors of the Year (cont.. from pg. 35) giene products for Caritas, Mission Waco, Westlake Church, and the Women’s Shelter; toys and shoe box gifts for Operation Christmas, box tops for Education to Waco Elementary; aluminum pull tabs and cans for the Ronald McDonald House; and hundreds of dollars of pet supplies for the local animal shelter . The chapter has provided volunteers to recruit high school students to Baylor and helped on move-in day . The chapter also collected items for the Tolitha Khoum Center, Haiti Relief Fund, Japan Relief Fund, West Relief Fund, and the Friends of the Library book sale . The chapter awards $5000 in local scholarships to 14 ALD members . Megan Wagy transferred from Oregon State University where she was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta to Northern Arizona State University . Megan was disappointed to find that the ALD chapter at NAU had been inactive for ten years! Motivated to make a difference on her new campus, Megan found Emilly Borthwick-Wong, and together they got the chapter going again . Emilly Borthwick-Wong works in the Gateway Student Success Center and has served as the primary chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society

at Northern Arizona since 2013 . In her time as an advisor, she has worked hard alongside her students to make NAU’s ALD chapter better known on campus . In 2013, she and some student officers rode a train from Flagstaff to San Diego to attend the ALD workshop where she had opportunities to learn new and better ways to work with the ALD chapter . The chapter has held two study skill workshops, two resume workshops, a Halloween social, and two informational meetings . They have made plans to do new projects as the chapter grows . Lynn Breyfogle, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, has served as the primary chapter advisor for the Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at Bucknell since the fall of 2012 . In her time as an advisor, she has worked hard alongside her students and co-advisor, Karen Marosi, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, to make Bucknell’s ALD chapter the best it can be . Dean Breyfogle has primary responsibility for the needs of firstyear students, including advising, appropriate course offerings, and coordination with academic programs for first-year students such as Residential Colleges and Foundation Seminars .

The Bucknell chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta has a tradition of sponsoring an initiation dinner with induction ceremony that includes an esteemed speaker . The Chapter also holds a get-toknow-you evening event; led by co-presidents Kathryn Modugno and Kristen Ronca, chapter officers have developed a committee system by which they intend to cultivate further activities for 20142015 . The role of the chapter advisor is absolutely critical to the success of the chapter and the national organization,” said Lisa Ruch, Vice President for Chapter Relations and Expansion . Today when staff and faculty members are asked and expected to do more than ever before, it is important that chapter advisors are recognized and appreciated for their service and commitment to students and to Alpha Lambda Delta . These advisors have done exceptional jobs and deserve the recognition of this award . “Alpha Lambda Delta would not have thrived for 90 years without the outstanding voluntary service provided by chapter advisors”, said Dr . Glenda Earwood, Executive Director .

Where are we? Want to find other ALD chapters near you? Need to get in touch with your chapter’s advisor? Use our Chapter Finder, online at: Alpha Lambda Delta


The Flame

Welcome new chapters! (cont.. from pg. 49) with the support of the Senior Vice President, Dr . Anne Skleder, who became an honorary member at Cabrini College when that chapter was installed . The room was beautifully decorated using ALD colors for the table covers and napkins and the flower arrangements on each round table set up for parents and other family members . Dr . Balester introduced installing officer, Dorothy Anderson, who led the chapter installation ceremony . The officers lined up the students for the procession; students filed in and were seated in front of the stage . The six honorary members were seated on the stage, and chapter officers read their citations as they signed the roll and obtained

pins and certificates . The officers were installed, and the ceremony continued to the installation of the chapter .

location . The installing officer suggested that they look for a place in the library or the campus center where all charters from all of the honor societies could be displayed .

Provost Skleder and Chapter President Seth Kunkel accepted the The two advisors treated the inCharter on behalf of the University . stalling officer to lunch before the Dorothy Anderson closed the cere- ceremony, affording the opportunimony, inviting students to stay in ty to review what would occur and the front for a formal photograph to discuss ways the chapter can be taken by the University photogra- beneficial to the campus commupher, with lots of parents snapping nity . The chapter is quite interesttheir own pictures . A reception fol- ed in doing service projects and lowed, and included a beautifully should find assistance with this decorated cake picturing the Wil- by working with Mrs . Valkenburg, Civic Engagement Coordinator . The kes seal . enthusiasm of the student leaderSeveral parents took pictures of the ship is quite apparent and it will be framed Charter and asked where interesting to see what they choose it would be hung . The advisors are to adopt as projects . working on identifying the right

Your one-stop shop for Alpha Lambda Delta apparel, graduation items, gifts, and more! The Flame


Volume 53- 2015

$90,000 for the


Why give to Alpha Lambda Delta? Founded in 1924, Alpha Lambda Delta is continuing to celebrate her 90th anniversary in 2015. To honor our Society’s past, and to help build our Society’s future, the ALD National Council set a fundraising goal of $90,000 to expand our offerings of scholarships and fellowships. Since the Great Recession of 2008, the cost of higher education has far exceeded the rate of inflation. Between 2001 and 2010 the cost of a university education soared - from 23% of median annual earnings to 38%; in consequence, student debt has doubled in the past 15 years. Two-thirds of graduates now take out loans.



d el ...










Over the following months, Alpha Lambda Delta will be working to raise $90,000 to add to the Perpetual Fellowship Fund - the endowment that funds over $200,000 annually in scholarships and fellowships to outstanding members. Since 1940, Alpha Lambda Delta has awarded 735 Graduate Fellowships, 507 Trow Undergraduate Scholarships, and 51 Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships.


In honor of the 90th Anniversary of National Alpha Lambda Delta and to support the continued growth of our national scholarships and fellowships, the National Council and National Office of Alpha Lambda Delta are working with our members and our chapters to increase the value of our Perpetual Fellowship Fund - and the number and amount of scholarships and fellowships Alpha Lambda Delta can offer - with our Anniversary Campaign: $90,000 for the 90th!


r torc


Alpha Lambda Delta helps ALD members meet these rising costs with scholarships and fellowships. Since ALD offered its first fellowship in 1940, over 1,350 students have received over 2.75 million dollars from ALD. Annually, Alpha Lambda Delta awards almost $200,000 in scholarships and fellowships, but we want to do even more! As of printing, ALD has raised $68,000 75% of our $90,000 goal!

Donate below or online, at: Yes, I would like to support Alpha Lambda Delta’s goal of raising $90,000 for the 90th by contributing to the Perpetual Fellowship Fund. Enclosed, please find my tax-deductible gift of $_____________________

PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “Alpha Lambda Delta” DONOR INFORMATION (Circle One) Chapter Member




Name of College where Inducted: __________________________________________

detach or copy this form & return it to: National Alpha Lambda Delta P.O. Box 4403 Macon, GA 31208-4403 If your gift is being made in honor or in memory of someone, please include their name here: My gift is (circle one):

in honor of

in memory of


Induction Year: ________________ Name: __________________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: ______ Zip: _____________ Home Phone: ______________________

Business Phone: _____________________

E-Mail Address:___________________________________________________________

Alpha Lambda Delta is a 501 (c) 3 NonProfit Organization. Your gift, therefore, is tax-deductible as allowed by law. For more information, contact National Alpha Lambda Delta at 1-800-9ALPHA1.

Thank you for supporting ALD.

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