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our chapter decided to take the time to show our country’s Veterans just how much they are appreciated and how thankful we are for their service. This was by the far most rewarding experience as it was evident how elated the Veterans were that local college students cared enough to not only make them “Thank You” cards but to also spend the day listening to the Veterans’ stories and getting to know them. Our chapter spent hours talking to the Veterans about their experiences in war and life in general and we felt that every member who attended left with a new perspective on the life they live verses the life people our age lived years ago. The University of New Haven’s chapter is all about selflessness and giving back to the community in which we live. Most of the students in our chapter are not from Connecticut as we have a diverse student body from all over the world however, we strive to create and hold a sense of community with the area around us and get involved in any way possible. For the upcoming semester we are already planning events in the greater West Haven area, one of which will hopefully be with the Veterans of the West Haven Medical Center. The center always holds luncheons for the Veterans and University of New Haven’s ALD would be able to mingle with the patients and really get to know them. There is a generational divide that is so loosely approached by today’s generation but our chapter is striving to fight that and become more in touch with the generations before us that fought to keep our country free and provided the safe place we live today. Our chapter is greatly looking forward to the spring semester and the events that we will be organizing and participating in. As an organization that strives to showcase talent and scholastic aptitude, the University of New Haven’s ALD chapter feels that they must always represent what Alpha Lambda Delta stands for. With an enthusiastic group of young individuals, a supportive university, and a community that is always giving back, our chapter is always aiming to reach The Flame

North Carolina A&T State University’s Mr. ALD Darius Holmes and Secretary Tayler Coltrane at the Crop Hunger Walk.

new heights as far as giving back. We are very optimistic for the future of our chapter and will continue to represent Alpha Lambda Delta in the best way possible.

North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, North Carolina This semester the North Carolina A&T chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) has held amazing programs and successful community service activities. At the beginning of the semester we held a program titled “How To Get a 4.0: Freshman Ice Cream Social.” Although this program was aimed toward freshman all classmen were welcome to come. During this program our president and vice president spoke to our peers about keeping their grades up, how to study and how to relieve stress. Ben and Jerry’s provided the ice cream for the event. Our first community service activity was a Crop Hunger Walk that was held in downtown Greensboro. The walk was held to help stop hunger in the United States and around the world. Although we did not sponsor the walk, we had great attendance from our members. After the walk Miss ALD was contacted about hosting our own walk. Hopefully in the spring we will be able to have the


walk on our campus so more of our students can be involved. This semester we were fortunate to have both our president and vice president attend the leadership conference in San Diego. Our president came back with a great idea to start a scholarship just for ALD members and funded by our ALD chapter. In October our second event was held, it was titled Text-In-The Community. Every year our university handpicks a book for the incoming freshman to read over the summer. Upon completion of the book they are supposed to write a one-page analysis on the book. When they come to A&T, there are many programs on the book held throughout the semester. Fortunately, ALD was able to have a program. For our Text-In-The Community program we invited a panel of teachers and students, who read the book, to answer questions that pertained to the book. Our vice president ran the program and asked the questions to the panel. The fall induction was the third event to occur this semester. There were 15-17 inductees for the fall semester. Although not a big group, we held a nice ceremony for them and their family members. Our vice president ran this event as well. The whole E-board welcomed the new members with open arms. Our last community service activi-

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