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in this walk over the past few years and therefore many members are both familiar with and actively support this cause. We also open up a t-shirt design contest to all those in our chapter, asking members to create and submit designs they would like to see as that year’s Pumpkin Fest volunteer t-shirt to be worn the day of the event. This year the design that was chosen was created by one of our executive board members and was so popular, we are considering having it as a contender for next year’s t-shirt design contest as well. Pumpkin Fest is not only a great fundraising effort that our members truly enjoy and look forward to, but also acts as a way to promote ALD’s presence on campus and encourage both prospective and current member involvement. Hosting Pumpkin Fest in a location that is so central on campus and most frequented by our student population has had an incredible impact on this event’s success. Each year we have a great turn out and are increasingly impressed by our members’ involvement and dedication throughout the entirety of Pumpkin Fest. The work and dedication of our major event coordinators coupled with the support of our members have ensured the success of Pumpkin Fest over the years and we hope to see this event continue to grow even more successful in future years.

University of Georgia Athens, Georgia Submitted by Jason Moraczewski The Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society at the University of Georgia is thriving and prospering. The November chapter meeting was full of fun times and laughter to celebrate the last gathering of the semester. To begin the meeting, the members had to unscramble four words that pertained to values embodied by the Honor Society. After spending a few minutes to complete the task, one of the members arose victorious. She was rewarded for her efforts with a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart. She was overjoyed Alpha Lambda Delta

ALD members at the University of Georgia didn’t just fall off the turnip truck - but they did spend some time picking turnips in the garden of the Athens, Georgia Food Bank.

as she went to claim her prize. President Racquelle James then made a few announcements to the members. She sincerely thanked everyone for volunteering throughout the semester. She was impressed by their hard work and grateful for their devotion to the organization. Next, President James discussed the service events for the upcoming spring semester. The events included volunteering at the Athens Area Homeless Shelter, the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, and the Athens Clarke County Animal Shelter. All of these organizations strive to make a difference in an impoverished community and have allowed ALD members to assist in feeding the hungry and giving to the poor. President James then addressed an upcoming social event at Pints and Paints. This is an event that allows the members of ALD to have fun painting while meeting new faces and strengthening friendships. As the meeting came to a close, Zaxby’s chicken fingers, fries, and wings were catered to the meeting to feed the hungry members. The members left the meeting with smiles and satisfaction. As mentioned above, the University of Georgia’s chapter of the Alpha Lambda

Delta Honor Society offers many philanthropy opportunities to its members and strives to give back to the Athens community. This semester our service project was at the Food Bank in Athens. The Food Bank is a food distribution center which ships about 10.3 million pounds of food to over 215 partner organizations each year. In fact, each year about 8.3 million meals are provided to people in need by the Food Bank. At the Food Bank in Athens, Alpha Lambda Delta volunteers worked in the garden to pick the remainder of the turnips before the brutal winter ahead. Next, they prepared them for shipment by cutting off the roots and moving them into the warehouse. ALD volunteers and Food Bank employees were ecstatic to hear that they had picked over 54 lbs. of turnips! These turnips would soon be shipped to many different organizations, which will distribute the food to people in need. It warmed our hearts to know that our service made a difference people’s lives and we look forward to returning to the Food Bank next semester!

Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia

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