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both national and university awards. Rachel Hempel was recognized for being awarded a Trow Scholarship to use for undergraduate studies. In the 20122013 school year, Transy’s ALD chapter created a new $500 scholarship to be used for summer work/research by an ALD member. At the awards ceremony, it was released that this scholarship would be named the Kathleen Snell Jagger Award, to recognize Kathleen Jagger of Transylvania University. Nash Langani (SPELL) was awarded this scholarship this past summer. In October, ALD’s President, Annie Edkins, and Vice President, Shelby Auxier, attended the National Leadership Convention in San Diego, California. They loved learning more about the organization and how to improve its presence and recruitment process at Transylvania University. Edkins and Auxier also enjoyed meeting other ALD officers from around the U.S., and they found the opportunity exciting and highly beneficial. Later in October, Alpha Lambda Delta had a booth at Transylvania’s event Pumpkinmania. Officers and members passed out candy to young children, and played tic-tac-to with them. ALD enjoyed interacting with the kids trick or treating and enjoyed giving back to the community. In November, ALD had a First-Year Reception for first-year students interesting in learning more about the organization. Presentations were given by Langani, Hempel and another upperclassman about summer research, ALD scholarships, and having an officer position. Edkins and Auxier presented about the National Leadership Conference and emphasized the fact that ALD offers sophomores valuable leadership experience. The ALD chapter at Transylvania University is looking forward to a great recruitment and initiation process, as well as its involvement in other campus events.

Valley City State University Valley City, North Dakota The Alpha Lambda Delta chapter at Valley City State University has been

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Sheyenne Valley Friends brought some stress-relieving four-legged friends to Valley City State University during finals week.

busy building their member base and planning many activities this year. They inducted 33 new members, which is one of the largest classes in their history! The annual “Smarties Party” was held in mid-February to welcome the newest members. Games were played and treats were eaten. A good time was had by all that attended! The new officers hit the ground running planning a stress relief event for finals week. They teamed up with the local animal shelter, Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals, to bring dogs onto campus for students to play with. The campus has a no animal policy, so the officers had to write an event proposal to submit to the president. With a little extra care, they were given permission to go ahead with the event. On May 6, 8 dogs were brought onto campus and over 150 students got to relieve some stress by petting and playing catch with them. The officers also planned a volunteer event for their members. The members worked together and spent a few hours on a Sunday afternoon cleaning up a historic building on campus. The President’s House has been on VCSU’s campus since 1901, and has become a 45

staple on campus. The Alpha Lambda Delta members helped with spring cleaning and housework that the volunteers that run the house are unable to do by themselves. They also got to learn about each of the rooms in the house and the history behind each one.

Washington & Jefferson College Washington, Pennsylvania Submitted by Olivia Leventry Our ALD chapter is becoming a very well known and active group on Washington and Jefferson College’s campus, a small liberal arts college in Western Pennsylvania. So far this year we have accomplished two great feats. The first was our third-annual ALD Majors Day. Majors Day represents at least one representative from each of the 30+ majors and programs offered by W&J. This past November 7th, all representatives were situated in an organized set-up of tables where undeclared Freshmen and Sophomores were able to make they way around the loop of tables to browse the many majors and find out more information from knowledgeable upperclassmen

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