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an hour’s worth of shelf reading and reorganizing of book shelves after a youth reading event, as well as to help the City of Indianola construct and decorate their float for the local Holiday Extravaganza Parade. For their December event, the Simpson chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta is planning on hosting a Coloring Party, complete with coloring contest, hot chocolate, and candy canes as a fun and relaxing activity the day before Final Exams begin. Though the Alpha Lambda Delta officers at Simpson have not finalized the Spring Semester events as of yet, they are hoping to continue hosting one event each month to spread the name of Alpha Lambda Delta across campus. They are hoping that as the name “Alpha Lambda Delta” continues to spread across campus, students will be encouraged to further pursue academic excellence.

University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Submitted by Samantha Jandl This past semester has been an exciting one for the University of Southern California’s Alpha Lambda Delta Chapter. We have gained 622 new members since recruitment last year and are constantly showcasing the accomplishments of our individuals.  Each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences that make ALD so special to be a part of.  Our members are constantly learning from each other and helping one another.   Being a part of this group of scholars allows members to meet others who share their passion and desire for academic success.  When asked about their experience in ALD, many of the members highlighted how much they loved realizing that individuals who they had classes with shared their hopes to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD members at the University of Southern California meet and catch up at the chapter’s Ice Cream Social.

Ben Shiroma, an engineering student aspiring to pursue patent law, commented, “Being an interdisciplinary student, I thought I would never find someone with the same academic and career plans as I do. However, through ALD, I discovered that there was actually a classmate of mine who shares my passion for both the sciences and law. I would normally have never talked to her, but ever since we met at an ALD barbecue, we’ve become close friends!” ALD members come from all different fields of study. When they come together in this organization they are able to blend their fields, sharing and learning new things.   Alison Greer, a neuroscience major, met her current roommate at an ALD function in the spring celebrating the new members’ induction, but may not have met her otherwise because of their largely different fields of study. “Even though I am a neuroscience major and my roommate is studying Economics,” Alison told us, “ALD allowed us an opportunity to cross paths and realize that while our majors are completely different, we are both very interested in the research and data aspects of our individual areas of

study. Finding this commonality immediately gave us something to talk about at the reception, and we became so close that we decided to live together this year!” Our members love coming together to spend time with their friends who are also in ALD, as well as to meet other members that they may not cross paths with otherwise. Some of the best ways to do so are through the events that our chapter has planned over the course of this semester. We kicked off the school year with a great turnout at the USC Student Involvement Fair, where many students were able to learn more about what ALD does, who the members are, and the goals they are encouraged to strive for in order to become a members themselves. We also celebrated our new members’ induction into ALD with an Ice Cream Social a few weeks into the semester. Members loved meeting and socializing with each other, all while enjoying some delicious treats! Our chapter also hosted an ALD Member BBQ this year, offering members another opportunity to mingle and see each other outside of the classroom. Again,

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