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Brooke Nell, and Amanda Click, to the National Alpha Lambda Delta Conference in San Diego in October. During the convention, the three girls were able to meet and talk with many influential people in the ALD community, as well as learn valuable information to aid future service and social events. Their trip helped our chapter gain a new perspective on what it means to be a part of Alpha Lambda Delta. We were all able to benefit from their experiences. Overall, this year has been a major success in our community and in our nation. From service projects to conferences to leadership workshops, we have done our best to shed a positive light on the lives of everyone around us. We are so proud to be a part of such an amazing organization and to be able to influence the students on our campus as well as the children and families in our community.

Simpson College Indianola, Iowa Submitted by Marissa Belau A little more than six months ago, the name “Alpha Lambda Delta” meant close to nothing to students at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Aside from those who had been previously inducted into the Simpson chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta, the campus was fairly unaware of the academic honor society’s existence on campus. Even when you asked an Alpha Lambda Delta member directly, they could rarely elaborate as to the club’s purpose or explain the benefits of being a member. When the 2013-2014 officers were elected and assumed their positions in April of this year however, they were determined to change the level of Alpha Lambda Delta’s presence on campus as well as make the name “Alpha Lambda Delta” more well-known. Since the beginning of September, President Marissa Belau, Vice-President McKenzie Bills, and Secretary Brooke Thompson have been planning a strategy to accomplish these goals. Their plan of action: plan, organize, and carry out at least one event per month. The purpose The Flame

of these monthly events was to raise awareness of Alpha Lambda Delta and to encourage academic success for all students on campus.

with different campus and community organizations. The first week of the month found Simpson’s Alpha Lambda Delta chapter partnering with the City of Indianola to clean up the grounds of the Indianola Public Library, though this event was, unfortunately, rained out. During the second week of November, Simpson Alpha Lambda Delta members gathered bright and early to give a little TLC to the study tables in the campus library and to place table tents with study tips on them around the library facilities. The last week of National Alpha Lambda Delta Service Month brought Simpson chapter members once again to the Indianola Public Library to help with

For the month of September, Alpha Lambda Delta members spent a day placing informational door hangers on the doors of rooms in the Freshmen residence halls on campus and talking to students about the benefits of striving for academic success. These door hangers contained a few study tips for students and a list of the benefits of becoming an Alpha Lambda Delta member. Also in September, the Simpson Alpha Lambda Delta chapter added the officer position of Media Manager, taken over by Maureen Snook, to develSmiling faces and a happy pooch at Simpson College’s “Doggies at op and maintain an organization Facebook Dunn” project. During the event, a local dog-training center brings dogs and puppies to campus for students to enjoy - and to help page, Twitter account, reduce student stress during finals! and handle event advertisements. October brought about Midterm Exams at Simpson and Candygrams sold by Alpha Lambda Delta. Students had the option to purchase snacksized bags of candy to either enjoy themselves or send to a friend during the week of Midterms. Alpha Lambda Delta also co-sponsored “Doggies at Dunn” – a program that allows a local dog training center to bring in dogs and puppies for students to play with as another stress reducing activity. In November, Alpha Lambda Delta members at Simpson participated in National Alpha Lambda Delta Service Month. A different service event was planned each week of the month 41

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